Partners talking

Partners talking

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Partners in the spotlight - read our interview with PROUDdesign

Why do you have to go to Pentawards Live?

PROUDdesign is thé specialist in food packaging design for leading and challenger brands. With this unique focus we are able to get the best out of a brand’s identity. Together with the client we build a strong brand story and create a visual identity to outperform the competition.

In our 15-year experience we have created several strong cases that illustrate that you don’t have to be big to think and act great. Hence our motto: We are PROUDdesign. We make brands more valuable through design. This makes people happier. And us proud.

The best packaging design is created by combining insights with creativity. At PROUDdesign we team up with clients to get the strategy in place and allow clients to participate in the creative process. In this way thinking and acting is aligned and you get the best out of packaging design. So close cooperation is the word and smaller but professional design agencies have the future. For this reason the Pepsico design team asked us to team up with them for the development of the global visual identity for Quaker oats and its implementation in Western Europe. The future in packaging design favours great little agencies like ourselves.

What will the future for Packaging Design bring?

Within the increasing clutter of communication the packaging design acts as a brands’ beacon. It represents a reflection of the brand identity which is build on a visual memory structure and distinctive brand assets. These are required to stand out from the crowd. That’s why big brands need to reinvent their strong graphical heritage and should challengers create one from the start. But beware, less is more but can also become a bore!

Which packaging design would you like to put in the spotlight?

At the moment we are very proud to see the new Quaker oats packaging design enter the UK market. It is the result of great work, for a great brand with a great team. Next to this we are proud to have created Lovechock raw chocolate in 2010 and its recent restyling of its already iconic packaging. Needless to say we are proud of all our clients so please visit our website.