Packaging News Stage

Olympia London
London, United Kingdom
11 - 12/09/2019
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The Packaging News Stage

Official media partner, Packaging News, has gathered an eclectic mix of brands, designers, and industry thought leaders to explore the most pressing issues facing the industry today and clue you in on what trends you need to look out for.




Packaging News Stage - Day 1


11.00 - 11.30





The luxury packaging market: innovations to achieve international growth

Neil Farmer, Owner, Neil Farmer Associates

There is a growing demand for luxury packaging in the global market.Great innovations are coming to the fore to add value, provide product differentiation at the point- of -purchase and achieve volume sales growth. Neil`s presentation will evaluate exciting new pack launches and designs for major international brands. Innovations in sustainable packaging for the luxury market will also be assessed. Great new ideas are coming from leading design agencies and Neil`s presentation will cover some recent outstanding new product launches. The market is full of new materials, technologies and decorative techniques. These will be evaluated as part of the presentation.  

12.00 - 12.30

Cameron talking about packaging innovation and technology

Making the most of your largest owned-media asset

Cameron Worth, Chief Executive and Founder, SharpEnd


Brands must consider how they activate the largest owned media asset - their packaging - to deliver valuable experiences for their consumers. Cameron Worth will introduce the ‘connected consumer’ and take us through the recent industry highlights, including delivering NFC-enabled wine bottles for one of California’s most famous vineyards, facial recognition for a leading FMCG brand and an innovative AR case study from The Absolut Company. This rapid-fire session will also touch on learnings and insights from SharpEnd that other brands can take away, supported by the latest research in this space. 




13.00 - 13.30


Size Matters! Giving a small pack a big punch.

Pete Hayes, Managing Partner, pb creative

‘Go big or go home’ goes the adage, the premise being that to create maximum impact and make an impression, to do something to the fullest, you need to think ‘supersize.’  But what that attitude doesn’t consider is that small and perfectly formed can be substantial and head-turning too.

When it comes to brand and packaging design, of course category and product usually dictate dimension – but they don’t have to limit wow factor, innovation or ingenuity. The designer’s job is surely to create the most appropriate and effective work possible, whatever brief they’re presented with.

Pete Hayes, co-founder and managing partner at the award winning brand design agency PB Creative, discusses how to give a small pack a big punch!

Carlsberg’s pursuit of better: Goodbye plastic rings. Hello Snap Pack.

Pete Statham, Sustainability Manager, Carlsberg UK

Alastair Porter, Senior Brand Manager, Carlsberg UK

Carlsberg is on a mission to become the most sustainable brewer in the world, through its Together Towards ZERO plan. With the launch of the new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, the brewer is rolling out an innovation in packaging – Snap Pack – halving the amount of plastic used from brewery to store by removing the need for plastic rings on its cans. Find out how they did it, what’s next in the pursuit of better packaging, and how Carlsberg is building sustainability into the business and its brands.

15.00 - 15.30


Fasten your seatbelts: Change is here. Why short-term solutions are not enough and honest consumer communication is key.

Tim Llewellyn, Structural Creative Director, Drink Works

Innovation in the age of disruption is more vital than ever – and nowhere more so than in design. Our industry is under scrutiny and rightfully so, the packaging world is adapting and reacting rapidly. Our ecosystem is changing more quickly than ever before - disruption that’s as much driven by consumers as it is by the tech that enables such seismic behaviour change. In this talk, Tim will explore how and why brands should harness the creative and innovation skills inherent in their design partners to effect long-term, deep-rooted change. 

Packaging News Stage - Day 2


11.00 - 11.30


The Green Wash Epidemic - how to navigate it and avoid being an inadvertent carrier of false claims.

Haulwen Nicholas, Founder, Packaging Oracle

In a world of “anti-plastic” we’re seeing a rise in claims that this packaging is the most eco friendly.  It’s confusing for us as an industry, so no wonder the consumer is confused. How do we navigate this minefield of information? and how do you make sure that your company isn’t misinforming its customers? This short presentation will help you as the customer, and you as the manufacturer to ask the right questions of the claims that are being made.  



12.00 - 12.30


Making Personalisation Personal

Ed Silk, Head of Strategy, Bulletproof

The economic value of brands is shifting. To deliver value, brands need to create transformation for people. Welcome to the transformation economy. To win, brands need to engage people on a more personal level. This is because people are seeking authenticity and meaning. Based on personal experience and supported by recent case studies, learn how personalisation in design is central to transformation, along with the key principles of how personalisation can fuel growth by creating brand impact and a more engaged consumer.





Start spreadin’ the news…

Joanne McTavish, Marketing, AG Barr

Robert Monaghan, Designer & Innovator, Air

In New York Snapple is very much part of the fabric of lunchtime takeaways; found in delis, stores and street vendors on every block. A premium quality soft drink, it is known for its iconic bottle and quirky flavours.

Distributed by AG Barr in Europe it’s a long way from the US, but the brand team took the decision that they should re-launch to capture some of that New York vibe.

Brand Manager, Joanne and Designer, Robert shall talk through why it was necessary to step away from the global design and the journey taken to create this radical new look, and what effect it has had in the market so far.