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Denny Bros Ltd


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United Kingdom

The Denny Bros Group is made up of nine UK companies including the UK leading independent specialist print company, the proud originators of the multi-page label (Fix-a-Form®), printed labels, linerless labels, leaflets, print your own and much more.

Denny Bros Ltd are the proud originators of the multi-page label. Known as Fix-a-Form®, our multi-page labels provide the perfect platform. Whether for communicating extra information or aiding promotions. All can be catered for in a creative and cost-effective manner. Whether it’s a two page booklet label or multi-lingual, multi-page label, our multi-page labels are used extensively within the healthcare, food, consumer product and agrochemical sectors.

Our print can also include features from counterfeiting deterrents, to security devices to enclosed vouchers, leaflets and more.

Ditac are leading suppliers of braille labels, label application systems and braille embossers.

We have the machinery to produce a whole host of labels to suit any requirement you may have, and can provide a whole range of different materials from plain white paper to synthetic laser guaranteed products. Our labels can be produced on rolls, sheets, fanfold or as individual labels. A variety of finishes can be applied whether it be a Matt Varnish, Gloss Varnish or protective laminate.

In addition to supplying raised braille labels, Ditac also stock a range of commercial quality braille embossers/printers/braillers, manufactured by ‘Enabling Technologies’.

Promaxx Printable Products enables you to produce professional quality printed items quickly, cheaply and in the quantities you require using your own inkjet printer. These printable products feature a unique tape backing system that allows you to simply peel out the printed item from the carrier sheet leaving a perfect clean-edge.

Made from high quality materials, with a print bleed to support edge-to-edge printing, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with Promaxx.

Because you only ever print what you need, when you need it, you are reducing waste and saving money.

Ideal for special events and occasions, our Promaxx promotional marketing products allow you to add your business's own branding to marketing materials which may otherwise be expensive to produce.


Product news

  • Denny Bro’s Labelling Solutions Can Help Keep Farmers Safe

    Reducing the risk of injury to farmers and their employees from using agrochemicals is paramount.
    At the heart of the Health and Safety Executive’s regulatory update is reducing this risk. With almost one person a week being killed as a direct result of agricultural work in the last 10 years in the UK alone (1), help in reducing any contributory factors is very important.

    Denny Bros, inventors of multi-page labels (Fix-a-Form®) can help agrochemical providers. They supply labels that can be permanently secured to a chemical container for the entirety of its usable life. This solution avoids any chance of losing or accidentally discarding a separate leaflet, which could have fatal consequences. Having clear, yet detailed, information attached directly onto the container is the best way of protecting personnel.

    Wrongly used agrochemicals can have serious consequences on the health of the user, the public and the environment. Effective and clear agrochemical packaging and labelling plays a key role. They protect all stakeholders from unnecessary exposure and misuse.

    Health and safety is a fundamental requirement of any sustainable farming business. It should be regarded as an essential part of farm business management. Labels must therefore be kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes. As part of the Voluntary Initiative, pesticide manufacturers have agreed to make sure label information is clear in order to reduce the opportunity for confusion.

    Agrochemical providers must also produce a label which complies fully with the Classification, Labelling and Packaging regulation (CLP). The deadline for relabelling and repacking mixtures already on the shelves before June 2015 for CLP is June 2017.

    Multi-page labels provide agrochemical manufacturers with a cost-effective way to meet these legislative responsibilities. They incorporate key safety information on the product in a simple way.

    These labels can be designed to include safety, legislative, and usage information in multiple languages to protect and inform farmers across Europe. They eliminate the need for separate labels for each language, streamline production and simplify the management of inventories and distribution channels.

    Senior marketing executive Stephie Castling says: “We understand the requirements placed on manufacturers to keep key information accurate, clearly presented and safe. That’s why we have developed labels ideally suited to the agrochemical industry. They can include special characteristics such as moisture resistance, high durability and an ability to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and a variety of storage conditions. Security and anti-counterfeiting features which are vital can also be included. These are important attributes given the tough environment the containers often have to withstand in the agricultural industry.”

    Managing the risks associated with agrochemical use and in turn reducing the incidence of accidents and ill health amongst agricultural workers is paramount. After all, improved farm productivity with a happier and healthier workforce means a sustainable food chain for everyone.

    For more information on Denny Bros’ range of innovative labelling solutions visit their website: http://www.dennybros.com

    (1) Source: www.hse.gov.uk
    If you have any labelling requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1284 701381 or email us for an informal conversation.


  • E-liquid labelling compliance made easy by Denny Bros

    The revised European Tobacco Products Directive became applicable on 20th May 2016 reclassifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products. This has brought serious implications for e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers and those involved in supporting them with labelling and packaging solutions.

    Many e-liquid producers will be forced to find packaging suppliers who can meet the stringent requirements of Article 20 of the directive. It states that all details required need to be contained on the unit if sold singularly. Multi-packs must have the information on the overall pack or within the individual container.

    Such information includes: a list of ingredients, an indication of the nicotine content of the product and the delivery per dose, health warnings, contra-indications and storage instructions, addictiveness and toxicity and the batch number to name but a few.

    One of the most challenging areas for e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers is the effective presentation of a substantial amount of additional information on small containers and devices. Regan Foster from Vape’ry, an e-cigarette liquid producer based in Bishop Auckland, South of Durham said: “The new legislation has placed new obligations on producers especially costly individual product testing which has subsequently required a redesign of the product labels to try and squeeze it down to accommodate additional details such as the toxicology report, nicotine and no sale to minors.”

    To help him with this challenge he said he welcomed the idea of a multi-page label which could hold additional information without the need for a separate leaflet.

    For many e-cigarette producers it could mean a complete redesign and overhaul of their products’ labelling and packaging. Serious penalties for breach of these regulations can ultimately include imprisonment; hence the need for immediate and compliant information solutions.

    Thankfully such a product is already available in the form of multi-page labels. These labels, also known as leaflet labels, booklet labels or concertina labels are an extension of a label on a product. In the simplest of terms, the leaflet or booklet holding key information is affixed securely to the product.

    Denny Bros have been producing multi-page labels since the 1970’s when it invented them for the agrochemical market. Many variations of the original patented design are available for use across numerous industries including the vaping industry.

    These labels have become a tried and tested way to contain detailed information in a compact format. As many as 120 pages can be used to hold vast amounts of information.

    Exporting to other European countries is made simpler too. Multi-page labels can be printed in multiple languages to suit the target market. The result is an efficient, streamlined printing and labelling process for manufacturers.

    Denny Bros can offer their expertise and services to any e-cigarette producer large or small. They can help them meet their new regulatory requirements in a simple, effective and professional way. To learn more click to read about our E-liquid label printing services.
    If you have any labelling requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1284 701381 or email us for an informal conversation.


  • Antimicrobial labels – how they work and why they are important

    Through the use of a silver additive, Denny Bros has developed an antimicrobial label designed to offer high levels of protection against harmful bacteria and superbugs.

    Denny Bros recently added antimicrobial features to its range of labels including its multi-page and peel and reveal labels, as well as its Patient Information Leaflet (PILs).

    We have done this in response primarily to demand from the healthcare sector who are looking at all possible ways of tackling the problem of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) in hospitals. These include superbugs, such as MRSA, reported to cost the NHS an extra £9,000 every time a patient in its care becomes infected; Clostridium difficile, which can cause diarrhoea; and noroviruses, which lead to stomach upsets.

    These bacteria are a particular problem for healthcare professionals whose patients tend to be sick and weak and are, therefore, more prone to infection. The rise of other lethal antibiotic-resistant organisms, including salmonella, TB, and E coli has only exacerbated the problem.

    As bacteria can be carried both on personnel and equipment, it is in the healthcare providers’ interests to limit the possible transfer of any bacteria from containers to medical staff or directly to patients.

    That’s why we have added antimicrobial properties to our range of features we can include on our labels. They work through the inclusion of a silver additive to the varnish on the label. Among its properties, silver inhibits the growth of microorganisms, fungi or mould by counteracting a bacteria cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to its survival. These bonds produce the cell’s physical structure so when bacteria meets silver it breaks down.

    As all of the active components in these antimicrobial properties are approved by the EFSA and FDA and supported on the Biocidal Product Regulations, these new labels may also be of interest to companies working in the food production industry.

    But it is in healthcare where we have witnessed the greatest demand and we believe these products can go some way to help tackling the challenge harmful bacteria and superbugs pose modern healthcare professionals.

    If you would like to know more about antimicrobial labels or require any information about our product range, please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.


  • Denny Bros targets Europe with new international sales appointment – press release

    Denny Bros, a global leader in multi-page labelling and printing solutions, has now set its sights firmly on developing its presence in European markets with the recent recruitment of experienced, multi-lingual, International Sales Executive, Anne Klermund.
    Anne, who was born in Paris and studied in France until the age of 20, completed her studies in Taipei and worked for a further ten years in South East Asia before returning to Europe. She brings with her extensive commercial sales’ experience in two global companies combined with outstanding language skills in English, French, German and Chinese.

    Before joining Denny Bros in October, Anne was involved in promotional and marketing activities for world, cosmetics’ leader l’Oréal in Asia. Her international career also led her to take up a post with Wella, (haircare products) in Singapore. After her work with foreign brands across Asian markets, Anne later went on to spend time in the USA, the UK and Austria before returning to her adopted roots in the UK.

    With a proven track record in sales’ development Anne is extremely keen to help Denny Bros bring their European Sales division to the fore. She hopes to generate new business leads thanks to her language skills and to quickly become versed in the competitive nature of the French printing industries.

    She said: “My new role represents a fantastic opportunity for me as I am not only able to combine my language skills and sales experience, but am also able to live in a familiar and beautiful part of the British countryside. I have every confidence that there is a lot of scope for a leading British print company, such as Denny Bros, to gain a significant market share in Europe. My aim is to bring in as many sales leads as possible across France as there are currently not many companies with the capabilities and products to rival Denny Bros’ Fix-a-Form®.”

    She said that one of the attractions of the job was not just the challenge of working in a new industry, but of working in a supportive and forward-thinking environment, such as Denny Bros provides for its employees. She particularly likes the fact it is a large, local, family-run company but with a small, friendly mentality where local people are employed and stay for a long time because they enjoy working together.

    Denny Bros is delighted with the latest addition to its successful team. Sales & Marketing Director, Stephen Jarrold said: “As we already have a strong customer base in the UK, we hope Anne will help us win more customers in France. The weak pound means the price of our multi-page labels is coming down for our export customers and so now is the perfect time to try to strengthen our market position in Europe.

    “We are thrilled to have a multi-lingual Sales Executive on-board who can confidently support our sales objectives and show export customers why we have such a long-standing reputation for consistently delivering the best customer service, the highest quality product and for meeting the needs of our customers.”

    The firm can provide fully customised multi-page label solutions with a wide range of specialist finishes and options allowing for product information to be provided in multiple languages. Its famous Fix-a-Form®, is sold direct by the company in the UK and beyond through a network of 20 licensed partners who can all adapt its label to suit virtually any product or container; making it suitable for a multitude of different applications across a wide range of sectors including: clinical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food.


  • How Denny Bros’ multi-page labels can help e-cigarette manufacturers facing new labelling regulations

    New laws on e-cigarettes mean manufacturers must include comprehensive health and product information on their labels.
    Vaping is now common practice: over 2million people in the UK are said to be users of e-cigarettes while worldwide sales of e-cigarettes are reported to have topped $6billion.

    This growth in popularity has led legislators in the EU to revise the European Tobacco Products Directive, reclassifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products.

    These new regulations, which came into force on May 20th 2016, have had significant implications for the manufacturers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, and the businesses who provide labelling and packaging solutions for the sector.

    A key change is that e-cigarette manufacturers must now include health warnings on their products that advise consumers that e-cigarettes contain nicotine and should not be used by non-smokers.

    Packaging must also include a list of all ingredients contained in the product, information on its nicotine content, and a leaflet setting out instructions for use and information on adverse effects, risk groups and addictiveness and toxicity.

    There are serious penalties for breach of these regulations and ultimately, those who do not comply could face imprisonment.

    This presents a challenge for e-cigarette producers who must now find an effective way of presenting all this additional information on small containers and devices – for many this will mean a complete redesign and overhaul of their products’ labelling and packaging.
    Denny Bros multi-page labels offer a solution.

    Luckily, Denny Bros’ multi-page labels provide an immediate and compliant solution to this problem.

    Also known as leaflet labels, booklet labels or concertina labels, they are an extension of a standard product label that allows additional information to be included without the need for a separate leaflet.

    Denny Bros has been producing multi-page labels since the 1970’s when they were originally invented for the agrochemical market. Since then the company has produced many variations across numerous industries including the vaping sector.

    These labels have become a tried and tested way to contain detailed information in a compact format. As many as 120 pages can be used to hold vast amounts of information – all on one label. Exporting to other European countries is made simpler too as multi-page labels can be printed in multiple languages to suit the target market.

    The result is an efficient, streamlined printing and labelling process for manufacturers.

    Denny Bros can offer their expertise and services to any e-cigarette producer, large or small, to help them meet their new regulatory obligations in a simple, effective and professional way.

    If you would like to know more about Denny Bros’ multi-page labels please visit us at stand F39 or contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.


  • DB support pharma with anti-counterfeit solutions

    According to Reuters counterfeit drugs have become a $200-billion-a-year global industry,(1) which despite ongoing crackdowns by the authorities is a growing problem. To assist pharmaceutical companies fight back Denny Bros Ltd, the UK’s leading producer of multi-page pharmaceutical labels and printing solutions, is to target the sector during the second quarter of 2016 with a range of anti-counterfeiting solutions.

    Denny Bros, who pioneered multipage labelling, known as Fix-a-Form®, has further added to its extensive range of anti-counterfeit solutions which it hopes will help safeguard pharmaceutical producers and the general public from harm.

    One of the company’s print features to help combat counterfeiting is a security 2D matrix which enables information to be encoded using either text or numeric data. Microtext is another solution offered, it enables words to be printed below or at one point size which is almost unnoticeable to the human eye without the help of magnification.

    Other key solutions offered include producing deliberate print “hickies”, which may not be identified by the human eye and therefore will not be reproduced in a counterfeit item, and thermochromatic ink, which when exposed to heat can reveal or hide print features.

    Unique serial numbers can also be incorporated into the print to identify and authenticate individual products. Coin reactive ink is an option which requires a coin to be rubbed over the surface to expose the covered items beneath.

    Additional security solutions also include fluorescent UV reactive inks to hide text or pictures until uncovered with UV light, and void protection material, which on peeling back the label covering displays text such as ‘VOID’ or ‘TAMPER WARNING’ to show a product has been interfered with. Other options include silver foil coating and bespoke holograms to make an item more difficult to counterfeit.

    Complimentary security solutions supplied by the company include RFID tags which can be covered under labels or inserted into the packaging and acoustic tags to deter shoplifters.

    Denny Bros is already a leading supplier to the pharmaceutical sector of multipage labelling solutions allowing detailed clinical information to be incorporated in a booklet label of up to 120 pages. Key features of its labels include easy-open, resealable and even a four ply wet peel solution. Information to be held on the labels can include medication instructions in multiple languages, safety messages, dosage details and legal information. Labelling applications range from containers, vials and even syringes, where despite the often small available surface a large amount of text, graphs and pictograms needs incorporating. Other print solutions at Denny Bros are available from Patient Information Leaflets, to instrument pouches, to single ply labels and much more….

    Accredited to PS 9000:2011 and ISO standards, the different security options build on Denny Bros’ many years of experience in the pharmaceutical labelling sector and should widen even further its products appeal.

    Denny Bros’ senior marketing executive, Stephie Castling, says: “Over the last few years we have offered a number of anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper solutions which we have subsequently further added to recently. During the next few months we’ll be promoting these to the pharmaceutical sector in a bid to reduce the risk from counterfeit drugs and product tampering, and to help this sector comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive.”

    Fix-a-Form®, is sold direct by the company in the UK and beyond through a network of 20 licensed partners who can all adapt its label to suit virtually any product or container, making it suitable for a multitude of different clinical and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Solutions to fix food industry's labeling dilema

    From December 2016 food labelling will become even more complex when the latest EU Food Information Regulation comes into force. From then it will be compulsory for back of pack labelling to carry a nutrition declaration.

    Added to this, Britain’s Royal Society of Public Health has also suggested putting exercise graphics on food packaging. The idea is to inform the consumer on exercise time needed to burn off the calories consumed. However with the amount of forthcoming regulatory information that labels will be required to display, the product will be swamped.

    Denny Bros Ltd, which pioneered multi-page labels, has a clever food solution that allows supplementary information to be incorporated with minimum brand intrusion. Other additional information can also include cooking instructions, recipes and serving suggestions.

    Its multi-page labels, known as Fix-a-Form®, holds all the key information. The label can be attached to any food packaging surface - even chilled foods. Numerous advantages to the manufacturer include: a decluttered front of pack to protect branding, a possible reduction in production costs due to smaller packaging requirements and thus an improvement in the product’s environmental credentials. There is also the ability to provide very comprehensive information for the consumer.

    Denny Bros’ senior marketing executive, Stephie Castling, said: “We provide the food and drink industry with multi-page labels and linerless labels to allow them to display more information on their product. Manufacturers of food spreads for example have used our peel and reveal ingredients labels on their caps.

    Others have used our labels as part of their promotional work. Consumers peel open the label to reveal details of a promotion or enclosed gift such as a sticker, seeds or rub off tatoos. The labels can then be resealed afterwards.

    We have also provided multi-page labels for sauce bottles to have the ingredients and usage in multiple languages for export.”

    Using Fix-a-Form® is an innovative and space-efficient way to communicate detailed product information without compromising shelf appeal. Denny Bros’ flexible and creative team can develop an individually-tailored labelling solution in a virtually unlimited range of shapes and sizes. It aims to provide the food manufacturer with cost effective ways to meet their legislative responsibilities regarding provision of ingredients and safety information.

    Special characteristics can be incorporated into Denny Bros’ labels, such as moisture resistance, security and tamper-evident features, unique or random codes, braille, special adhesives and finishes, the ability to cope with temperature extremes, and even scratch-off panels and removable stickers. Multi-page labels provide many practical applications for the food industry.

    Food suppliers and manufacturers must carry all the dietary information required by law. The clever move is to ensure this is achieved without diminishing a brand’s marketing message to consumers. Denny Bros’ multi-page labels can provide the space needed to communicate but not clutter.

    Denny Bros sells Fix-a-Form® in the UK and beyond through its network of 20 licensed partners. They can all adapt its label to suit virtually any product or container. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a multitude of different food and drink applications.

  • Denny Bros helps 9Bar deliver ‘Good energy, twice’ campaign

    On-pack messaging introduces new branding and campaign to help children in Africa
    A new stripped-back look is awaiting people with an active lifestyle who rely on super seeded 9BAR snacks from Wholebake to get them through each and every work and play day.

    Wholebake chose the Fix-a-Form® concept to support the 9BAR re-launch as it enabled the company to communicate its two distinctive messages ‘The Power of Seeds + The Power of Deeds’ directly to its customers in one go.

    The three mini pages of text and pack shots wrapped in a perforated carrier label confirm that 9BAR offers the same energy-boosting snack bars, but with now a different more natural look which focuses on the nutritious ingredients. While three additional pages announce that for every 9BAR sold, Wholebake will provide a night of light for a child in Africa.

    The ‘Good Energy, Twice’ initiative means that people will buy an energy-boost and give an energy boost at the same time thanks to the company’s mission to ‘energise the globe, one bar at a time.’

    ‘9BAR is such a fantastic energy brand’, comments Senior Marketing Executive Stephie Castling from Denny Bros, ‘its customers are active people who will welcome the new and more natural branding, and they will share an interest in the work that 9BAR are doing in Africa with the UK Charity SolarAid to provide light for children who are without many basic comforts including electricity (www.9BAR.com/impactmap). They also support many active sports events in the UK including Tough Mudder.’
    We are very happy to see Fix-a-Form® being used so prominently on 9BAR packs to get these key messages out to people who buy energy snacks at supermarkets, health food shops and online to help with the fast-developing success story of 9BAR.
    Fix-a-Form® is the UK’s leading brand of multi-page leaflet labels, helping brand owners to communicate large amounts of text on-pack including brand benefits, cross promotional marketing material, and multi-lingual information. It can also add incentives such as competitions, inserts, vouchers, ‘scratch-off panels’, SMS text promotions, and collectables which ultimately help boost sales.

    Formed in 1945 the business is still family-run – it celebrates 70 years in the print business this year.

    The Denny Bros Group is made up of five companies covering everything from manufacturing and self-print to retail sales and machinery. Today, the Fix-a-Form® brand is manufactured under license in over 20 countries around the world.


  • Denny Brothers named as one of the region’s greenest companies

    Here at Denny Brothers, we have for a long time demonstrated a commitment to ‘green business’ by trying, wherever we can, to reduce the impact our activities have on the environment.
    It was satisfying then to find out late last year that we have been named among the top 100 greenest companies in Suffolk and Norfolk. The Green 100 list is compiled by publishing company Archant who owns the well-known East Anglian Daily Times and Eastern Daily Press newspapers.

    This latest list contains a diverse range of businesses and organisations – but all have one thing in common, a dedication and commitment to putting sustainability at the heart of their business.

    And while we don’t pursue environmental goals simply so we can gain plaudits, it is nice to get recognition for the work our employees have done in this area. Highlighting this good work is also important from the point of that it allows other companies to learn from best practice and to implement green policies and procedures themselves.

    We’ve been actively putting in place environmental procedures for quite a few years now and were given an award for our environmental work in 2012. In fact, our commitment to the environment goes way back to the 1940s when we were recycling paper before it became fashionable. More recently, the company achieved ISO 14001 certification by adopting environmental procedures throughout the operation.

    We are very proud of the green initiatives we have overseen at our site at Bury St Edmunds. We had reduced our dependence on grid electricity by 47% by using solar energy, part of which we access through an innovative deal with St Edmundsbury Borough Council where we lease our roof space in return for renewable electricity generated by council-installed and maintained solar panels.

    In addition, by diverting waste for incineration and heat recovery less than 4% of our site waste now goes to landfill, while the installation of a gas management system has improved the efficiency of our factory heating by 28%.

    And of course, while all these efficiencies are good for the environment, they are also very healthy for business, bring huge savings to the bottom line.

    We are serious about our commitment to the environment and that is why we are happy to be involved with the Green 100 initiative, which we hope will spread the word about the benefits of sustainable business.

    You can see more of what we have been doing to help the environment in this video:


  • We have a brand new website!

    Denny Bros is a world leading print company. We pioneered multi-page labelling technology and have unrivalled expertise and capability in this area.

    Driven by creative and technological innovation, we deliver class-leading printing solutions across a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical, FMCG, agrochemical and more.