ADF London


London’s only dedicated event for the aerosol and dispensing community

ADF London at Packaging Innovations gives packaging buyers interested in aerosol and dispensing a dedicated place where they can meet a hand-picked selection of suppliers providing cans, caps, valves and applicators.

The dedicated ADF Forum, in association with ADF & PCD Paris, will cover the latest trends and developments in the aerosol market, running alongside the Beauty forum which takes a close look at beauty, cosmetics and personal care markets.



Aerosol and dispensing in the UK

• In 2016 the UK aerosol market had sales of over £155m
• The UK is the fourth largest market for aerosols in the world
• In 2016 more than 1.5bn aerosol cans were filled by UK producers
• Personal care sector accounts for 72% of the UK market

Who should exhibit at ADF London?

• Applicators & dispensing technologies
• Valves, BOVs, pumps
• Airless systems
• Can manufacturer
• Pack design/engineering
• Decoration/finishing

ADF London

2017 attendees included:

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