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13 - 14/09/2017

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Spectra Packaging

Spectra Packaging


IP19 8EN Halesworth
United Kingdom

Spectra is a leading independent manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging for the toiletries, cosmetics and personal care markets.

We can produce a range of high-quality products, from versatile packaging in HDPE to glass-like containers in PET. We also offer a variety of closures that perfectly compliment our bottle ranges and can provide recycled plastic packaging in both HDPE and PET.

We boast a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf standard bottle and cap designs and can also provide a bespoke custom moulding and tooling service.

Our purpose built bespoke 17.4-acre production facility benefits from the very latest state-of-the-art machinery and technology. We have also invested in the very best staff too, all industry experts, fully aware and prepared for the demanding expectations of today’s biggest brands.

We can offer the complete packaging solution from initial conceptual design and development, through to the latest techniques in decorative finishing and colouring, all carried out in-house.

Spectra's in-house services include:

Extensive Range of Standard Packs
- In PET
- Closures

Custom Moulding Solutions
- Innovative designs
- Unique looking bespoke packaging
- Highly Skilled In-house design team

Design and Innovation
- Innovation
- Creativity
- Experience

Decoration and Finishing
- Silk screen printing
- Hot foil blocking
- Precise printing results
- High profile varnishing

Colour Matching
- Polymer Colouring
- Coloured Masterbatch
- Colour Matching
- Colour Effects

Environmentally Responsible Packaging
- Post Consumer Regrind
- Recycled Packaging
- Environmentally Friendly Packaging
- Recycled HDPE and PET

Contact details:
Antonine Way Sparrowhawk Road
Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8RX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1986 834190


Product news

  • Spectra to reveal new heights in innovative packaging in London

    Spectra will be premiering a new range of pack designs at Packaging Innovations London designed to take products to another level.

    Presenting a collection of prototypes aimed at taking packaging to new heights, The Skyline Range is the brainchild of Spectra’s skilled in-house product designers.

    Cleverly using international skyscraper landmarks such as London’s Gherkin, New York’s One World and Tokyo's Cocoon Tower as inspiration, the firm’s creative team have yet again produced genuine originality according to Managing Director, Joe Maynard.

    He said, “We’re continually amazed at what our designers come up with for our show appearances. These new concepts are undeniably ambitious and illustrate how ground-breaking ideas come naturally at Spectra. If brands need to make a statement with their packaging, then these packs will definitely make their products stand tall”.

    The Skyline Range will take pride of place in Spectra’s central innovation display, a feature that always attracts interest on their stand. Joe Maynard believes the new design prototypes provide a dual purpose for the company.

    He commented, “Sometimes brands need creative inspiration for their packaging and our pack concepts enable them the chance to see what can be achieved with imagination and skilled custom tooling”.

    Come and see Spectra’s Skyline Range on stand D22.


  • BetterYou turn to Spectra Packaging for a solution

    BetterYou recently tasked Spectra with creating news packs for their MagnesiumOil Spray products.

    The new bottles, based on Spectra's popular Tubular design (Ref: 6022), were adapted and tooled to accept tamper evident spray pumps.

    Alex Beveridge, Field Sales Representative at Spectra said, “BetterYou approached us wanting an outcome specific to their requirements. Having chosen our 100ml Tubular, our in-house tooling department then tooled a new neck to accommodate the desired spray pump”.

    He went on to add, “The key for us is to ensure we deliver solutions tailored to our customer’s requests, this project perfectly illustrates our desire to do that”.

    Spectra’s extensive standard ranges have been developed to accommodate a number of neck variants in order to provide an almost limitless choice straight off the shelf.

    Whilst the company can provide a huge range of extrusion or injection moulded packs with a wide number of neck finishes, Spectra’s in-house tooling experts can often custom tool necks to suit a specific customer requirement.

    The 100ml packs, made in HDPE, consist of five products, including Original, Recovery, Joint, Sensitive and Goodnight and are part of the extensive BetterYou transdermal magnesium product offering.

    The award-winning British natural health brand’s transdermal magnesium range is a simple and effective way of increasing magnesium levels. Applied directly to the skin this pure form of magnesium chloride is quickly absorbed into the blood vessels and muscle beneath

    Rebecca Thompson, Procurement and Production Manager at BetterYou commented ”Spectra’s help, advice and cooperation ensured we had the packs we wanted. We are very happy with the outcome”.


  • Spectra give Pure Lakes a biopolymer solution

    Spectra recently provided new environmentally friendly bottles for natural skin care brand Pure Lakes.

    Made from 100% biopolymer PET, Pure Lakes new bottles take advantage of Spectra's popular tubular design. In addition, the new bottles were 2 pass printed in multiple variants for their extensive range of personal care products.

    The new packs, blow moulded in 50ml (Ref: 1003), 100ml (Ref: 1004) and 250ml (Ref: 1002) capacity options, were complemented with shallow screw caps from Spectra's extensive standard closure ranges.

    Alex Beveridge, Field Sales Representative at Spectra commented, “We've seen increasing numbers of customers looking for more responsible ways to package their products and Pure Lakes environmental credentials have proved an excellent fit for this genuinely sustainable material.”

    He went on to add; “Biopolymer is seen by many as the natural environmental alternative to conventional plastics because there is no recognisable difference in performance or appearance to the end result, a compelling proposition for Pure Lakes”.

    Indeed, Spectra’s Biopolymer offers all the premium look advantages of conventional polymers, yet provides a truly sustainable alternative without compromising the quality of the finished pack. It means customers can have luxurious high end packaging that’s also kinder to the environment.

    Acquired by Gareth and Claire McKeever in 2016 from Sandra and Iain Blackburn who founded the company in 2007, the eco-friendly skin care brand produces a range of products made from natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and environmentally friendly.

    Their product offerings include soaps, bath products, lotions, face creams, shampoos and conditioners, that are sold direct to hotels as well as consumers online and through local retailers.

    Gareth McKeever Owner of Pure Lakes said, “It would have proved difficult to move the business forward in the direction we wanted without the support, advice and flexibility Spectra provided. We were looking for an environmental solution for our new ranges and they stepped up to the plate with packaging that adds value to our product ranges. We are delighted with the results.”

    Spectra’s biopolymer materials are produced using ethanol from the waste of sugarcane as opposed to conventional polymers, which traditionally contain fossil-based raw materials such as oil or natural gas.

    The renewable sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike regular biopolymers, which can't be recycled without damaging the recycling chain, Spectra's biopolymers are totally recyclable and provide a genuine direct replacement for standard plastics, perfect for a truly sustainable packaging solution.

    Customers concerned about compromising the end result can rest assured that biopolymers maintain exactly the same chemical properties as conventional oil based polymers, which means there is no difference in performance or appearance to the end result.


  • Spectra expand cap range with new disc top closure

    Spectra Packaging has added a new disc top closure to their extensive range of injection-moulded offerings.

    Perfect for a range of personal care applications such as body creams, lotions, shampoos, and soaps, the new 24/410 disc top closure (Ref: 3033) is bore sealed for optimum performance and reliability.

    Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra said, “This stylish new closure provides an easy, one-handed dispensing solution for a range of applications. Furthermore, we can provide it in minimum order quantities, which offers genuine flexibility for customers seeking a complete packaging solution”.

    Spectra’s latest closure solution can be provided in single colour or mix and match bi-coloured body and disc options for a truly bespoke look. Designed to fit a variety of bottles within our comprehensive off-the-shelf standards, this new cap joins our other disc top, the distinctive flared disc-top (Ref: 3026).

    Over recent years we have cultivated an impressive range of standard closures that include double walled caps, shallow caps, tall radiused closures, flip-top caps, snap-on closures and overcaps – all available in a number of standard neck sizes.

    Jonathan added, “We strive to develop new standard components to give customers maximum versatility for their products. There are a number of benefits in taking one of our caps when choosing a Spectra bottle” as he went on to explain.

    “Using a single source supplier for both bottle and cap provides real peace of mind. Our caps have been developed and tested to offer genuine reliability. What’s more, a single source fully synchronized delivery commitment provides a stress-free, under-one-roof service as opposed to using two manufacturers with potentially differing lead-times”.

    To see Spectra’s closure and bottle ranges or to request a sample, visit http://www.spectra-packaging.co.uk/standard-range , call 01986 834190 or email sales@spectra-packaging.co.uk


  • Spectra’s inspirational achievement recognised

    Spectra’s rapid growth has been recognised in this year’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain list.

    The report, recently published by the London Stock Exchange, is an annual celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.

    As well as identifying 1000 vibrant companies, the report examines in detail the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs and looks at the sectors and trends that will shape the future of the UK economy.

    Spectra’s inclusion is a timely reminder of how far the company has come in just under 10 years as Managing Director Joe Maynard was quick to point out.

    “Our rapid rise has seen us become a serious player within the packaging industry as we look to continue expanding the business. To be included on this prestigious list is a fantastic achievement considering the huge numbers of companies operating in the UK”.

    Spectra’s inclusion coincides with the company’s on-going expansion programme at their purpose-built manufacturing plant in Suffolk. When completed, in early 2018, the new building work will increase Spectra’s size by another 50%, with the existing site growing an extra 24,000 sq. ft. to 80,000 sq. ft. in total. Spectra has also made provision for 3 further units measuring 24,000 sq. ft. each to accommodate further future growth.

    Joe believes Spectra’s success is down to the firm’s energetic innovative approach, a committed skilled workforce and a willingness to bravely invest in the future.

    “We have grown a highly skilled team that buys into our vision for innovation coupled with excellence, without whom, our success would not have been possible. Next year sees our 10th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than by increasing the size of our manufacturing plant, these are hugely exciting times for the company”.

    The 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain list is segmented into a number of categories, including manufacturing, food and drink, creative industries, retail, technology. Leisure and sustainably green businesses.

    The report confirms that despite stories about the apparent decline in British manufacturing, the UK is still the ninth-largest manufacturer in the world and the sector is growing with one in six manufacturers ‘re-shoring’ activities to the UK, usually to improve quality or accelerate delivery times.

    Prime Minister Theresa May said of the report, “This is an exciting time for our country’s high growth businesses, old and new. I welcome the London Stock Exchange Group’s focus in this publication on the UK’s most dynamic and fastest growing businesses”.

    Xavier Rolet KBE, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group backed this up by adding, “These companies are our greatest prospect for building a resilient and productive economy that works for everyone”

    The report pointed out that almost half of all UK exports come from manufacturing – and the sector’s adoption of new technology suggests its importance to the economy will only continue to grow.


  • Spectra to highlight creativity at Packaging Innovations

    Spectra will be appearing again at next month’s Packaging Innovations London show, with the UK based rigid plastic manufacturer premiering a number of exciting innovative developments.

    As with previous appearances, Spectra will be showcasing prototype pack designs specifically aimed at giving brands a truly innovative packaging solution.

    Jonathan Powell, Spectra’s Sales Director said, “This show is an ideal platform for us to illustrate our creativity. Our aim has always been to mirror the shows name by premiering genuine packaging innovations. Our creative team have yet again produced a number of eye-catching designs which are sure to provide a real talking point at the show”.

    As well as revealing new pack designs, Spectra will also be showcasing new closure solutions, including their new 24/410 disc-top as well as their latest closure top foil blocking service.

    Additionally, the Spectra team will be on hand to discuss and show their extensive standard ranges as well as custom tooled packs, decoration and colouring examples and environmental packaging solutions in PCR and biopolymer.

    Spectra can be found on stand D22.


  • Spectra forge ahead with expansion

    Spectra’s on-going expansion programme is now in full swing with building work underway at their bespoke manufacturing plant in Suffolk.

    Groundwork foundations have been set for new steel structures at the company’s 17.4-acre purpose built site. Completion of building work is scheduled for the end of this year and Spectra plan to be up, running and operational by the end of April 2018.

    Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra sees the construction work as a true measure of how far the company has come in just under ten years.

    He said, “It’s hugely satisfying to see the next phase of Spectra's history unfold. We have made the bold decision to increase the size of our site in order to satisfy increased demand and we can’t wait to see the new buildings in full production”.

    The company’s ambitious expansion plans will increase Spectra’s size by another 50%, with the existing site growing an extra 24,000 sq. ft. to 80,000 sq. ft. in total. Spectra’s long-term approach has also seen them make provision for 3 further units measuring 24,000 sq. ft. each to accommodate further future growth.

    Joe sees the company’s latest plans as a strong signal of intent for the packaging industry.

    He commented, “Spectra are well placed as a genuine independent force within the industry. Making sure we have the capacity to continually provide outstanding quality, service and innovation is vital in maintaining our reputation. The fact that we have the trust of a number of leading high street brands is proof of our credentials to deliver and further expansion will help us maintain this”.

    Spectra’s forward thinking ethos included making sure the company provided a number of in-house provisions. For example, the company’s design and custom tooling departments along with a dedicated decoration unit have been highly successful with customers seeking an “under one roof” packaging solution. It’s something Joe sees as a contributing factor to the firm’s continued success.

    “Providing a full in-house solution for customers has proved highly successful for us. It has meant we can offer consistently high levels of quality as well as total control over lead-times, it has also meant we can push the boundaries of innovation, developing new ways to give customers a leading edge solution. The expansion of the site will help us continue this whilst maintaining our independence”.


  • Extrusion Blowmoulding versatility proves popular with Spectra customers

    Spectra have reported an increase in customers taking advantage of EBM (Extrusion Blow Moulding) packaging for their products.

    Recent figures reveal rising numbers of customers are turning to extrusion blow moulding for more complex shapes for their product packs according to Darren Curtis, Development Manager at Spectra.

    He said, “Extrusion blow moulding offers so many different possibilities for brands looking for creative ways for a point of difference. Both flexible and incredibly versatile, the process is hugely attractive to customers looking for more elaborate designs for their bottles”.

    Indeed, extrusion blow moulding provides customers with excellent opportunities to achieve striking results. For example, sharper corner tolerances or punched holes can be achieved, enabling unique complex irregular designs. However, customers don’t have to have custom tooling to achieve these results, they can also take advantage of Spectra’s huge range of interesting existing extrusion blow moulded standards.

    Another benefit of extrusion blow moulded bottles is they can be produced in a variety of plastics. These include PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), PETG / PCTG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) and MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene).

    Spectra's extrusion blow moulded bottles are also available in environmentally friendly plastics and are ideal for brands with sustainable requirements.

    PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) is very popular with customers because they can decide what strength of recycled materials, from 5% up to 100%, are best suited for their packs. Spectra can also provide biopolymer materials, which have the added bonus of not showing any difference in performance or appearance to conventional polymers.

    Darren went on to say, “The opportunity to use a number of materials offers genuine versatility. What’s more, in some cases the same mould can be used for more than one specific plastic which offers added flexibility”.

    He went on to point out another EBM benefit, “Extrusion blow moulding also allows different neck moulds to interchange. This means customers can use differing neck fitments on the same bottle mould to provide a fully customisable packaging solution, all without the need for a completely new mould each time which can prove cost prohibitive”.

    As well as the flexibility to utilise different materials, extrusion blow moulded packs can also be co-extruded, meaning the wall of the pack can be made up of different layers of plastics. This is something Spectra utilise to provide a decorative finish that would otherwise be unachievable or simply too expensive to manufacture in a single layer.

    Co-extrusion provides a number of interesting opportunities, such as having a HDPE inner layer with a 'Soft touch' outer layer for a bottle that is very tactile. Conversely, customers can enjoy a HDPE inner layer with a 'Super high gloss' outer layer for a very high quality, gloss finish.

    Darren went on to say, “In many ways, extrusion blow moulding ticks all the boxes for customers looking for a bottle design with a choice of finishes and materials for their product packaging. However, should they need help to ensure they choose the most appropriate path, our in-house experts are on hand to advise customers on the most suitable manufacturing process”.

    EBM (Extrusion Blow Moulding) explained

    Extrusion blow moulding is the process of manufacturing hollow plastic bottles by melting plastic resin and extruding a tube which is then clamped inside 2 halves of a water cooled mould. When the tube of molten plastic is in the mould it is then inflated using pressurised air to the shape of the mould. While inside the mould, the plastic will freeze off to the shape as it is forced against the inside of the mould. The mould will then open releasing the bottle so that the process can be repeated.


  • Spectra strengthen sales team

    Spectra have recently welcomed Dan Smith to their busy sales department.

    Appointed as a Field Sales Representative, Dan has been drafted in to further strengthen the company’s energetic sales force.

    With 4 years experience in technical sales within the rigid plastics packaging industry, Dan will be looking after a number of Spectra accounts in the UK. His addition perfectly illustrates the company’s serious growth initiatives according to Spectra’s Sales Director Jonathan Powell.

    He said, "Spectra’s success is built on ensuring we have the strongest people on our team, the addition of new skilled personnel invigorates the company and helps keeps us fresh. We have enjoyed continual staff growth within all departments and Dan’s industry experience will prove invaluable to the company, we are delighted to have him on board”.

    As well as spending time visiting customers, Dan will be working in Spectra’s busy sales department, identifying and growing new prospects as well as ensuring customers are aware of new Spectra products and services.

    Dan can be contacted on +44 (0)1986 834190 or dan.smith@spectra-packaging.co.uk


  • Spectra customers embrace PCR

    Spectra have reported an increase in customers using their Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials for their packaging.

    The company has made great strides in providing environmental alternatives for brands seeking a sustainable outcome, with PCR orders growing rapidly according to Gavin Chenery, Commercial Director at Spectra.

    “We've witnessed impressive take up for our PCR materials as brand's look to offer environmentally savvy consumers product packaging that helps make a difference. Customers are definitely buying into the sustainable benefits it provides”.

    Available in both HDPE and PET, PCR provides a sustainable pack that can be recycled again. Minimising or replacing the use of virgin materials, PCR consists of recycled resins that could potentially end up in landfill sites.

    However, the benefits don't just stop there. Because PCR has already been processed originally from a fossil fuel to plastic, the reuse of that plastic into a new PCR bottle doesn’t require any further depletion of new fossil fuels, providing a closed loop packaging solution.

    PCR materials are also gathering interest with brand owners and retailers as Gavin went on to point out.

    He said, “Recycled options are proving increasingly popular with brands because it’s an environmental strategy that the consumer understands. Additionally, the use of sustainable packaging is a compelling proposition for the growing number of brands making products using natural ingredients, the two are an ideal marriage”.

    The production of PCR begins with the collection and sorting of recycled plastics in commercial and residential recycling programs. The discarded plastics are ground, washed, dried and pelletized ready to be used again. The materials are then stringently monitored by Spectra to offer reassurance and traceability, something they regard as a key factor in the process.

    Gavin added, “We like using materials recycled in the UK, otherwise the process is pointless if we are increasing our carbon footprint by importing an environmental material from the other side of the world. We can track our recycled materials back to the local council waste depot in the UK who originally supply the materials and this gives us total traceability”.

    Spectra’s PCR products can be made available in varying strength let-downs, right up to 100%. However, there are some colour variations from batch to batch, especially when customers opt for a higher let-down. Because PCR originates from discarded coloured plastics, there can be a small number of inclusions in materials, something Gavin was quick to offer reassurance on.

    He said “Whenever any of our customers look at moving to recycled plastics we always provide expert advice and extensive testing to ensure they are happy with the end result. That said, the combined sustainable benefits and our commitment to ensure no compromise on quality and design has proved hugely popular with brands looking to take the environmental leap”.

    To find out more about Spectra’s environmental packaging solutions or PCR, call us on 01986 834190.

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  • The Savonna - Spectra’s innovative oval range

    Spectra’s quest to provide truly distinctive off-the-shelf designs is perfectly illustrated by our stylish Savonna Range.

    This striking design has proved hugely popular with customers seeking an original look for their product packaging.

    Conceived by Spectra's creative in-house design team, the Savonna was initially premiered at a packaging trade show, attracting immediate attention for its distinctive contours.

    As with a number of other concept designs, positive customer interest resulted in this distinctive design being tooled and included in Spectra’s huge range of standard packs, offering a bespoke look straight off the shelf.

    This unique looking range, available in HDPE, features 100ml (Ref: 6079) and 200ml (Ref: 6080) bottles as well as tottle versions in the same capacity sizes (Ref: 6081 and 6082).

    Jonathan Powell, Sales Director see’s Spectra's standard ranges as the perfect starting point for customers looking for a distinctive off the peg alternative to custom tooling.

    “We are evolving a range of standard designs that give customers something a little different. The Savonna provides a sophisticated look that's ideal for image-conscious markets such as cosmetics and personal care sectors”.

    Spectra continue to develop a range of new shapes, including round, square and oval standard bottles. However, recent customer interest in ergonomic oval designs has seen the company introduce a number of additions to their extensive standard ranges.

    Available in both HDPE and PET, Spectra’s wide portfolio of ovals means customers are spoilt for choice when looking for families of the same design to satisfy capacity variants; something Jonathan feels is a key bonus.

    He said, “We have consciously ensured that we have ranges that offer both originality and a breadth of sizes, as well as the inclusion of tottle options. This is vital for customers who make a range of products, the flexibility this offers when custom tooling isn’t an option is a hugely compelling proposition”.

    Thanks to neck variants in either 24/410 or 24/415, The Savonna design can accept a number of closures, including shallow caps, flip-top caps and tall radiused caps as well as plugs and spigots (on 24/415). Additionally, the Savonna will also take Spectra’s innovative flared disc cap (Ref: 3026), which will fit on both bottle and tottle for a unified packaging solution.

    To find out more about Spectra’s Savonna range visit www.spectra-packaging.co.uk/standard-range/#HDPE and request a sample.


  • Organic Surge choose Spectra's Roma pack

    Organic Surge has chosen Spectra’s unique Roma pack for a number of their personal care products.

    The Roma range provides a stylish, yet simple packaging solution for brands looking for a round bottle with a difference.

    With its distinctive sloped shoulder profile and understated lines, the Roma has been utilised by Organic Surge for a number of their hand & body wash products, including their Absolute Fragrance range, their Fragrance Discovery range and their Eco bundle collections.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra said, “Our Roma design is extremely popular with a variety of brands. The packs refined simplicity is extremely well suited to the Organic Surge range of products and sits harmoniously within their other offerings”.

    Available in PET, Spectra’s Roma family comprises packs in 50ml (Ref: 1105), 100ml (Ref: 1070), 200ml (Ref: 1084), 250ml (Ref: 1086) and 300ml (Ref: 1017) capacity options which means customers can package their products in a number of size variants.

    Additionally, the Roma’s uncomplicated design works beautifully with a number of accompanying closure types, including shallow caps, disc top caps and flip tops as well as pumps and sprays.

    Gary went on to add, “Over recent years we have looked at developing a number of off-the-shelf packs that provide something slightly different, whether it's a round, oval or square design”.

    He added, “Much like our other distinctive standard rounds, such as the Messina, the Bell or the Azura, the Roma is perfect for a wide range of products, from shampoos to lotions to hand creams and body sprays, providing a genuinely flexible packaging solution”.

    Organic Surge products are not tested on animals and are 100% free of harsh chemicals with no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, no artificial fragrances or colourants and no genetically modified ingredients.

    The award winning skincare brand is heavily involved in donating funds to help a number of charitable causes, including providing accommodation, food, medical services and education for those in need in underprivileged areas such as Africa. Company founder Alan MacKenzie spends time regularly visiting charity projects in Kenya including Kenyan Children’s Home Orphanage in Nairobi and Watoto Children’s Charity in Uganda.

    Rachel Shepherd, Purchasing Manager at Organic Surge said, “Spectra have provided us with a pack that complements our existing ranges beautifully. We have used them for a number of projects in the past and our relationship continues to flourish”

    To find out more about Spectra’s Roma Range and our other standard round designs, visit www.spectra-packaging.co.uk/standard-range/ and request a sample or call 01986 834190.

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  • Spectra witness high decoration demand

    Spectra have reported overwhelming decoration demand in their busy in-house print department.

    The company has seen significant take up for decorated bottles as customers take advantage of a number of innovative print techniques on offer.

    Managing Director Joe Maynard sees the demand as further proof that Spectra's decoration can add real value to customer packaging.

    He said, “We take decoration really seriously at Spectra and see it as a key ingredient to the success of a finished pack”.

    He went on to add, “So often we’ve seen great packaging let down by inferior print which can impact on the success of the finished pack. This is why we have invested huge efforts in providing exceptionally high-quality innovative decoration”

    The company is continually looking at new offerings to help brands achieve an “eye-catching shelf presence” for their products and recent additions to their print finishing capabilities are reaping benefits for their busy decoration department.

    Joe remarked, “Significantly more customers are deciding to use us for a complete packaging solution because they can see the real benefits our decorative finishing can bring to their packaging. They appreciate our expert advice on a number of leading edge options and love the convenience, reliability and flexibility of keeping their packaging projects all under one roof”.

    Spectra have made great strides with the development of a number of ingenious ground-breaking techniques. These include raised Braille printing, anti-counterfeiting UV inks, colour changing finishes and 360-degree seamless circumference printing. Additionally, the company has also bolstered its hot foil stamping offering with the addition of blocking for the tops of closures to complement their existing peripheral cap blocking service.

    Joe said, “It's all about offering the customer a wide spectrum of differing options to elevate their packaging. Our varied selection of decorative offerings evolves and grows constantly and I see no reason why that won't continue. We strive to be the leader in innovative decoration”.

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  • Spectra launch hot foil blocking for closure tops

    Spectra have added foil blocking for the tops of closures to their extensive decoration capabilities.

    The new print service follows a succession of innovative decoration provisions and is sure to prove popular with customers looking for a premium look appearance for their Spectra closures.

    Working to fine tolerances and intricate designs with pin-sharp results, Spectra’s latest print offering was exclusively unveiled at Packaging Innovations Birmingham earlier this month to keen visitor interest.

    Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra said, “Our expert in-house decoration department has yet again produced an outstanding decorative offering that will complement a wide range of closures. I’m confident that it will prove as popular as our stylish peripheral circumference cap blocking capability”.

    Available in silver, gold or a multitude of foil colours to suit, this latest decoration technology will provide a real touch of class and work harmoniously alongside some of Spectra’s other more recent innovative bottle print finishes such as their Touch high build, Chameleon colour changing effect and Illuminate UV inks.

    Joe added, “Our creative team continue to push the boundaries with decoration finishing and are constantly looking to develop new ideas that will add real value to our customer’s packaging. The technical challenges they faced with hot foil stamping fine designs onto closure tops were, as usual, overcome with aplomb - the results are stunning, to say the least. The chance to add a logo or brand the top of the closure with foil stamping opens up a host of opportunities for customers”.

    For more information on Spectra’s new closure foil blocking, call 01986 834190 and request a sample.


  • Spectra's PCD Paris show proves highly successful

    Spectra Packaging can report a highly successful appearance at PCD Paris last month.

    It was Spectra’s first showing at the influential European trade show with early indications suggesting impressive enquiry figures and significant visitor interest.

    Gary Allard, who heads up Spectra’s export team and attended the event commented, “Spectra has made massive inroads into the European market over recent years and PCD proved an excellent platform for us to introduce our latest projects and standard ranges. The French market continues to grow for Spectra and the feedback we received at the show was hugely encouraging”.

    Staged at a new venue for this year, PCD drew experts from leading cosmetics brands across Europe and beyond. The show has rapidly established itself as a key event in the international cosmetics packaging calendar, something that impressed Spectra.

    Gary went on to say, “PCD gave us an excellent opportunity to meet with a number of new contacts. The show’s market focus on cosmetics and personal care proved a perfect for Spectra, it meant we were well placed to reach out to a new audience and show what we can do”.

    On the back of last year’s impressive export figures, which grew in excess of 50%, Spectra continues to view Europe as a key growth area for the coming year, despite continued uncertainty surrounding the UK’s decision to exit the European single market. Building on past show appearances in Germany and The Netherlands, Spectra sees France, with its vibrant personal care market, as a hugely exciting opportunity.

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  • Spectra to unleash creativity at Packaging Innovations

    Each year at Packaging Innovations, Spectra launch a range of prototype concepts designed to inspire customers who are looking for something different.

    This year looks set to be no different, with Spectra planning to reveal 7 new prototype concepts, all specifically created with a number of market sectors in mind.

    Amongst the new designs on show will be a fun-shaped kid’s bath pack, a radial dual faced skin lotion bottle and a stylish new ergonomic tottle shower pack. Additionally, Spectra will be showcasing a distinctive new sun care pack as well as a round design boasting a striking angular shoulder contour.

    This year Spectra are looking to take their prototypes one step further by showing how they can fit within a range of vertical markets, something Jonathan Powell, Spectra’s Sales Director, believes will help customers visualise the innovative packs in a genuinely commercial setting.

    He said “We’ve given our new containers a touch of branding which really brings the designs to life. The combination of cutting-edge pack design coupled with harmonious colouring and striking graphics is sure to inspire visitors at the show. It’s the perfect introduction to Spectra’s innovative capabilities”.

    He added, “Innovation is in Spectra’s DNA, being able to illustrate our creative credentials year on year at Packaging Innovations really sets us apart. Our new designs are sure to wet the appetite of customers seeking market differentiation”.

    As well as their range of new pack concepts, Spectra will also be premiering a new disc cap, designed to accommodate bottles with a 24mm neck. Furthermore, the company will also be showing off their latest advances in closure foil blocking to guarantee a premium look.

    Jonathan went on to comment, “In the twelve months since our last appearance in Birmingham, we have been busy with a number of new projects, from new pack designs to expanding our closure portfolio to advances in decoration. This particular exhibition appears to be the perfect springboard for all things new at Spectra and we’re looking forward to another busy show”.

    Packaging Innovations 2017 is staged at the Birmingham NEC on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd March 2017. Spectra can be located on stand B36.

    #plasticsbottles, #spectrapack, #packaging, #innovation, #packaginginnovations, #design, #bottledesign,


  • Spectra creates elegant new packs for Highgrove

    Spectra have recently produced refined new bottles for the Highgrove Signature Range.

    The two new packs are moulded in a sophisticated frosted PET and take advantage of designs from Spectra’s extensive off-the-shelf standard ranges.

    Spectra also colour matched the two packs in the Highgrove trademark pale jade, which complements the frosted polymer to great effect.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra commented, “Our task was to ensure the new bottles not only met the high standards set by our customer, that they also sat harmoniously within their existing range of products, we believe we’ve met the brief with flying colours”.

    Inspired by The Royal Gardens at Highgrove, the Signature Collection is a luxurious range of products exclusively developed by organic beauty pioneer Daniel Galvin Jr and acclaimed aromatherapist Alexandra Soveral.

    The Highgrove Shower Gel uses Spectra’s 300ml Short Square (Ref: 1039), whilst their 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash features Spectra’s 200ml Tubular (Ref: 1016) and 24/410 Flip-top cap (Ref: 3017).

    Utilising essential oils and skin-nurturing ingredients such as cocoa butter and Aloe Vera, the Highgrove Signature Collection includes luxurious products aimed at pampering the body and calming the mind.

    A donation from the sale of each Highgrove Signature item is given to The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation.

    #plasticsbottles, #spectrapack, #packaging, #highgrove, #danielgarvin, #printing, #tubularbottle,


  • Another strong year for Spectra

    Spectra Packaging has experienced another hugely successful year as the company continues to flourish.

    Building on impressive year on year figures, 2016 saw Spectra report 10% growth, in line with 2015. The past year saw a number of exciting developments for the company, further reinforcing its position as a leading independent packaging manufacturer in the U.K.

    The last 12 months saw Spectra continue to evolve, with growth and expansion still very much the underlying trend. Investing heavily in additional tooling and machinery to meet customer demand, Spectra also continued to swell staff numbers across all departments, strengthening existing areas of the business as well as developing new opportunities and positions, a move that has greatly increased capacity.

    Joe Maynard, Managing Director at Spectra is both delighted with how the previous year has gone as well as excited for the coming twelve months.

    He said, “Through the excellent endeavours of our hardworking, dedicated staff, we continue to grow something special. Although it's hugely satisfying to look back over another great year, we're always more focused on looking to the future”.

    Indeed, it would appear that with so many new projects in development, the company has rarely had time to look back, with Spectra continuing to innovate in 2016, pushing the boundaries in rigid plastic packaging.

    For instance, Spectra's expert in-house decoration department continued to develop more innovative ways to add real value and purpose to customer packaging.

    Earlier in the year, Illuminate, another clever, yet useful print effect was launched to widespread customer interest. Only visible under UV light, Illuminate looks set to be an ideal solution to the increasing problems of product counterfeiting. Similarly, Spectra's Touch raised print effect was also unveiled as the perfect solution for adding Braille onto packs without the need for bespoke tooling.

    The previous year also saw the company expand its portfolio of standard designs with new packs added in both HDPE and PET. Spectra also grew its impressive Tubular Range further, which is now arguably the largest on the market.

    2016 also saw Spectra launch a new oval snap-on flip-top closure (ref: 3030) with new packs to go with it, notably The Elba and their new Encore range of ovals. The company plans to introduce more shapes to complement the new closure in 2017.

    Spectra also witnessed significant take-up for custom moulding projects for a wide range of key customers in 2016, something Joe sees as clear evidence of Spectra's tooling capabilities.

    He added, “Although we made great strides in expanding our standard ranges, last year was extremely strong for custom moulding projects. Seemingly customers enjoy using Spectra for bespoke packaging, with the trust and confidence that we can deliver time and time again”.

    2016 also saw Spectra’s continued rise receive recognition with two nominations in the highly competitive Cosmetics and Personal Care category at the Luxury Packaging Awards in London in September.

    The two shortlisted packs, one for Elemis, the other for Josh Wood, illustrated perfectly Spectra's creative credentials, showing how far the company had come in such a short amount of time, further establishing the firm as a leading supplier of luxury packaging.

    The Luxury Packaging Awards also coincided with a hugely successful appearance at Packaging Innovations London. This followed Spectra's 6th successive appearance at Packaging innovations Birmingham earlier in the year. It was at this event the company unveiled their latest innovation prototype designs to positive visitor feedback.

    In 2016 international uncertainty was witnessed with the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union, an event that's real impact remains to be seen. However, despite Brexit, Spectra continued to make superb inroads in Europe with impressive export growth figures in excess of 50%.

    The company forged excellent relationships with agents and partners across Europe, whilst bolstering their in-house export team, a move that Joe believes has helped Spectra grow its overseas presence further.

    He said, “We have made superb progress with repeat business for a number of UK customers and our established domestic reputation continues to filter through to a number of European territories which is immensely pleasing. The coming year looks to be an exciting one for Spectra overseas”.

    Spectra’s continuing growth within the European market will be reinforced with the company’s first exhibition in France at PCD (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics Design) Paris later this month.

    The coming year

    Spectra will be looking to build on last year's successes with some key developments, which look set to take the business to another level.

    One such activity is the company's expansion plans for their manufacturing plant, which will increase their size by another 50%. With building work planned in 2017, Spectra’s bespoke site will grow an extra 24,000 sq. ft. to 80,000 sq. ft. in total with completion planned for the end of this year. Additionally, provision has been made for 3 more units measuring 24,000 sq. ft. each to accommodate future growth.

    Joe sees this as a significant milestone in the company’s history.

    He added, “When one looks at our humble beginnings back in 2007 to where we are planning to be next year, our growth has been quite staggering. Commitment to continual investment has helped us consolidate year on year and our rapid rise within 10 years shows our intent. We are well placed to genuinely claim to be a real force within the packaging industry with the capacity to deliver”.

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  • Paris set to welcome Spectra for the first time

    Spectra are busy preparing for their debut show appearance in France later this month.

    Having successfully exhibited at other European shows, Spectra will be looking to strengthen their French presence with an appearance at PCD (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics Design) Paris on January 18th and 19th.

    Sales Director, Jonathan Powell, sees Spectra's showing as further evidence of the firm's continued overseas growth.

    He commented, “We have enjoyed genuine interest at previous European shows and the opportunity to premier our latest products and services in Paris is hugely exciting for the company. France has an extremely vibrant personal care market and is proving very important to us”.

    PCD Paris is a well established, prestigious packaging show, that brings together experts from leading international cosmetics brands and key packaging suppliers in the industry.

    With over 6.500 brand experts from around 70 countries, over 90 speakers and more than 420 exhibitors and leading international packaging suppliers, the event has become a key show within the cosmetics packaging industry.

    Located at a new venue this year, PCD will be welcoming nearly 100 new exhibitors as the event continues to grow, something Jonathan Powell sees as a key factor in Spectra's decision to exhibit.

    He added, “Spectra are looking to build on the great work our export team have achieved over the past twelve months. We have enjoyed attending this particular show in the past, however, exhibiting gives us a real chance to engage with visitors and show what Spectra is all about”.

    PCD (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics Design) Paris is staged at Porte de Versailles, Paris on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th January 2017. Spectra can be located on Stand No. A43.

    #plasticsbottles, #spectrapack, #packaging, #pcdparis, #exhibition, #paris, #rtradeshow,


  • Spectra continues to drive innovative pack decoration

    Spectra has recently enjoyed significant take up for a number of their innovative print techniques at their Suffolk manufacturing facility.

    The company constantly pioneers new ways to give customers leading edge packaging solutions and the addition of innovative print continues to help drive that desire.

    Spectra’s state-of-the-art in-house facilities mean it is well placed to provide beautiful, distinctive finishing to help customers achieve an attention grabbing shelf presence in extremely competitive markets.

    As a result, Jonathan Powell, Sales Director at Spectra see’s print as a hugely important part of the full packaging picture.

    He said, “Coming up with fantastic bottle designs is one thing, however, we have sadly seen countless examples where a great pack is let down by poor sub standard decoration’.

    Spectra work with an impressive list of leading high street brands and Jonathan understands that decorative excellence helps Spectra continue to grow their portfolio of well-known customers.

    He went on comment, “Many of our customers, particularly those working in premium personal care markets, demand the very best in finishing to compliment the high value of their products. It’s why we’ve never rested on our laurels when pushing printing technologies to their limits”.

    Indeed, Spectra have enjoyed success with a number of their revolutionary new print techniques of late.

    These include Touch a high build print, perfect for braille purposes and Illuminate, which is only visible under UV light, ideal for helping reduce product counterfeiting, a huge problem for many leading brands.

    Jonathan said, “It is important for us to spearhead new ideas for print. However, to pioneer techniques that help solve problems, such as counterfeiting or helping blind or partially sighted consumers, is also hugely satisfying, we see this as packaging with a purpose”.

    As well as pioneering other distinctive print techniques such as Seamless, a continuous circumference print and Chameleon, a finish that changes colour under differing light conditions, Spectra also continue to provide a number of other high-quality techniques as well. These include pin sharp 4-pass silk screen printing and luxurious hot foil stamping for that premium look.

    Jonathan added, “Because we handle everything in-house, customers can benefit from faster lead-times and reduced transport costs when they add our print services to the packs we provide for them. Furthermore, we are on hand to help, advise and prescribe print finishes to help their products stand out from the crowd”.

    #plasticsbottles, #spectrapack, #packaging, #silkscreenprinting, #hotfoilblocking, #printing, #rigidplastics,


  • Spectra give 72 Hair the complete packaging solution

    Spectra have recently completed stylish new hair care packs for 72 Hair.

    The five new packs utilise three designs from Spectra’s extensive range of standard HDPE Tubulars.

    72 Hair’s Nourishing Shampoo, Intense Moisture Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner take advantage of Spectra’s sleek 250ml Slim Tubular design (Ref: 6060).

    Additionally, the Blow Dry Cream uses Spectra’s popular 150ml Tubular (Ref: 6006) which includes a Non-Aerosol Overcap (Ref: 3000).

    The range was completed with Spectra’s stylish 75ml Tubular (Ref: 6038) with additional Non-Aerosol Overcap (Ref: 3009)

    For 72 Hair’s Repairing Oil, Spectra’s 75ml Tubular (Ref: 6038) with additional Non-Aerosol Overcap (Ref: 3009) was prescribed.

    For this product, Spectra recommended the use of polypropylene which benefits from excellent resistance to alkalis and acids, ideal for the products with oil based contents.

    As well as providing containers and overcaps, Spectra also colour matched and decorated the new containers, adding a soft touch to the outer of the packs for a stylish silky tactile feel.

    Alex Beveridge, Field Sales Representative at Spectra commented, “This particular project perfectly illustrates how Spectra can handle a complete packaging brief - from the supply of containers through to colouring finishing and decoration, all to great effect”.

    72 Hair is a family run business that boasts a growing product range, all made in the UK, including shampoos, conditioners, gels and creams. The company use premium ingredients, such as Avocado Oil, Collagen and Hydrolyzed Silk for beautiful salon results every time.

    Johnny Dionisi, Joint Owner at 72 Hair commented, “Spectra has given us packaging that enhances our products and brand. They were always quick to prescribe solutions, keen to assist at every stage with samples, suggestions and recommendations. We are thrilled with the end results”

    #72Hair, #plasticpackaging, #spectrapack, #spectrapackaging, #haircare


  • Spectra appoint new Marketing Coordinator

    Spectra Packaging has recently appointed Mark Kingston as their new Marketing Coordinator.

    Mark has been recruited to head up the company's marketing activities including designing and implementing a number of Spectra's other promotional objectives, including printed collateral, press releases, show events and on-line marketing.

    Before joining Spectra, Mark previously worked as a creative graphic designer with over 25 years experience working within a diverse range of market sectors, including extensive knowledge of the packaging industry. His skills include graphic design, brand development, product photography, copywriting and exhibition stand concepts.

    Spectra's Sales Director Jonathan Powell commented, "Having Mark in our team will help take the company's marketing to another level. His experience in the industry will be a huge bonus for Spectra, his design skills will ensure the firm continues to produce cohesive, creative and thought-provoking marketing messages in print, on-line and at exhibitions".

    Mark's previous experience in the design industry has included a number of positions, including roles as an Art Director for an advertising agency as well as the owner of a small design and marketing agency for over 15 years.

    Jonathan went on to add, "Although Spectra is still a relatively young company, established less than 10 years ago, we are blessed with a number of employees who have many years of experience and expertise. We are convinced Mark's marketing and design expertise will prove invaluable to Spectra's continued growth".


  • Spectra creates new packs for Forest of Lapland

    Spectra Packaging recently provided new containers for Forest of Lapland’s Davvi range of aftershave products.

    The new pack features Spectra’s stylish Eclipse design in PET, colour matched in a striking trans-green finish to accentuate their customers strong distinctive branding.

    The new container was also provided with a natural finish spigot plug and finished off with Spectra’s contemporary looking tall radiused cap, metallised in silver to offer a premium look.

    The new 100ml Aftershave Eau de Toilette product, which is formulated to calm the skin and prevent inflammation and redness, is available throughout Finland as well as Forest of Lapland’s on-line store. There are also plans to launch the product in Scandinavia, The Netherlands and Germany in the near future.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra commented, “The new Davvi pack showcases our Eclipse design perfectly. Available in a range of sizes, this particular range has become extremely popular with customers looking for a distinctive tactile oval container. Although the Davvi product utilizes our 100ml design, this versatile all rounder is also available in a number of capacity options - from 50ml, right up to 400ml sizes”.

    The Davvi range of natural products refine extracts from Lapland's trees, berries and plants and are used in a number of cosmetic products as well as pharmacology and nutritional supplement applications. The extraction process they use doesn’t require the use of any chemicals, with all active ingredients coming from Lapland and Finland, a world-known source for natural products where berries and plants are mostly collected in their natural state.

    Antti Kuivalainen from Forest of Lapland said, “Spectra’s desire for excellence and acute eye for detail has provided us with packaging that beautifully compliments our other popular product lines, we are delighted with the results”.


  • Childs Farm turn to Spectra for product packs

    Childs Farm has recently turned to Spectra Packaging for new bottles for their award winning hair and skincare range for babies and children.

    The new 150ml packs are the latest containers from Spectra and follow previous bottles from our extensive range of standard offerings.

    Moulded in PET, the new containers are designed to sit harmoniously alongside Childs Farm’s other products, which also include 50ml and 250ml HDPE Tubulars from Spectra Packaging.

    Childs Farm uses natural ‘free-from’ ingredients and essential oils to produce a range of mild, kind and delicious-smelling toiletries that care for the hair and skin of newborns, babies and children.

    Joanna Jensen, who founded Childs Farm commented, “We are one of very few baby and child ranges that undergo clinical and controlled user trials. These certify that our products are dermatologically tested and approved, and paediatrician approved, as suitable for newborns and children with sensitive and eczema-prone skin”.

    She went on to say, “The Childs Farm range smells so delicious and looks so fun in the bathroom that every child will want to use it. Its natural ingredients are gentle yet super-effective at doing their job of cleaning and moisturising. This means that families no longer have to buy different toiletries to care for the different skin needs of their children, and that little ones with sensitive or eczema-prone skin will never again be left out of bath time fun with their siblings and friends”.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra, said, “We have worked closely with Childs Farm over the past two years and we are delighted to have been asked to supply these latest bottles. We look forward to building a strong continuing relationship as their product range continues to flourish”.


  • Spectra give ESPA the complete packaging solution

    Spectra Packaging recently provided ESPA with elegant new packs for their Bath and Body Essentials range.

    We provided 250ml and 300ml PET packs from our extensive standard range of tubular containers.

    The distinctive new bottles, custom coloured by Spectra in a beautiful translucent purple, also feature a matt varnish wrap around graphic adding a subtle touch of elegance. The new packs also boast pin sharp silk-screen printing and foil blocking that reflect ESPA's characteristic branding.

    Although the finished packs look stunning, Spectra had to overcome a number of challenging technical issues to achieve the final result.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra explained, " We evaluated the requirements in detail with our print department and suggested ways to achieve the finished result as per the demanding design brief. Despite some of the complexities involved, we assured ESPA that we could achieve excellent results with 2-pass printing and foil blocking to produce a much more desirable outcome".

    Indeed, Spectra worked closely with ESPA, offering advice and testing, designing the artwork to achieve the best results for their customers exacting expectations.

    Our expert team cleverly worked out a way to make the foil blocking appear to overlap the silk-screen printing, traditionally a difficult process to achieve through conventional bottle decoration.

    Another factor Spectra had to overcome was the use of PET, a demanding material to work with when foil blocking is applied. Additionally, specific foils for the blocking process were sourced by Spectra to ensure ESPA had an exact colour match.

    Gary went on to explain, "ESPA have incredibly high standards which is why we were delighted to get our teeth into a project which fully illustrates our problem solving credentials. It's all about giving our customers what they want whilst exceeding expectations".

    Andrew Jones, NPD Manager at ESPA commented, “Spectra handled this particular project with professionalism and innovation. They overcame a number of challenging processes to provide us with packaging that looks stunning, reflecting our luxury products beautifully”.


  • New True Grace packs highlight Spectra's decoration skills

    Spectra Packaging has recently created beautifully decorated new packs for True Grace's range of True Being personal care products.

    The new containers, moulded in a tactile soft touch HDPE, feature 300ml and 50ml Tubular designs from Spectra's extensive standard product range.

    The new offerings also highlight a combination of Spectra's innovative decoration skills.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra said, "True Grace were seeking a stylish solution for their new packs and this project gave us the opportunity to show how a number of our decoration services, when combined, can produce stunning results".

    For example, True Grace took full advantage of our innovative 360 degree seamless print capability, printing a stylish repeat pattern that wraps around the circumference of the bottle. To ensure a beautiful contrast on the soft touch matt surface, the pattern was printed with a gloss finish.

    This was then cleverly finished with stylish gold foil blocking which appears to overlap the other printed elements on the bottle. In the past this has proved to be a technically challenging procedure that requires pin point registration accuracy, however, Spectra’s skilled decoration department have developed an innovative way in which this can be achieved.

    Gary went on to add, "True Grace were looking for a premium feel befitting of their products. By combining these different print technologies we have illustrated perfectly how you can achieve a luxurious looking outcome with decoration alone".

    The new products, which were recently launched in the UK, are True Grace's latest True Being range of washes, lotions, shampoos and conditioners.

    Roger Biles from True Grace remarked, "Spectra pulled out all the stops to ensure our latest product packs exuded a premium feel. Their dogged determination to overcome conventionally difficult procedures proves that they are a genuine innovative packaging supplier".


  • Spectra's new packs for label.m premiered during London Collections: Men

    Spectra Packaging was recently tasked with providing a new pack design for label.men – the new seven piece range of ‘modern classics’ from label.m Professional Haircare.

    Having been previewed for the first time during London Collections: Men shows AW’15, the new label.men Thickening Tonic, takes advantage of Spectra’s popular 150ml Short Square shape - one of the many designs from our extensive collection of ‘off-the-shelf’ standards.

    The new packs were custom colour-matched by Spectra, in a sophisticated dark blue and include an elegant matt varnish that adds contrast to the pack’s gloss surface. The packs were then completed with 3-pass screen-printing. However, this in itself threw up a challenge for Spectra's in-house decoration team, as Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra explained:-

    "The new label.m pack required a bright yellow design printed directly onto the bottle’s dark blue surface. This can sometimes be a difficult procedure, simply because of the translucent nature of the yellow ink. Printing light colours directly onto a dark surface can sometimes alter how the lighter colour appears and often this can only be rectified by using an extra under laying colour such as white. However, after in-house testing and adjustments, our skilled decoration team were able to maintain label.m's desired dense vibrancy without the need for an extra colour”.

    label.m is the Official Haircare Product of London Fashion Week and Spectra were able to deliver this pack in time for the launch of its new label.men range – targeting a more spirited, urban-oriented male client which officially went on sale this week 16th March 2015.


  • Spectra create beautiful new packaging for Joules

    British lifestyle brand Joules recently turned to Spectra Packaging for stylish new bottles for their latest range of hand lotions, body lotions, body washes and hand wash products.

    The new packaging make use of Spectra’s popular Flat Base Boston Round with 12 different designs produced. The stylish new bottles were also printed in four passes with the inks custom coloured to look like Joules’s existing range of home fragrance.

    However, this wasn’t as straightforward as one would think according to Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra.

    “Joules have very specific bespoke colour combinations which have to be strictly adhered to. Colour is extremely important to their brand, which is why replicating transfers on glass with 4 pass silk screen printing on flexible plastic is hugely challenging. That said, after much testing and fine tuning we were able to achieve the desired look whilst maintaining highly accurate degrees of registration which was another key consideration”.

    Another challenge for Spectra was to ensure print on the back of the bottles could be seen through the clear product contents on some of the packs, aligning with the print on the front to reveal the finished design.

    Joules are one of Britain’s best-loved family lifestyle brands with a well -established range of quality clothing, accessories and homeware. The company has developed a lasting relationship with Spectra who have also worked on a number of other projects, including their popular children’s gift ranges.

    Andrea Yorston, Home, Outdoor and Lifestyle Senior Buyer at Joules remarked, “Spectra’s professional desire to overcome technically difficult projects is testament to their innovative thinking. Joules has extremely exacting standards and Spectra have overcome a challenging project to produce an outcome that reflects our quality products perfectly”.


  • Spectra creates new packs for Tesco

    Spectra Packaging have created new packs for Tesco's popular own brand personal care products.

    We have recently produced new flip top oval containers for Tesco's own brand products. These include 9 haircare and 6 bodycare packs for the leading supermarket's everyday personal care ranges.

    The new containers, moulded in HDPE, feature Spectra's stylish Broadway Oval designs, an ideal easy grip shape for shower and bathroom applications. The bottles were also custom colour matched, utilising Spectra's polymer colouring expertise.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra commented, "Tesco's own brand products offer an excellent alternative to known brand items for customers seeking value with quality. Our aim was to provide packs that complimented these ranges by adding a stylish shape that would help entice Tesco customers. We feel our Broadway range fits the bill perfectly".

    Spectra's extensive collection of Broadway Ovals is available in a number of capacities in both HDPE and PET materials. The distinctive oval packs, which have a standard snap neck, also feature the Small Joy closure system from Aptar.

    The popular Broadway range has recently expanded with the addition of three stylish new PET Tottle versions in 200ml, 250ml and 300ml capacities, all available with Aptar snap-on closures.

    Gary went on to add, "Over the years, Spectra have proudly developed an extensive portfolio of standards, specifically aimed at providing customers such as Tesco, with cohesive ranges in differing capacity options. We've found that customers enjoy the flexibility our "off the shelf" ranges of containers can offer. By continually growing our standard collections, we can accommodate customers who produce product ranges in various sizes".


  • Spectra create new packs for Duchy Originals range

    Spectra Packaging has recently created new packs for Duchy as part of their exclusive range of products sold through Waitrose.

    The new range, which was launched to coincide with the birth of Prince George, features Spectra's popular Flat Based Boston Round design.

    The new packs have been created for Duchy Originals baby wash and baby lotions and have been moulded in PET. Spectra also used their unique frosted etched effect finish to add a premium look and feel for the new bottles.

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra remarked, "We're delighted to have produced packs for this exclusive range of products. Our team were keen to add something extra to the finished pack and our clever etched frosting techniques certainly give products that "icing on the cake" finish".

    Traditionally, etched frosting is achieved using a pearling process, however this doesn't actually affect the feel of the surface and can often produce a milky appearance. However, Spectra have developed a unique way of creating the effect during the moulding process, which actually disrupts the surface of the bottle resulting in a genuine glass-like frosted etched feel. This effective finish can be replicated on all of our standard PET containers.

    Duchy Originals, whose products are exclusively sold by Waitrose, was originally set up by HRH The Prince of Wales and named after the Duchy of Cornwall estates. The brand also donates sizeable royalties to the Prince's Charities Foundation.

    Tom Allsworth MD at Medichem, the exclusive manufacturers of Duchy Originals personal care range, commented, "Spectra's innovative enthusiasm has resulted in a premium outcome for our range of products. They have produced quality packaging for us in the past and have done it again on this occasion - we're extremely pleased with the results".


  • Spectra launch biopolymer packaging

    Spectra Packaging, have recently introduced environmentally friendly biopolymer packaging to our growing range of product offerings.

    We can now offer customer’s plastic packaging made from renewable sources. The new biopolymer plastics are produced from the ethanol from sugarcane as opposed to conventional polyethylene, which traditionally contains fossil based raw materials such as oil or natural gas.

    The renewable sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, this biopolymer is also recyclable, which means landfill dumping is also greatly reduced, offering a genuine sustainable packaging solution for customers.

    The new biopolymer plastic maintains the same chemical properties as conventional petrochemical high-density polyethylene, which means there is no difference in performance or appearance to the end result.

    Spectra's Commercial Director, Gavin Chenery comments, "We're extremely excited about our new bio-based packaging capabilities. With a continually volatile oil market, the opportunity to produce packaging using a sustainable source such as sugarcane presents massive possibilities for the future. Using materials that help reduce global warming offer unquestionable benefits for the environment".

    Recent reports suggest that there are a growing number of leading brands adopting the use of materials made from sugarcane in their product lines. To help consumers identify products that use bio plastics, brands can now display the "I'm green" trade-mark seal on their packaging to let consumers make informed decisions when buying specific products.

    Gavin went on to say, "Spectra continue to forge ahead with a number of environmentally responsible alternatives which are designed to help customers make a genuine green difference. We believe the addition of fossil-free bio packaging to our existing Post Consumer Packaging (PCR) will provide our customers with a range of environmentally responsible ways to package their products".


  • Spectra offer a creative solution for DGJ's hair and bodywash products

    Innovative rigid plastics firm Spectra Packaging recently helped Medichem achieve a twin-pack solution for their DGJ Organics Kids Top to Toe 3 in 1 conditioner, shampoo and body wash.

    The Suffolk based packaging company was tasked with tooling and manufacturing 250ml twin pack containers that could snap together offering a novel bath time experience for younger customers.

    Spectra developed a clever ring sleeve mechanism that enabled both containers to snap lock into one another offering a dual pack solution that could be shown either way up. The two component bottles can also be separated by simply pulling the two packs apart, offering a mix and match opportunity as well as two distinctive stand alone items.

    Additionally, Spectra also ensured that the snap ring allowed the two components to rotate independently enabling the labels to align when displayed

    Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra commented, "This particular project perfectly illustrates Spectra's problem solving prowess. Our customer had a very clear vision of what they wanted and it was our job to overcome any technical issues and simply make it happen. It's the kind of project our creative team really love to get involved in".

    Clive Morris, Production Director at Medichem remarked, "Spectra's innovative approach throughout this project shouldn't be underestimated. Although we knew exactly what we wanted, the technicalities of execution developed by their team meant our vision became a reality - we are delighted with the outcome".