ThePackHub Trends Report February

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
27 - 28/02/2019

The Packaging Innovations Trends summary

February 2019


Welcome to the latest Packaging Innovation Trends summary compiled by leading UK packaging consultancy ThePackHub. Reusable and refillable packaging has been the stand out sustainable packaging innovation at the moment with many more initiatives coming to our attention recently. We have selected five here that we hope you will find of interest. Contact ThePackHub for more information about our Innovation Zone database or how we could help you with your next packaging project. ThePackHub will be exhibiting at Packaging Innovations at NEC on 27th & 28th February. See you at stand J31. If you’d like more packaging news like this, you can subscribe to our newsletters here or follow our LinkedIn company page.




Loop is a collaboration that sees some of the largest consumer brands work with international recycling experts TerraCycle on an ambitious reuse model to reduce packaging’s environmental impact.  There are several iterations of the scheme already detailed in the Innovation Zone. This time we see PepsiCo join the party with the introduction of its iconic Quaker brand and their Cruesli Chocolat cereal variant in a sleek stainless-steel reusable container. The Loop scheme is an opportunity for Pepsico to develop and trial a solution that could help transform how consumers shop in the future as well as improve sustainability. The container was created by the Pepsico’s in-house design studio and has a brushed effect finish with a push-on resealable closure to help maintain product freshness. Consumers can have Quaker delivered. The packaging will then be collected and cleaned after each use.  The environmental benefits of Loop compared to single use packaging have been verified in Life Cycle Assessments under assumed usage patterns that will be validated during the pilot process.  France is first to launch with additional markets expected to launch throughout 2019 and 2020. Pepsico’s Tropicana Orange Juice will also be introduced in a reusable glass bottle as part of the pilot.





Montreal-based The Unscented Company is an eco-focused brand keen on making ‘soap cleaner’ in all aspects.  The firm sells environmentally friendly cleaning products and attempts to reduce the amount of plastic it uses by encouraging customers to refill their liquid soap bottles. The Unscented Company products are carried in a number of retail stores across Canada as well as in stores in United States and Hong Kong. Many of the retailers that sell the products have refill stations where customers can refill their soap bottles without having to buy a new bottle. It is reported that the bottle can be reused around 1,000 times, perhaps long enough for a lifetime’s use. The labels are made of vinyl, so stay in shape when washed.






Founded in 2001, Chop’d is a UK salad bar chain serving over 20,000 freshly made salads every week. The business has launched a reusable ‘Keepie Bowl’ to encourage the reduction of single use plastic. It is believed Chop’d are the first retail food chain to offer such a service. The bowl is sold for £5.00, a not insignificant investment for consumers. The customer receives a loyalty card so they can get every tenth salad free when they use the Keepie Bowl. The initiative has reportedly had an excellent take up. Chop’d has been dedicated to environmental responsibility since it was launched. It also offers free extra salad ingredients in return for shoppers not taking a bag. Over the last 12 months, this initiative has saved over 250,000 bags being used.





PathWater is a reusable bottled water brand created to help reduce single-use plastic use. The bottled water brand is claimed to be a market first and presented in a BPA-free reusable and recyclable aluminium bottle.  PathWater was created to provide options for consumers to have an alternative to single-use PET bottles for on the go consumption.  PathWater is a sturdy reusable bottle that comes with water on first purchase and can then be refilled time after time. PathWater are quoted as believing that this model is the future for bottled water. The drinking experience is seen as enhanced in the aluminium bottle when refrigerated compared to PET water bottles. PathWater contributes a portion of their profits toward beach cleanups and is now available at several US convenience chains as well as online at Amazon and at the PathWater store.


OZZI is a North Kingstown, Richmond US based sustainable packaging system designed primarily for US college and university campus dining centres. The approach eliminates the requirement for disposable take-out paper, plastic and/or foam containers for food service products.  The OZZI system eliminates disposable products by replacing them with 100% reusable ones. Minimal staff monitoring and employee interaction is required. The O2GO reusable containers eliminate the cost and volume of paper and foam products and is the only patented process to collect and redeem reusable products. The new system allows students to utilise reusable plastic food containers and is being piloted at Indiana-based University of Notre Dame. The kiosk dispenses reusable to-go containers. No cleaning is necessary, students just return it back to the vending machine to be fully sanitized.  It is claimed that the OZZI system pays for itself through a reduction in operations cost.

These innovations are a selection of 3,000 initiatives uploaded to ThePackHub’s Innovation Zone database. If you like to know more about the Innovation Zone, our monthly packaging reports or how ThePackHub can help with your next packaging project please let us know. You can subscribe to ThePackHub’s innovation newsletters here. See you at Packaging Innovations, NEC!