Innovation Showcase

London, United Kingdom
13 - 14/09/2017

The Innovation Showcase shortlist

Here are the 10 shortlisted innovations submitted by Exhibitors to a panel of judges. Want to see the innovations first-hand before you vote? There will be interactive voting at the show too. Voting is now available, browse through the options below and place your vote.

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The winner will be announced at the Keynote Theatre on the second day of the event!

1. Bamboo-plastic Composite Multi-functional Wine Packaging Box Display Rack


Exhibited by Dongguan MingFeng Packaging Corp.,Ltd  G12

To respond to society’s great attention to environmental protection, we adopt new environmentally friendly bamboo-plastic composite material on our packaging products. 

Not only because the bamboo-plastic material has very strong biodegradability to avoid environmental pollution, but bamboo grows very quickly and it can replace the usage of solid wood, so as to save tree resources.

Combining packaging with display function, the pack is designed in a very simple but stable structure—using magnet could assemble and disassemble the box quickly and easily. The traditional Chinese clever joint structure (mortise and tenon joint structure) could make the bottle and box to become as one display art and hold the bottle tightly. The core of this design is simple, unique and practical.

2. Old Fashioned Copper - OFC


Exhibited by IPL Packaging  H46
A complex cylindrical MDF woodgrain paper wrapped structure, beautifully finished with a high gloss lacquer.

It has magnets and a copper plaque in a recess. The bottle fitment is produced using EVA material, wrapped with a white PU leather. The top fitment is a white flocked PS vac-form.

It has 0.4mm copper bands on the top and bottom and a pull ribbon tag. It also includes a ribbon in the bottle recess. The pack shows off a unique swivel closure and the spinning mechanism inside allows for the bottle to be displayed when on shelf. The materials used in the design and manufacture of this pack are high-end and the removable, magnetic plaque allows for the pack to be customized.

This dark wooden box prominently bears the O.F.C. name with an ink-fill copper logo, along with a magnetic copper plaque depicting the year the bourbon was distilled. Each box is then packaged in a tasteful bag to protect it from any damage and allows for polishing before placing it on display in-store. Upon opening the revolving door, the bottle is proudly displayed on a small riser, commanding attention as its prized possession is revealed. A provenance card is inside each display box.

3. Frontier Insta Ink Prints


Exhibited by Think Tank  A18
We collaborated with The Corner creative agency to print 'Blank' posters that reveal hidden prizes via Instagram filters for Frontier's #FindFlavour campaign.

The campaign encouraged beer fans to take a picture of apparently blank outdoor posters and use Instragram filters to reveal hidden messages and prizes to promote Frontier's Craft Lager.
This Instagram reveal posters are a world first!

4. Jack Daniels 2017 Music Pack


Exhibited by Hunter Premium Packaging  H64
Brown-Forman approached Hunter with a special addition collector’s pack for their super- brand Jack Daniels. Brown-Forman had previously produced similar packs which had always been a best seller, however due to budget constrains the packs were only limited to very small production runs. Our challenge at Hunter was to re-develop the pack with a clear goal of significant cost reduction whilst retaining key design elements and maintaining the high level of quality associated with the brand Jack Daniels. 

The Hunter product development team is expert in value engineering and were able to find significant savings through the use of alternative materials, construction methods and designing the pack for increased production automation. A premium pack was created with much improved aesthetics at a significantly reduced cost. Ultimately allowing Brown-Form to launch the new Jack Daniels music pack across markets previously considered inaccessible.

5. Qualvis' Qube Confectionery Packaging


Exhibited by Qualvis  C32
Known as the Qube, this complete packaging solution is a flat fold tube design, featuring a gold metpol (metallised polyester) carton tube base with matching gold tinplate lid. Being a fold flat design, the Qube provides considerable supply and environmental benefits over conventional rigid tube packaging systems.

The Qube is currently with two leading confectionery manufacturers, launched at retail under the ASDA Extra Special brand. Due to the sales success of the packs and product combination to-date, additional products in this format have been listed and will be in-store later this summer.

6. Valdo 90 Millesimato (1926-2016)


Exhibited by POZZOLI SPA  G32
This Special packaging has been shortlisted at Luxury Packaging Awards 2017. 

The packaging looks like a classic packaging on covered rigid board, rectangular shaped, to hold a standard sparkling wine bottle, but once opened, it reveals a book in album format, full of images and texts, a double satin ribbon to lift the book and discover the bottle housed on the base of the box as in a casket. At first glance the casket strikes for the elegance based on contrasting black-gold-platinum and stressed by the contrast glossy-matt (uncoated/coated metal / material contrasts).

The box consists of a base covered with paper printed in metallic platinum color, wrapped in a cover with a closing flap on black uncoated paper and decorated with the gold hot foil stamped brand "VALDO" and an irregularly shaped adhesive with the " Valdo 90" crest, this too on a platinum base, perfectly framed by a dry-debossing. The base of the box, like a real casket, is completed by a cardboard inner filler completely covered with dove-gray velvet which blocks the bottle, which blocks the bottle. Above the filler, a double satin ribbon, allows to lift the precious book, developed in the landscape format, for maximum photographic expression, realized in the Italian, English and German language, and composed of a rich cardboard cover, covered in velvet and printed in gold hot foil stamping. 

The book to browse and read while tasting the Millesimato, retracing taste and aftertaste through photographs, anecdotes, interviews linked to well-known characters and places of yesterday and today.

The know-how, the ability of engineering, the creativity and innovative approach, combined with the high quality of Pozzoli SpA standards have transformed an ambitious project in a special packaging ... ..for the wine ... that makes culture ( "Taste & Terroir "packaging).

7. Oak & Concrete luxury Gift box


Exhibited by Wildcat Packaging  F58
Bespoke box made of a molded concrete base and a solid oak cap for a prestigious Saint Emilion Winery.

Gold plating inside. Zamak inserts to secure the twist off closing system

Gold electroplated transcripts and digitally printed aluminium plate.

Foam inserts.

8. GMG OpenColor


Exhibited by GMG Color  F55
GMG OpenColor – the Proofing Innovation for the Packaging Industry

Never before has the combined printing of process and spot colors been simulated on proofs with such convincing color accuracy.

With the advanced development of GMG color management, Dr. Hanno Hoffstadt’s research group has responded to the need to create predictable proofs of offset, flexo and gravure prints. The innovative and groundbreaking technology is GMG OpenColor’s ability to allow for color-accurate reproductions of print processes that use spot colors and multicolor separations with more than the traditional four process colors (CMYK).

Until now, the overprinting behavior and color interplay between CMYK and spot colors could only be reproduced by combining a CMYK profile with spot color libraries. This method required considerable effort to depict all possible combinations of spots and process colors "as accurately as possible". The major drawback of this method was the inaccurate simulation of spot color overprints.

With the increasing use of multicolor printing, the simulation of spot color overprintscurrently poses one of the biggest challenges for packaging printers. GMG OpenColor is the first profiling tool on the market that provides this vital capability. Offering an astonishingly accurate prediction of overprints, GMG OpenColor creates high-quality multicolor profiles simulating the printing behavior of diverse printing technologies, media types, and screenings.

GMG software products such as ColorProof can access GMG OpenColor via a direct connection and request a multicolor profile, which is then dynamically calculated by OpenColor on the basis of spectral data. GMG OpenColor does most of the work automatically, so that time-consuming manual tweaking and editing are now a thing of the past.

GMG OpenColor comes in different versions tailored to fit different printing technologies and customer requirements.

Ian Scott, managing director at GMG comments, "Offering print predictability of the combination of process and spot colors — that was previously considered impossible — we can now provide the market with the long sought-after solution: GMG OpenColor.“ 

9. Chivas 18 Pininfarina Chapter 3


Exhibited by LUCAS Luxury Packaging Ltd  G50
“The Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Chapter 3 is a beautifully designed celebration of form and function that resonates with our shared values of understated luxury.”

The metallic gift tin, which displays the whisky through a cut-out in the twisted casing marries form and function and is inspired by aerodynamic creations of Pininfarina.

Paolo Pininfarina, chairman of the Pininfarina Group said: “The new creation Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Chapter 3 is a superb piece of design and cutting edge manufacturing combining tin and plastic in a unique way.

10. SaralIllu© Box V1 motion


Exhibited by SARALON GmbH  H62

Function: Printed electroluminescent display on foil and laminated on a cardboard. The display is powered by a tiny inverter circuit. The display switches on when the box is being opened.

Purpose: Attractive light emitting box for premium products.