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London, United Kingdom
13 - 14/09/2017

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Procos GmbH

Procos GmbH


81245 Munich


Procos GmbH is one of Europe's leading suppliers of luxury packaging solutions, including premium paper shopping bags, gift boxes, point of sale collateral and also beautiful woven bags, dust covers, pouches and garment bags. In addition to the company headquarters in Munich and Hong Kong, Procos has additional sales offices in Paris, London and San Diego. Since 1998, Procos has grown a reputation for producing best in class quality, while maintaining a competitive pricing structure and exceptional customer service. Our mission is to promote your brand. We provide everything you need at the point of sale to delight customers – and make them feel great about their purchase all the way home.


You can rest assured that the highly experienced and passionate workforce at Procos GmbH will handle product development, project management, production and quality control. Furthermore, we can also take full responsibility for the logistics of your packaging materials, including worldwide shipping and warehousing in Europe and China. Clients also have access to an online portal for on-demand orders to meet their specific needs. Relax and let Procos do all the work, regardless of whether it's a one-time order of 200 gift boxes for your boutique in Paris, or a standing order of 2 million carrier bags a year to be distributed around the world.


Procos GmbH believes in taking responsibility for sustainable action. We continuously optimize our products and processes to make them more environmentally compatible and research new solutions in collaboration with our suppliers and partners. Thanks to this approach, we already offer products made of recycled materials, FSC© certified raw materials and mineral oil-free printing. Procos offers production in manufacturing facilities that have been certified according to SA 8000 (social standards), ISO 9001 (quality management), and ISO 14001 (environmental management).


Product news

  • Customizable packaging: The »Convertible Bag«

    Procos, the high-end packaging manufacturer for the luxury market, is always striving to propose new innovative solutions to its client. It is with this spirit and conviction that Procos presents the « convertible » shopping bag.

    Seasonable articles are not an exception anymore. Undeniably limited editions push sales, especially of luxury articles. It urges customers to be among the few selected people to own this special product. Suitable packaging solutions can underline the exclusivity, appeal the customer or make the limited collection stand out.

    Due to these positive effects, higher costs are considered and authorized. But how does it add it up in the end? In many cases, not all generated costs are taken into account. Effort for designers, marketing and sales departments remain similar, regardless of the quantity produced. However, smaller quantities of limited packaging solutions lead to higher production costs compared to projects for mass production. Shorter timings, pushing towards a faster production and express freight charges can add to the costs.


    The << convertible bag >> combines cost effectiveness of mass production while still being flexible enough to personalize the paper bag. The general basis of the bag, including the handles, can be produced on a large scale. The patented construction makes it possible to exchange the outside cover of the bag. It is easily replaceable and can be used for special editions, product launches, seasonal greetings or even a 100% personalization for loyal customers as “thank you for your purchase Mr. Smith”.

    At the same time, the convertible bag is an environmental friendly alternative. Once the limited edition is over, merely the cover is disposed. The basic construct of the bag remains to be used. This also reduces the amount of bags to be thrown away if they are out of season.

    This bag which came to life after the meeting between the Italian Designer Giorgio Fabbi and Leander Kritikos, CEO of Procos.


  • Winner of the Luxury Packaging Award 2016 within the »Luxury Shopping Bag« category

    At the third annual luxury packaging awards in London on Sept 14th 2016, Procos has won the award in luxury shopping bag category. The nominated contestants are judged by an exclusive judging panel including packaging developers and specifiers from well known organizations.

  • Emergence of new regulations on packaging


    In some aspects of modern life, we read that paper is a thing of the past, but in the packaging world the importance of paper is growing significantly. The increased use of paper is partly down to its potential for luxury presentation, but also by necessity, as society takes more responsibility for protecting our environment. There is already a global awareness of the issues associated with plastic waste and now local authorities and governments are taking legislative action to reduce the use of plastic in certain applications and in some cases ban it completely.

    This has led to many new regulations that favour eco-friendly paper solutions; for example, the Hong Kong government introduced a ruling that obligates every retailer to charge their customers HKG 5 for each bag that is considered to be a plastic bag – and every bag that contains some element of plastic is considered a plastic bag. In some areas of the USA, retailers have been prohibited from supplying plastic bags altogether. Laws are now in place that even requires paper with a minimum of 40 % recycled content to be used in packaging items. In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and several other Europe governments, are campaigning to reduce the use of plastic bags significantly. This has resulted in an increased demand for paper bags.
    To the same extent, there are regulations in place to ensure that alternative materials like paper are obtained and used in a sustainable way, such as those laid out by FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) or the EUTR (European Timber Regulation).


    From our side, we very much welcome these developments towards more sustainable packaging as it is fully aligned with our beliefs. We have been well-prepared over the last few years having already produced several versions of very eco-friendly luxury bags, some using only one material (paper), others with soy based inks, cellulose based laminations etc. All of these solutions reach the highest ecological standards, but at the same time fulfil the quality expected of luxury materials. In addition to this on-going research and development work, we keep paper with up to 100% PCW (post consumer waste) content permanently on stock and we can offer coatings that go a long way towards replacing plastic materials.

    To further underline our commitment, Procos GmbH became a full member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)®. As a non-profit organisation, the FSC® “shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests” (Our Mission, https://ic.fsc.org/en/about-fsc/vision-mission).


  • Procos GmbH unveils new 100% recycled bag

    Procos GmbH has produced a 100 % recycled bag, which was unveiled at the recent Pack & Gift show in Paris and will be showcased at the upcoming Packaging Innovations London and Luxepack Monaco exhibitions. With this latest innovation, Procos demonstrates once again that going totally green does not have to result in a sacrifice of luxury and prestige in packaging.

    The paper stock used to make the bag contains up to 100 % post consumer waste, but is also of exceptional quality and durability. The handles of the bag also boast top sustainable credentials as they too are made from 100 % recycled materials. The bag generated a lot of interest in Paris as brand managers and designers continue to seek out packaging that has been produced with a lower environmental impact.

    The 100 % recycled bag would obviously provide a long-term solution for companies operating in regions where the use of recycled material is being enforced in carrier bag production under new regulations. However, it is also sure to gain wider acclaim in its own right for its merits as a premium shopping bag. The paper and production quality are top class and any luxury brand that values environmental responsibility would be proud to put their name to it.


  • The Basket Bag from Procos - A break from the norm

    Nowadays, product packaging seems to be in a constant stage of development, as manufacturers continue to introduce new innovations in body shape, decoration, dispensing, security and more. However, one very important packaging item that doesn´t seem to have experienced any significant change is the shopping bag. Of course, they offer prime high street advertising space and brand circulation, so we see a lot of individuality in their artwork, but there is almost no variation in their rectangular physical form…

    Of the millions of branded shopping bags on display around the world, the absolute majority feature the classic rectangular, side-folding base construction. Although this does allow them to be flat packed and protected from deformation in transit, there is a distinct lack of variety. Furthermore, a lot of companies dislike the fold created across one face of the bag, or the need for glue to seal the bag completely during an additional, manual production phase.

    In a bid to provide a genuinely attractive and practical alternative, luxury packaging manufacturer Procos GmbH is excited to unveil the new “Basket Bag”. The concept is in fact very simple, once produced the bag is cut-out straight along the roll from turntop to turntop with reinforcement side flaps at the base. Then, a set of 3 snap buttons are applied to both sides, so the bag can be assembled by pushing them together. There is no restriction on the decoration techniques available and any kind of handle can be attached as well.

    The end result is a bag that stands out from the crowd, with beautiful rounded sides and a sophisticated, uniform-like appearance of the buttons running from top to toe. The Procos technical team is also looking at other cool alternatives, so look out for those coming soon!


  • Procos presents YOURBRAND - Two complete ranges of packaging inspiration

    Many brands that sell their products via retail channels are showing a desire to develop a full line of branded packaging to present their goods. Using a combination of pouches, boxes and ribbon (for example) adds a lot of value at the point of sale and helps create the ultimate customer experience. However, sourcing multiple suppliers and bringing all the elements together is challenging enough, before even considering the consistency of finishes and logistical arrangements!

    But now...

    After many years providing expertise in premium bags, boxes, ribbon and tissue paper, luxury packaging manufacturer Procos GmbH has now extended its range to woven products such as pouches, cases, garment covers and more. In order to demonstrate the potential of utilizing its one-stop-shop offering, Procos has created “YOURBRAND” - A fictitious brand with two comprehensive lines of packaging, one produced with cosmetics in mind and the other directed towards fashion.

    Under the spotlight

    • Cosmetics - With a white design that features sparkling wavy colors. The paper used for the bags and boxes is bright extra white paper that uses 100% post consumer waste in production and the woven pouch is pure siliconised cotton
    • Fashion - A design that flirts with matching tones, using black and brown colours. The paper used is 30% post consumer waste, the flap pouch is pure cotton canvas on the outside and inside an ultra-soft microfiber material, the garment cover is peached cotton fabric and the duffel bag is pure cotton canvas with a waxed cotton drawstring.

    "YOURBRAND" showcases the power of consistent design across a wide variety of packaging solutions. The fashion line in particular highlights the beautiful materials and weaves available in the new range of woven products. The ultimate objective is of course, to provide inspiration to designers, brands and retailers and offer an open invitation to collaborate on personalised ranges.


  • The offical bag of Packaging Innovations 2014 - A model of sustainable luxury

    On September 30th the gates will open to the annual Packaging Innovations show in London's business design centre. Thousands of visitors will arrive at the venue in search of inspiration, new suppliers and the latest industry trends. With so much to take in and so much valuable material to take away, it could well be that provision of a suitably luxurious and reliable carrier bag will be the order of the day! Luxury packaging manufacturer Procos has teamed up with Arjowiggins Creative Papers to produce a bag that truly represents the values of the show.

    The used for the project is manufactured by Arjowiggins Creative Papers and the particular brand is called "Keaykolour". The Keaykolour range is available internationally and offers a kaleidoscope of vibrant and intense colours, diverse weights and unique embossed textures. Furthermore, up to 100% of post-consumer recycled pulp is used in its production, making it the perfect choice for both exceptional quality and sustainability. Anyone visiting Packaging Innovations can discover a wide variety of Arjowiggins papers on stand E59 (Antalis Ltd).

    The design team at Procos conceived a number of potential concepts for the carrier and produced a series of 3D prototypes to help the selection team make their final decision.

    The rich black and white contrast of the chosen design beautifully captures the very stylish, yet subtle blind dome embossing of the London backdrop. In addition, the handles are made of luxurious waxed cotton, giving the impression of leather, which further contributes to the impressive look and finish of the bag. Procos can be found at stand GB47, where they will also be showcasing an exciting new packaging Innovation, the luxury carrier box - An environmentally friendly and cost effective bag/box combination pack!

    The pillars of the Packaging Innovations show are sustainability, luxury materials, design and print, and the official show bag clearly proves that all 4 elements can be combined! A stylish design and modern finish on a luxury bag that’s been beautifully crafted using recycled paper. This year’s official show bag is not only a necessity for safeguarding information, samples, notes and belongings, but a perfect souvenir as well - Enjoy the show!


  • The Luxury Carrier Box - Convenient Packaging, Less waste!

    Why pack products first and then use an additional carrier bag as well?

    The importance of packaging to brands and retailers is undeniable, but the necessity for it does present many problems and not just by way of financial burden. When you’re managing stock levels of products across multiple stores it’s easy to forget that rigid packaging is not only awkward to pack and ship, but it needs to be stored somewhere too! Product packaging is also a regular issue when discussing the topic of waste reduction, so retailers, designers and manufacturers must explore new ways of reducing the effect it has on the environment we live in.

    German based luxury packaging manufacturer Procos GmbH is in constant dialogue with clients throughout the EU on these issues. A common concern is the traditional packing of products in a box first, only to use an additional carrier bag as well. Furthermore, most companies would like to increase the life expectancy of their packaging and create something that offers a practical benefit to the consumer. In response, the development team at Procos has come up with a clever and exciting new packaging innovation - The Luxury Carrier Box…

    The new (patent pending) Luxury Carrier Box combines the sturdy, protective qualities of a box and the practicality and fashion statement provided by a branded shopping bag. The entire structure is collapsible, which allows for easier shipping and requires far less storage space than regular boxes. The luxury carrier box significantly reduces material consumption and wastage, making it an environmentally friendly packaging solution, as well as reducing cost!

    More benefits of the Luxury Carrier Box;

    - Space-saving storage and shipping, thanks to the intelligent folding system
    - Cost reduction by significantly lower material requirements
    - Cleaner production by immense waste reduction
    - Simple and easy handling with practical magnetic adhesion and quality lock drawstrings
    - Potential domestic storage unit for the consumer!

    For more information, or to discuss any requirements you have for bags, boxes, tissue paper, garment covers and more, contact Procos...

    Procos GmbH (Headquarters)
    Gottfried-Keller-Str. 37
    81245 Munich
    Phone +49 (0)89 72 01 88-0
    Fax +49 (0)89 720188-11

    Procos SARL France
    12. Rue Boissy d’Anglas
    75008 Paris
    Phone +33 (0)1 42 65 24 72
    Fax +33 (0)1 42 65 12 29

    Procos UK
    81 Oxford Street
    London W1D 2EU
    Phone +44 (0)20 7903 5376
    Fax +44 (0)20 7903 5333


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Job ads

  • Projektassistenz (m/w) in Vollzeit / 2017

    Anstellungsart: Festanstellung, Vollzeit
    Ort: München

    Wir sind ein Hersteller von exklusiven Tragetaschen, Geschenkkartons und Seidenpapier der seine Kunden von der Entwicklung bis zur Logistik berät. Mit einem umfassenden Konzept von luxuriösen Artikeln und high-end Dienstleistung versuchen wir, nicht nur auf den ersten Blick unschlagbar zu sein. Zur Unterstützung unseres erfolgreichen und kreativen Teams suchen wir für Vertriebstätigkeiten im Münchner Büro eine motivierte Verstärkung (m/w) in Festanstellung, Vollzeit.

    • Kaufmännische Kundenberatung und -betreuung
    • Angebotsbearbeitung und teilweise Projektierung in Zusammenarbeit mit den Account Managern
    • Terminklärung und -verfolgung wichtiger Aufträge und Projekte
    • Mitwirkung bei der Reklamationsbearbeitung sowie Kundenbetreuung
    • aktive Betreuung/ Unterstützung des Vertriebs / der Account Manager
    • Unterstützung bei der Erarbeitung von Präsentationen und Angeboten sowie telefonische Geschäftskunden-Betreuung und Beratung
    • aktive Unterstützung der Pre-/ After-Sales Aktivitäten und bei Messen oder Kundenveranstaltungen
    • Bearbeitung eingehender Aufträge und Kredit-Auskünfte
    • Datenpflege in CRM- bzw. Vertriebs-Systemen
    • regelmäßige Kommunikation mit verschiedenen Fachbereichen

    • Abgeschlossene Ausbildung oder abgeschlossenes Studium bevorzugt mit kaufmännischer Ausrichtung
    • Erfahrungen im Innendienst – idealerweise im Vertrieb von Luxus Artikeln
    • Fließende Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift sind zwingend erforderlich
    • Logische Denkweise und schnelle Auffassungsgabe
    • Gutes Organisationsvermögen, Fähigkeit zur Priorisierung und hohe Zuverlässigkeit
    • Kommunikationsstärke und Dienstleistungsorientierung
    • Sicherer und geübter Umgang mit Office Anwendungen

    Sie haben Interesse an einer verantwortungsvollen Tätigkeit mit einem hohen Maß an Entscheidungsfreiheit? Sie identifizieren sich mit luxuriösen Produkten und legen Wert auf eine qualitativ hochwertige Betreuung unserer Kunden? Dann sind Sie der ideale Kandidat für die Übernahme dieser anspruchsvollen Position. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre vollständige Bewerbung (inkl. Anschreiben, Lebenslauf, Zeugnissen sowie Einstiegstermin und Gehaltsvorstellung) vorzugsweise per E-Mail.

    Diese Ausschreibung richtet sich an alle geeigneten Bewerber/innen unabhängig von Alter, Geschlecht, Behinderung, Religion, Weltanschauung, ethnischer Herkunft oder sexueller Identität.