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We're in luxury packaging

Founded in 1879 in the Netherlands, Eska is the leading manufacturer of sustainable high quality solid board for many applications, including luxury packaging for wine and spirits, beauty and fashion. Eska has two mills in the Netherlands and conducts sales in more than 90 countries.

Our mission is to provide high quality materials and solutions, while utilizing the best in sustainable technologies. Our unique gasifier forms an integral part of the board making process: it converts solid rejects from recovered paper into steam for the drying process in paper and board production.

The flagship in Eska’s board collection is Eska®black, a deep black board designed and developed with the luxury packaging industry in mind. Eska®black has excellent conversion properties and is suitable for a wide range of production techniques, ensuring beautiful boxes and box inserts. Eska®black stands out for its quality, its improved feel and its minimal environmental impact.