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The Sherwood Group is the country’s leading innovative packaging producer. The Group’s site in Nottingham is home to sophisticated packaging production including food packaging to BRC AA standard, plus accreditations ISO 14001, 9001, as well as housing an award-winning Smartcentre innovation hub. The Group secured ‘Cartonboard Pack of the Year’ award at the UK Packaging Awards in 2016 and 2013 and 'FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year' award in 2014. The Group have recently launched Puracoat™, a truly sustainable alternative to plastic and PE-lined food barrier packaging.


Product news

  • The Sherwood Group wins the FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year

    The Sherwood Group has won one of the print industry’s most prestigious accolades in the category “FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year” at this year’s PrintWeek Awards.

    Having received a nomination last year, the Group landed the award this year for its excellence in the design and print of Tesco Finest Croquembouche dessert kit, apple box for Norman Collett, Maison Blanc cupcake boxes and JM Packaging salmon box.

    The apple box produced for Norman Collett stood out with the construction and graphic design created in-house by our creative team. The judges commented: “A very considered entry, demonstrating excellent quality and consistent construction.” The Group’s customer, Norman Collett’s team was also “thrilled to see the concept on shelf; this was made easier by working with Sherwood’s forward thinking and innovative team.”

    The Tesco Finest Croquembouche dessert kit was also printed and constructed in-house by our team and represents a first-to-market Croquembouche dessert kit that enables the end consumer to easily assemble the kit and create a Croquembouche dessert stand without the need for a traditional plastic or metal former.

    The Group was also highly commended in the “Social Stationery Printer of the Year” category with the excellent print of Paper Salad, Nigel Quiney, Art File and Santoro greeting cards. The judges raved about Santoro’s Pop-n-Rock Swing cards and praised the “excellent attention to detail and a real knock-out entry. Amazingly fine tolerances on die-cutting”.

    Jeremy Bacon, The Sherwood Group’s CEO who attended the award ceremony on Monday, 20th October commented: “We are delighted to be recognised for our printing and design excellence and to receive this award is a high accolade for all our members of the team. However this wouldn’t be achieved without our customers’ support. We are very grateful to Bakkavor Group, Norman Collett, JM Packaging and Yate Supplies for their contribution towards this achievement and we hope we can further build strong, long term working relationships”.


  • The Sherwood Group and Bakkavor deliver first-to-market Croquembouche dessert kit

    The Sherwood Group has worked closely with the Bakkavor Group to deliver innovative carton board packaging for Christmas 2014 with a table centrepiece dessert; Tesco Finest Croquembouche Patisserie Kit.

    The Group designed, engineered, and printed an innovative first-to-market Croquembouche dessert kit that enables the end consumer to easily assemble the kit and create a Croquembouche dessert stand without the need for a traditional plastic or metal former.
    The solution includes a flat-pack round-based cone with a set of five supporting rings to stack and display the profiteroles in the shape of a cone. The rings form shelves and were engineered in a way that when placed over the top of the cone and locked into place, they help the cone retain its circular shape with no need for gluing, whilst holding the profiteroles in place and forming the Croquembouche look.
    The Sherwood Group and Bakkavor introduced modifications in packaging design from the original product launched in 2013.
    Kim Durose, the Group’s Packaging Design and Innovations Manager explained: “We reduced the environmental impact by eliminating the plastic trays for profiteroles and utilising Sherwood’s Pura® sustainable barrier coating for direct contact of profiteroles with packaging. The modifications also included a 43% material saving on the insert cartons and more than 20% material savings on the lid, base and sauce pot fitting.”
    The new pack was also engineered to meet Tesco’s merchandising requirements, optimising the packaging to suit volumes and transit trays. The patisserie kit will was sold in Tesco stores and online throughout December 2014.


  • Smartcentre services

    Developed at Sherwood’s Nottingham site, the Smartcentre is the new innovation hub that houses the Group’s creative team, along with an investment of £250,000 in new equipment, which includes the latest large- format UV flatbed inkjet printer and Kongsberg XN digital CAD cutting device.

    The new flatbed printer allows Sherwood to print four colour and white directly on to a wide range of rigid and flexible materials and objects, (including corrugated board), up to 50 mm thick. It can also simulate spot varnish and varnish effects. The Kongsberg cuts intricate shapes following a CAD profile. Both machines broaden Sherwood’s in-house capabilities and product portfolio, including short-run prototype samples and low volume production of POS products.

    The Smartcentre team’s comprehensive scope of skills will provide invaluable, professional services in:

    • Constructional design and CAD development for packaging and POS
    • Graphic design and creative concepts
    • Product designed and approved in the UK for Far East manufacturing
    • Artworking services from rough design to print ready PDFs
    • Short run packaging and POS samples and prototyping


  • The Sherwood Group secures 'Cartonboard Pack of the Year' award at the UK Packaging Awards 2013

    Following the achievement of the ‘Social Stationery Printer of the Year’ award and nomination for the ‘FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year’ at the Print Week Awards, the Sherwood Group has also won the UK Packaging Award for the ‘Cartonboard Pack of the Year’.

    The Group secured the award for its innovative design and development of the Greggs giant cupcake box for the launch of the inaugural “Greggs The Bakery” store in Gosforth. Sherwood Press delivered the concept utilizing its Smartbox NPD Stage/Gate process. The design of the box allows the giant cupcake to be easily loaded and unloaded eliminating the risk of any damage to the product. The judges commented: “A really well thought-through structure from the store’s perspective with hugely satisfying ‘click’ closing device. Love it”.

    The box was engineered in a way that prevented the inner wings from damaging the highly decorative fondant icing. This was achieved through the use of deliberate light-weighting techniques on the internal corner elements, forming a neat closure that sits flush with the inside faces of the box.

    The final concept takes the principle of Sherwood’s registered ‘Easy Loader’ design a stage further. The design is neither glued nor tab-locked; thereby no structural weaknesses are introduced via glued seams or open edges. The carton is assembled around the product, is straightforward to erect and the cup cake can be easily loaded by Greggs staff from the top or into the partly-formed carton through the one remaining open side, reducing the risk of damaging the product. Likewise, the design allows easy unloading for the consumer after purchase.

    Jeremy Bacon, the Group’s CEO who attended the award ceremony on Wednesday 13th November said: “We are thrilled to receive the award and recognition for our innovative packaging solutions. Our customers, innovation and provision of high quality printed products are at the centre of all we do at Sherwood. We would like to express gratitude to Greggs for their continuous support and giving us the opportunity to enter the giant cupcake box into the awards”.

  • The Sherwood Group and Norman Collett work together to deliver first to market cartonboard packaging for apples

    Nottingham based packaging manufacturer, The Sherwood Group has worked closely with Norman Collett, leading marketer in the UK fruit market, to deliver first-to-market carton-board packaging for ASDA apples.

    Norman Collett and The Sherwood Group adopted a collaborative approach to the project and provided the retailer with a unique, shelf ready packaging design for its British apples.
    Samantha Jarvis, Norman Collett’s Sales and Marketing Manager said: “We are thrilled to see our concept on shelf; this was made easier by working with Sherwood’s forward thinking and innovative team. It’s great to see a point of difference on shelf in a sustainable and recyclable material.”

    The carrier box was engineered to meet ASDA’s merchandising requirements, optimising the packaging to suit apple volume and in store merchandising trays. The eye catching graphics designed by the printer’s in-house design team incorporated the union flag into the background, aiding the appeal for more British produce on shelf.

    Graham Garrod, the Sherwood Group’s MD added: “We are pleased to be working with Norman Collett on this particular project linked to one of the UK’s biggest retailers. Working closely with their team we provided a complete design to delivery service which combined 3D CAD, graphic design, and production facilities all located within our Nottingham plant. “