Main stage agenda

Olympia London
London, United Kingdom
11 - 12/09/2019
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The Main Stage

The Main Stage at Packaging Innovations London gives you exclusive access to educational seminars, Q&As, panel discussions and case studies brought to you by the some of the top thought leaders in the industry! Prepare to be inspired and ready to completely revitalise your packaging approach!



Main Stage - Day 1

The Beauty Forum




10.30 - 12.10

10.30 - 10.35

Imogen talking about beauty packaging




The Beauty Forum

Forum introduction

Imogen Matthews, Managing Director, IM Associates

How TerraCycle is eliminating the idea of Waste

Caroline Frery, VP of Business Development, TerraCycle


Arnaud Meysselle, CEO, REN Clean Skincare

TerraCycle’s VP of Business Development Caroline Frery discusses the theory of waste and how through business we eliminate the idea of it. By forming partnerships with leading brands and companies like L’Oreal, P&G, Unilever including REN, The Body Shop and many others, and developing circular economy practices,  TerraCycle eliminates the idea of waste : 1/ Making previously non-recyclable waste, recyclable, 2/ Helping integrate more recycled content into products and 3/enabling consumer product companies and retailers to shift from a disposable supply chain to a durable one. Also, how one can find other areas of value, whether in packaging or products, beyond just the material value and hopefully be inspired that our future can be a world where the concept of waste doesn¹t exist and yet our products can be more exciting, more convenient and better than ever.

11.05 - 11.25

Will speaking on reuable

It's the 'effin refuse that's the problem

Will King, Founder, King of Shaves

Sustainability once a 'nice to have' is now front and centre of business and brand purpose.  A brief talk on Code Zero, the why, what & purpose and how #CEcommerce will become mission-critical in FMCG.

Scaling a digitally native and value driven beauty brand

Dominika Minarovic, Founder, BYBI

Elsie Rutterford, Founder, BYBI

BYBI’s presentation will focus on: how to acquire customers online and build a brand; managing supply chains to promote sustainability values, the importance of making sustainable packaging choices and communicating ethics versus performance. 


11.50 - 12.10

Conclusion Q&A panel

12.30 - 13.00

Sponsored session

12.30 - 13.00


Sponsored session

Ultimaker - Driven by technology and passionate about innovation, Ultimaker offers a range of high-quality 3D printers, software, materials, and support.



13.15 -13.45

PlasticFreeLand™ Panel

13.15 -13.45

A Plastic Planet

Welcome to PlasticFreeLand™ - Tomorrow Is Here Today

Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet introduces the thinking behind PlasticFreeLand™ and chairs a panel of their solutions and materials exhibitors showing viable, scalable plastic free alternatives.

Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder, A Plastic Planet



Dermot Brady, CEO,  AB Group Packaging



Ian Bates, Co-Founder, Reel Brands



Simon Balderson, CEO,  Sirane



Sam Boex, Creative Director of Flexi-Hex



Brian Bouet Smith, CEO, Maistic Bio Group






14.45 -14.55

Keynote announcement

14.45 -14.55

Gev speaks on plastic packaging

Introducing the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging (SSPP) Challenge

Gev Eduljee, Interim Challenge Director, Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation



The Big Plastics Debate


15.00 - 17.00

15:00 - 15:30

Hosted by

Jill on the deposit return scheme for packaging

The BIG Plastics Debate

The Scottish DRS: setting the agenda for the UK?




Jane Bevis, Chair, OPRL Ltd

Jill Farrell, Chief Operating Officer,  Zero Waste Scotland


Scotland was the first country in the UK to announce detailed plans for a deposit return scheme. Zero Waste Scotland advised the Scottish Government on the design of the scheme and is supporting on its implementation. With the legislative process due to start soon, what are the key benefits, opportunities and challenges presented by setting up Scotland's deposit return scheme? And with the UK government suggesting schemes may be introduced in the rest of the UK, what can England, Wales and Northern Ireland learn from Scotland’s experiences so far?



Packaging in a zero-carbon world; assessing the right materials for truly environmentally friendly packaging


Martin Kersh, Director, Foodservice Packaging Association




Jonathan Ritson, Policy analyst, Green Alliance




Michael Lenaghan, Environmental Policy Advisor, Zero Waste Scotland





Pete Statham, Sustainability Manager, Carlsberg UK





Nick Gumery, Ethical Buyer, Lush Cosmetics

Compostables; helping to reduce packaging waste or causing more hidden damage than good?


Jane Bevis, Chair, OPRL Ltd




Bruce Bratley, CEO & Founder, First Mile







Andy Sweetman, Chairman, BBIA






Professor Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials & Society, University College London






Barry Turner, Director of Plastics and Flexible Packaging, British Plastics Federation



Main Stage - Day 2

The Drinks Forum


10.20 - 12.00

10.20 - 10.25

Sam speaking about branded packaging




The Drinks Forum

Forum introduction

Sam Coyne, Editor, The Drinks Report

Panel discussion: Plastics and sustainable packaging, getting it right for drinks!


Nick Brown, Head of Sustainability - Coca-Cola European Partners, Great Britain





Trewin Restorick, Founder & CEO, Hubbub UK





Santiago Navarro, CEO & Co-Founder, Garçon Wines






Ariel Booker, Co-Founder, CanOWater



10.50 - 11.10

James on brand drinks packaging

Redesigning Glenfiddich: Mavericks & Madness

James O'Connor, Global Marketing Manager, William Grant & Sons Brands Ltd

Glenfiddich has been pushing the boundaries of Scotch Whisky for 130 years. It’s the reason why it’s the world’s most awarded Single Malt today. But how can you tell when ‘Maverick’ strays into ‘Madness’?  In this short presentation, James shares the story behind the ambitious redesign of Glenfiddich’s packaging and why you have to go over the edge to find it. 

11.10 - 11.20

Jonathan on designing packaging for drinks

Sourcing, re-designing and delivering best-in-class sustainable packaging

Jonathan Pearson, New Business Development Manager, Charpak Limited

With ever-increasing demand for responsible sourcing, UK based packaging designers and innovators, Charpak Ltd, address the plastic and waste challenge head-on. Drinks sector specialist, Jonathan Pearson, will share the latest on design-led packaging inserts that protect products, deliver a consistent brand experience, maximise supply chain efficiencies and reduce environmental impact.


BREWDOG & LOVE: Partnership, Pace and Personality


David Gates, MD, BrewDog





Dave Palmer, Founder & ECD, LOVE


11.40 - 12.00

Conclusion Q&A panel

The Food Forum

12.30 - 14.00

12.30 - 12.35





The Food Forum

Forum introduction

Helen Bird, Strategic Engagement Manager, WRAP

Montezuma’s and Butterfly Cannon: Raising the Bar in Chocolate

Jenny Cairns, Innovation Manager, Butterfly Cannon

Andy Sweetman, Chairman, BBIA

Emily Rigby, New Product Development manager, Montezuma’s Chocolates Ltd.

For many chocolate brands, there’s a real trade off between sustainable packaging and a product experience that they can be proud of.

They say it’s hard to make meaningful material changes without compromising the quality of their chocolate - so they stick to the traditional choices and create excess waste as a result. The chocolate may taste great, but we just don’t think that’s good enough. 

Working together we’ve found a way to raise the bar and make significant improvements to sustainability throughout our supply chain.



13.00 - 13.20

Paul talking about making flexible packaging sustainable

Food safe packaging and the law of unintended consequences – it’s not that simple

Paul Brown, Founder, BOL Foods

One size does not fit all when it comes to food safe packaging. Trying to do the right thing for both people and the planet has been part of our DNA since we launched in 2015. Most of our packaging is currently in plastic that is recyclable but for us that is not enough so we’re looking to reduce and replace wherever possible.

As a team we’ve been searching for these solutions and have come to realise it is not as easy as some might think to replace all plastic with solutions that tick all the required boxes.

This session will focus on successful initiatives we have landed to date and further development plans for the future.


13.20 - 13.40

Emma  talking about making flexible packaging plastic

The challenge of sustainable packaging solution for flexible plastic

Emma Cook, Runs Making Stuff Great, Ella's Kitchen


Flexible plastic packaging is facing a real challenge when it comes to fit in the actual UK waste management system. I will describe Ella’s Kitchen journey in developing an effective packaging strategy and give an update on the impact of the government consultation on waste and resource management for plastic packaging, as well as insight on several innovative projects on our own solutions.


13.40 - 14.00

Conclusion Q&A panel

14.05 - 14.30


14.05 - 14.30

Sandy speaking at Packaging innovations

The UK Government’s Packaging Consultation – A Labour Perspective

Sandy Martin, MP for Ipswich & Shadow Minister for Waste & Recycling, Labour Party


The Big Plastics Debate


The BIG Plastics Debate

Achieving the circular economy: getting it right at the design stage by understanding the waste management infrastructure




Martin Kersh, Director, Foodservice Packaging Association





Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer - UK & Ireland, Veolia





Professor Michael Shaver, Professor of Polymer Science, University of Manchester





Jo Chidley, Founder, Beauty Kitchen





Helen Bird, Strategic Engagement Manager, WRAP





Michelle Norman, Director of External Affairs and Sustainability, Suntory Beverage and Food Europe






Robin Clark, Director of Partnerships, Just Eat UK



15.15 - 16.00


The Ecopack Challenge

Hear the latest cutting-edge sustainable innovations battle it out in a Dragon's Den style pitch to discover who will be crowned the 2019 Ecopack winner.