Sector - Luxury

London, United Kingdom
13 - 14/09/2017


The Palace, Savile Row, Harrods; we all know London has always been synonymous with the luxury. As one of the cultural and financial hubs of the world, trends set in this city are exported across the world. That’s why when trend-setters need inspiration, they come to Packaging Innovations. 

As the UK’s most inspiring packaging event, luxury and prestige brands and retailers will be able to meet new clients and uncover never-before-seen packaging solutions that will allow them to define a truly unique customer experience, protect the integrity of their product, and broadcast the first-class values of their brand. 

Make your product something the customer will remember: define the experience at Packaging Innovation 2017!

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Key figures: this is the place to be

  • The global market for luxury packaging was valued at £9.9 billion in 2015.
  • Western Europe accounts for 34% of global luxury packaging sales, its biggest market.
  • While cosmetics and fragrances make up the largest part (in value) of the luxury packaging market at 43.4%, premium alcohol drinks make up the largest part by volume at 46%.
  • The most common materials used in the luxury packaging market are paperboard, glass, metal, plastic, textiles, leather and wood. 

Trends: what's coming up for luxury packaging?

  • While paperboard is the most popular material, with a 42% market share; growth in the main luxury markets, particularly fragrance and cosmetics, means glass and plastic are expected to show increased demand and the highest growth rates in value terms through to 2019. 
  • The big luxury houses are looking to evolve exciting new technologies over the next five years, including anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, digital printing, enhanced embellishment and tactile effects, and connection to the online world via smart devices.
  • Added value is part of luxury packaging, so brands are looking to introduce active packaging that can affect the goods within i.e. an isothermal champagne sleeve to keep your champers cold
  • Luxury brands are increasingly expected to deliver a pack that enriches the customer experience with increased physical engagement i.e. unwrapping mechanisms, scent-infused paper, magnetic closures.
  • Let’s face it, sustainability is a megatrend across the packaging world, and that includes luxury. To find ways of being eco-friendly, need to discover new solutions and materials that can improve their sustainability, but maintain the prestigious, high-end quality their packaging is known for. 

Luxury in the lime light

In a fast-moving, competitive market brands and retailers need to stay on top of what sells and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve dedicated the afternoon of day 2 on the Keynote Theatre to prestige and luxury packaging, employing insightful speakers from the industry to uncover the latest trends, challenges and opportunities. The Luxury Forum is to be hosted by Luxury Packaging Creative Consultant, Vincent Villeger. Speakers include; IMPRIMERIE DU MARAIS, Zone Creations, Simply Luxe, AJOTO, Progress Packaging, James Cropper, Macfarlane Packaging, FEELUNIQUE, Nirvana CPH and Selfridges.

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