The Tech Forum


Where: The Innovation Stage
When: 13 September - 14:00 to 15:20


Technology is playing an increasingly important part in packaging. Brands seek to engage consumers through their mobile devices, and increased adoption of new technologies create easier and better ways to do this. Technology can also play a key role in authentication, tracking and the supply chain.

The Tech Forum hosts sessions from leading Internet of Things agency SharpEnd, Augmented Reality experts Blippar on driving engagement, multichannel marketing experts Linney focusing on data science and automation in packaging design and the Centre For Process Innovation looking at cutting edge smart pharmaceutical packaging.


14:00 - 15:15

14:00 - 14:20


The Tech Forum

Tech trends: How technology will transform packaging

Cameron Worth, Founder, SharpEnd


14:20 - 14:40


Making Pharmaceutical Packaging Smart

Steven Bagshaw, Marketing Executive, Centre for Process Innovation

Printable electronics offers the potential to add functionality to everyday objects in form factors that would be difficult in conventional technologies.


The pharmaceutical industry in particular is recognising the value offered by thin, flexible functionality that can be incorporated into products or packaging to improve supply chain monitoring and the delivery of healthcare related products.



The presentation will talk about a recently concluded case study in which GSK & AZ worked alongside CPI to develop a smart pharmaceutical label which allows for conditional monitoring of pharmaceuticals within the supply chain.


The prototype label has been tested in real time and provides data on temperature & humidity. Further iterations of the label have included other environmental factors, seeking to address commonly occurring issues within the supply chain.



Within the presentation Steven will talk about the common challenges and trends in which companies face in the scale up of their smart electronic packaging innovations. Success stories and learnings will both be shared, whether that be the underpinning science and the commercial viability of the application, or compliance obstacles from the user, to issues on process repeatability and supply chain readiness to name a few.


14:40 - 15:00


How CPG brands are using augmented reality - featuring the Cadbury Heroes Advent case study


Natalie Matlak, Senior Brand Partner, Blippar

Synopsis: AR allows CPG brands to transform products and packaging into a media channel that extends the brands experience with the consumer. A brand's most distributed touchpoint can now deliver relevant, contextual information at key moments.


Presenting a case study of the interactive Cadbury Heroes Advent Calendar - a collaboration between Blippar, Cadbury and Design Bridge, AR was used to bring the advent calendar to life over 24 days and elevate the traditional consumer ritual of opening a window by creating a unique and enjoyable experience they could share. With the interactive CTA, this calendar became the 4th best selling advent calendar of 2017.