Sector - Food

London, United Kingdom
13 - 14/09/2017


The UK food industry has a reputation for innovative new products, and it needs the packaging to match! Making up the biggest portion of sales in the UK packaging market, the food industry is as dynamic as it is competitive; with strained operating margins, tight turnaround times, a drive for sustainability, legislation changes and the healthy eating agenda creating new challenges for manufacturers, brands and retailers.

At Packaging Innovations, you will find the right packaging suppliers who are constantly finding new and exciting ways of facing the challenges of today, by working with you to reinforce your brand and ensure the quality of your product.

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Key figures: Business is booming!

  • Food is one of the UK’s biggest manufacturing sectors
  • 86% of firms expect growth of up to 20% in the next year
  • Food packaging represents the largest end-use packaging sector in the UK, with £5.43 billion spent in 2015, projected to grow to £5.96 billion in 2020
  • 6.5 million tonnes of waste every year, how can our exhibitors help you reduce this?
  • Two thirds of surveyed companies stated that new product development would be a major factor in growth of the next year. New products mean new packaging

Trends: what is the food industry thinking about?

  • Consumer demand is driving new trends, with a big focus on handheld pack formats, resealable packaging, single-serve portions and in-pack cooking. 
  • More than any other manufacturing sector, price is driven by end-customer and consumer demands. This is quite evident in the UK’s grocery market, with the big four making huge investments in cutting costs to combat the rise of Aldi and Lidl.
  • With its reductive effects on price and environmental impact, lightweighting is a key trend at the moment. This means the flexible plastic packaging sector is expected to have among the fastest rates of growth in the industry. 
  • With the proliferation of the ‘superfoods’ in 2014/15, consumers are evidently willing to pay more for healthy foods, as the healthy eating agenda gains steam
  • With new government regulation on sugar, as well as barcode scanner-apps, the contents of food and how they are represented on packaging is going to be a big issue in the coming years
  • With 511 mergers and acquisitions in the food sector in 2015, key drivers included a demand for supply chain security, improvement to ethical reputations, and the healthy eating agenda. 

Keynote Theatre: The Food Forum

In an effort to deliver relevant, insightful, and inspiring seminar content that you can take to the bank, we have dedicated the entire afternoon programme (13/9) on the Keynote Theatre to tackle key issues, trends and challenges facing the food industry today. Hosted by Executive Director of the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA), Martin Kersh. Speakers for The Food Forum include; Cranswick Country Foods, Waitrose, Just Eat and DS Smith.

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