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Royston Labels is a specialist self-adhesive label manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience in the packaging industry. They are dedicated to providing an innovative, customer-oriented and technically proficient service, and have a track record of supplying to a wide variety of brands and contract manufacturers.

The label manufacturing process at Royston begins with a brief from the client – but it’s not simply a case of receiving the artwork and sending it to production. The Royston team collaborate closely with clients to ensure the label application is fully understood, and the budget and design specifications adhered to.

Royston’s primary and secondary products are labels and sachets; popular label styles include multi-page and combination print, highly technical labels with a number of different finishes, from Raised/Tactile and Spot Varnishing to Innovative Foiling Techniques. Royston’s labels have been utilised by many different sectors, including the cosmetics, food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Whatever the brief, the Royston team pride themselves on their ability to create innovative, cost-effective label solutions that perform on every level.


Product news

  • A Win for Royston at the 2018 UK Enterprise Awards

    We are pleased to share the news that Royston has been announced as the recipient of a 2018 UK Enterprise Award. After an evaluation period of several months, Royston has been selected as a business leader for the UK, and received the Award for Innovations in Packaging Solutions.

    The awards, which are organised by SME News, run annually and seek to highlight the hard work of companies working within a range of different industries in the UK.

    This award comes on the back of specific industry honours received in the past six months. At the end of last year we picked up Label of the Year at the UK Packaging Awards; this March we learned that we will be receiving an Honourable Mention at the FINAT European Label Forum in June.

    Simply put, it’s been a great few months for the Royston team – here’s hoping this winning streak continues!


  • Brand Security: Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions from Royston Labels

    Anti-counterfeiting and security solutions are increasingly in-demand features, with the brand protection market set to increase 16% by 2020.

    As a label manufacturer working across several different sectors, we have found that security is prioritised by companies within pharmaceuticals, electronics, food & wine, and high-end cosmetics. For brands within these sectors, anti-counterfeiting features are desirable as they allow for product authentication and enable traceability through the supply chain.

    The question is: what exactly do modern anti-counterfeiting features look like and how do they work?

    In simple terms, anti-counterfeiting solutions are special features integrated into labels that are difficult or even impossible to copy. These features mean that authentic products can be differentiated from counterfeit copies. In addition to anti-counterfeiting features, anti-tampering products can also be used to boost security.
    Royston’s Security Features:

    We offer a range of different anti-counterfeiting features, which can be adapted to a wide range of packaging styles.

    We supply micro-embossed metallised papers or films with holographic 2D or 3D patterns. For extra security these holograms can be registered with the Industrial Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) database.
    Security papers

    We use papers free from Optical Brightening Agents with or without integrated visible or UV luminescent fibres. We can also integrate watermarks and threads into label material. These security papers are well suited to official documents that require authentication.
    Security threads

    We supply threads manufactured from film material, which can be inserted into labels. These threads can be made visible or invisible and can be customised with holograms, text and fluorescent print coatings.
    YuMOVE: An Anti-Counterfeiting Case Study

    Recently we worked with Pet Healthcare Company LINTBELLS to produce anti – counterfeiting packaging for their canine supplement YuMOVE.

    The labels were printed digitally and then embellished with a bespoke holographic silver foil and invisible fluorescent varnish for the repeating Lintbells security mark. The labels were then overlaminated to ensure the labels could not be damaged or defaced.

    For a company such as Lintbells who have many premium brands, this hard – to -copy feature means that their YuMOVE product can be easily authenticated, protecting the brand and ensuring safety for consumers (and their pets)

    If you’re interested in engaging our services for anti-counterfeiting purposes, get in touch today.


  • Royston Labels bag Label of the Year for Redsmith Gin

    The Royston Labels team are celebrating another industry success this morning after walking away from the UK Packaging Awards 2017 with Label of the Year.

    Attending the ceremony at London’s Grosvenor House last night, the Royston team were delighted to be the recipients of the award, which honoured their work on the packaging for Redsmith’s London Dry Gin.

    Manufactured on a combination press, this elegant, textured label boasts a rich black finish and embossed hot foil branding. The crowning glory of Royston’s Redsmith packaging, however, is the inside of the label, which has been cleverly printed with the company branding and a pattern of monochrome circles. Visible through the glass, this bold pattern provides a striking background to the front of the label, shifting and swirling with the movement of the gin.

    Though the Royston team knew they had a strong contender on their hands, the competition was certainly stiff! Other labels in the category – which is open to any label printed using any method – included Garage Creative’s art nouveau wine label for Les Estivales Rose and ’ clever packaging for Aldi’s Aberdeen Angus sirloin steaks.

    With yet another award under their belt (in July they picked up the trophy for Best in Show at the FINAT Awards) it looks as though Royston Labels are set to end the year on a high. Over the next few months, the company will be moving into brand new premises and launching their Label’Glass service, which allows for pre-made glassware to be embellished with raised designs.

    To get a closer look at the winning Redsmith label, visit our Portfolio page.


  • Label'Glass - New, innovative labelling service

    Decorated glassware is a useful resource for manufacturers in a number of different sectors. In addition to premium labelling, glass decoration can give a product that extra edge that makes it stand out on the shelf. For beauty brands and food & beverage companies looking to embellish their glass containers, however, there can be huge costs and challenges involved.

    Traditionally, glassware bearing raised emblems or designs requires bespoke manufacturing. Not only is this very expensive, it’s also technically challenging, requiring investment in specific equipment. With the latest announcement from

    Hertfordshire-based packaging manufacturers Royston Labels, that looks set to change.

    Label’Glass is an innovative new service which allows glassware to be embellished with sophisticated raised emblems. This method could be revolutionary for smaller brands as it removes the need for bespoke manufacturing. With Label’Glass, standard, off-the-shelf glassware can be altered so that it features raised glass designs. Compared with traditional bespoke glassware, Label’Glass is hugely cost-effective and efficient. This removes many of the obstacles that would normally prohibit smaller companies from creating decorated glassware.

    Royston Labels have announced that a range of different options available with the Label’Glass service. the client’s precise needs and the complexities of the brief, a degree of may be encouraged, simpler options are also available.

    Label’Glass is a technique that achieves a sleek and sophisticated raised effect similar to label embossing – but produced on a glass surface instead of paper. It’s a service that will add texture, depth and the mark of high quality manufacturing to all kinds of glass containers, from wine bottles to face cream jars.


  • Royston Explores New Territory with Zebra Foiling Innovation

    If there’s one word you can associate with the Royston Labels brand, it’s innovation. The company, which has been in operation for over 30 years, is forever looking for new ways to develop their label processes, enabling greater complexity and cost-effectiveness.

    In charge of these developments is Sales and Innovation Manager Phil Bradnam, whose most recent project is already sending ripples through the packaging community. The Zebra innovation was dreamt up as a way of adding depth, light and movement to packaging designs by way of textured, micro-etched patterns.

    The process centres on the use of sculptured and textured foiling dies, specially designed to achieve stunning fine line patterns in combination with metallic foils. The resulting label promises high impact, immaculate definition, boosting shelf presence and brand awareness – particularly when paired with in-line embossing.

    Another key benefit of the Zebra technique is that it’s fantastically cost-effective and versatile when compared with more traditional methods that involve expensive patterned foils; with this Royston innovation in your arsenal, you’ll be able to satisfy your designer and your bank manager.

  • Royston Labels Pick Up Best in Show at the FINAT Awards in Berlin

    For the third year running, the Royston Labels team have achieved award success at FINAT’s European Label Forum.

    On Wednesday 7th June, Royston received awards for two of their labels, and were honoured with the prestigious title of Best in Show. Each year, the FINAT Awards showcase and reward the efforts of self-adhesive label producers around the world.

    A jury of industry experts hands out awards in several different categories, covering the major sectors where self-adhesive labels are utilised and the various print technologies on display. This year, there were over 280 entries from around the world – and in an impressive display, Royston came top of the bunch, nabbing Best in Show for their stunning work on London Cru’s Kings Cross wine label.

    Printed using UV flexo, the Kings Cross label boasts a black, varnished background and an intricate metallic design incorporating four different colours. The same label also triumphed in the Marketing/End-uses category, while in the Toiletries category, Royston were celebrated for their Dark Start Power Tan packaging.


  • Royston Labels targets ‘zero to landfill’ policy

    The label manufacturer has committed to reducing its manufacturing waste, recycling its matrix waste and backing paper and using wherever possible sustainable materials.

    The company’s top priority, though, is recycling.

    Reducing manufacturing waste is being impacted by a focussed lean programme but also the investment of 100% digital camera inspection equipment on presses and inspection equipment.

    Paul Clayton, managing director at Royston Labels, told Packaging News: “This investment started over 10 years ago, we wanted to highlight to our customers and our own teams how important and essential quality and consistency of our product was.

    “Recycling our matrix and backing paper waste started about 18 months ago and we utilise the services of three separate companies to do this.”

    He added that wherever possible, the company was working with suppliers using a combination of lightweight materials, FSC compliant and recycled materials.


Job ads

  • Technical Manager

    Company Overview

    Royston Labels is a privately owned, award winning, self-adhesive label manufacturer. We are a team of 70 people and have a turnover currently of 10m. We have recently moved into a prestigious refurbished state of the art production facility and are in a period of growth and expansion. The business has traded for over 30 years and is passionate about the product it makes, we are focused on quality, and the level of service and technical support we give to our customers and we are not frightened to innovate. We have an impressive customer base divided between brands and contract manufacturers in many industries all demanding the very best quality of packaging.

    Job Purpose:

    To provide complete support to the business for all technical aspects of our product. To ensure that customers’ needs are met and they experience consistent, positive service levels from Royston Labels. To ensure that all R&D is coordinated, managed and documented through the business. To lead technical innovation and to enhance the business development offering to deliver technical training across the business with a philosophy of continuous improvement.

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

    - To give complete support and technical sign off for new projects coming from our Sales and Account Management teams.
    - To be the lead person to manage press passes, co-ordinating and liaising between production and the account management team.
    - Responsible for technical training across the business.
    - Support production & studio with continuous improvement plans and execution.
    - To work within the remit of ISO9001 & PS9000 & BRC.
    - Produce and present to the business new innovation on a regular basis.

    Skills & Experience required:

    - You must be an excellent man manager and team player.
    - You must have experience in running highly technical projects with competence in collating data and report writing.
    - Ideally, you will have label production experience.
    - You will be technically competent in the following printing and embellishment techniques & have good knowledge of filmic & paper self – adhesive materials.
    - Flexo
    - Rotary screen
    - Digital printing
    - Colour
    - Rotary & Flatbed Hot foil
    - Embellishment techniques
    - Cold foil
    - Tactile & niche varnishes
    - You must be a problem solver
    - Must possess excellent attention to detail
    - Able to work under pressure

    This exciting role offers a competitive salary & benefits working alongside a dedicated team. Royston Labels is a fast-growing, entrepreneurial company that will provide excellent career development opportunities to the right candidate.