The Innovation Zone

National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
Birmingham, United Kingdom
27 - 28/02/2019

At the heart of innovation

We are passionate about innovation!

The UK packaging industry has a reputation for producing the very best in cutting edge and iconic packaging. We want to highlight and inspire the innovators of the industry by showcasing some of the fantastic solutions the industry has produced in the last year, and inspire our visitors to strive for innovation themselves with a series of talks and features that look ahead to the packaging of tomorrow. 

Innovation Stage

The Innovation Stage

The Innovation Stage hosts a range of brands and speakers as they deliver insight and case studies and innovations in industries other than packaging. This Stage offers a great opportunity for visitors to gain cross-industry inspiration that they can apply to their own packaging.

Watch this space for the programme announcement...

The start up area

We are proud to bring you the packaging industry of the future in our exclusive start up area. This is your chance to view a selection of cutting-edge new technologies submitted by the future packaging superstars!

We're currently hand selecting our start up companies, annoucement coming soon.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Showcase

Innovation lies at the heart of our show and so this popular feature is returning to shine a light on the fantastic work our suppliers have done over the last year. The Innovation Showcase will see 10 finalists and their ground breaking solutions compete for the title of 'Most Innovative Pack'. Make sure you stop by to experience these products in person and vote for your favourite.


Check out last years finalists and watch this space for the 2019 shortlist...

GPI Intagraflex


From: Graphic Packaging International

IntegraflexTM incorporates the best features of a folding carton and flexible packaging for an effective on-the-go eating experience. The recyclable concept has the ability to stand on its own and with Microflex Q (a cooking solution material for browning and crisping food), Integraflex is a great option for packaging hot snacks.

Schur Flexibles - Super thin laminates

Super-thin laminates

From: Hunter Luxury Packaging

The extremely thin aluminium and film solutions in the SuperThin range lead to considerable savings in terms of material use and therefore increased sustainability: packaging one kilogramme of sweets in SuperThin uses up to 30% less packaging material. It is cost-efficient, reduces the carbon footprint and lowers potential packaging taxes.

Bags if ideas - Sirane Group

Bags of Ideas

From: Sirane Group

A STEAM-COOKING bag for oven or microwave with two or more compartments that can be filled and sealed independently is the newest addition to the Sirane product range. The compartments experience no cross-contamination, and don’t even need to be filled and sealed at the same time, or indeed in the same production facility.

TwinCap Pont Packaging


From: Pont Packaging

TWINCAP is the ultimate infusion system for the efficient mixing of liquids, granules or powders on the go. The unique 3 part system ensures easy filling, airtight protection from the environment and clean dispensing of the product. TWINCAP's double tamper band ensures proof of first opening and perfect product integrity and allows any colour to match your brand.



From: Firstan Limited

The M-lock provides a tamper evident mechanism without the need for further processing. This is a copy righted design which only Firstan produce also removes the need for labels. The design saves labour and cost of packing previous tamper evident solutions.

Floral Street


From: James Cropper 3D Products

COLOURFORM™ packaging is made from 100 per cent renewable natural wood fibres from well managed forests and high-quality content from James Cropper’s own world-class recycling plant. The beauty of COLOURFORM™ lies in its boundless creativity and absolute freedom when it comes to colour, shape, texture, finish and functionality.

Finlandia Hunter

Finlandia Sleeves

From: Hunter Luxury Packaging

The design team at Hunter worked to ensure the layout of the sleeve worked beautifully for the brand and allowed the bottle label to be visible. Using a material that would fit well and not tear under pressure was vital, the result was a resounding success - loved by consumers and praised by the client and critics alike.


Atmosphere (MA) RapTray

From: Rapid Action Packaging

The world’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray, the Modified Atmosphere (MA) RapTray extends shelf life and maintains product freshness thanks to a process that removes virtually all oxygen from inside the tray. The MA RapTray is constructed from lightweight board and laminate film, making it 20% lighter than standard equivalents.

Mondi BarrierPack

BarrierPack Recyclable

From: Mondi Consumer Goods

For this stand up pouch a very stiff PE/PE replaces the traditional PET/PE laminate, providing a material that is stiffer, stronger and lighter than a conventional laminate of the same thickness, while also providing a moisture barrier. The material is also much more suitable to recycling, with no cost to the versatility and convenience of the design.

Sugarcane - RPC

Sustainable Sugar Cane Tubes

From: RPC M&H Plastics

RPC M&H Plastics is pleased to offer ‘Green’ Plastic Flexible Sugar Cane tubes. When growing, the sugarcane is so efficient at capturing CO2 that with every kilogram of ‘Green’ Plastic produced, 3.09 kilograms of CO2 is removed from the air! It is also 100% recyclable, meaning recycled tubes can be mixed into Post Consumer Regrind, like any other polymer.