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The Pentawards at Packaging Innovations

Established in 2007, the Pentawards is the first and most prestigious worldwide competition, devoted exclusively to packaging design in all of its forms.
Each year, packaging from around the world is judged by an international jury of 12 highly respected designers, packaging design directors and marketing chiefs from major global brands.

With the 2018 Pentawards winners being revealed just a week before Packaging Innovations in a glittering gala in New York, we are excited to be giving you a world exclusive first look at the globe's most impactful packaging designs.

Not only that, but through an exclusive partnership with the Pentawards, we are delighted to bring you a conference programme featuring a rare line-up of packaging superstars ready to educate and inspire you that you simply can't see anywhere else!

Winning Mentality

Exploring what it takes to be a global packaging design winner!

You are going to survive, so why not win?

This September, the Pentawards gala ceremony will held at the iconic Guggenheim Museum in New York, crowning the very best in packaging design. Less than a week later, a hand-picked selection of fresh winners, rock stars and international design gurus of the packaging design industry will reveal the creative insight and design thinking that has formed the basis of their award-winning work at Packaging Innovations London.

Can you win on your own?

Presentations will include thought leadership, opinions and views from different parts of the value chain and a focus of 360 degrees within packaging design. How does a brand work with a design agency? How does a design agency work with a supplier? Ultimately, you all have one goal, but how do we work in harmony? Let’s find out how…

It’s time to WIN.

The Pentawards Winners' Exhibit

The Pentawards will be giving the Packaging Innovations London & Luxury Packaging audience a world exclusive preview of the 2018 winners - the first time they will ever have been seen in their full glory!

The winners' exhibit will feature designs across five main categories – Body, Beverage, Food, Luxury and other markets. The display offers you the unique opportunity to get inspiration from the best and most creative achievements in packaging design from the last year.

With over 2000 entries from 5 continents and 54 countries, this display will feature a curation of the world's best packaging design.

The Pentawards Conference at Packaging Innovations

Where the heroes of packaging design inspire, this is a conference like no other!

A ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ line-up of global award-winning packaging design gurus, pioneers and disruptors, these design leaders will share experiences and provide you, the packaging community, with a vision of your future and how to tackle it.

This is a truly unique opportunity to hear from some of the most forward-thinking and cutting-edge designers and brands, to gain insight in how they are finding their inspiration and how they are applying innovation to their products... and all for free at Packaging Innovations London!

Speakers include



Jeremy Lindley
Global Design Director  



Emma Follett
Deputy Creative Officer 
Design Bridge  



Nick Vaus
Lead Partner and Creative Director
Free The Birds



Sebastian  Rumpler
CEO & Founder
Hello Day



Jamie Stone
Chief Design Officer
PA Consulting



About the Pentawards competition

By participating in the Pentawards, packaging designers, design students, brand-owners and packaging producers have the opportunity to compare their creations to those from around the world.

There are five main award categories: beverages, body, food, luxury and other markets; these are then split into 55 sub categories.

In 2018, there were a staggering 2,304 entries, from 5 continents and 62 countries.

In the first week of September, the winners will receive bronze, silver, gold and platinum Pentawards. The ‘Best of the Show’ receives the unique Diamond Pentaward. Each year, trophies are awarded in a different city in Europe, Asia or the Americas, at an official ceremony which hosts hundreds of designers from around the world and provides a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

The 2018 gala ceremony will be held at the prestigious Guggenheim Museum in New York on 6 September.



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