The Pentawards

Exclusive at Packaging Innovations: The Pentawards exhibit and the Pentawards conference

The exclusive partnership with the Pentawards, the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms, provide you with an exclusive look at the 2019 winners in the Pentawards Exhibit. Also you can visit the Pentawards Conference at Packaging Innovations. The Pentawards Conferences consists of a hand-picked selection of local and international design gurus and award winning rock stars of the packaging design industry. They will reveal the creative insight and design thinking that has formed the basis of their award-winning work. They will discuss the biggest challenges they had to overcome, each forming a topic / theme for the conference.

What differentiates the Pentawards from other prizes, what makes them so unique?

The Pentawards are recognised as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. They are open to all those who are associated with the creation or marketing of packaging from every country in the world. The primary mission is to increase the stature of packaging design and those who create it.

Each year, packaging from around the world is judged by an international jury of 12 highly respected designers and packaging design Directors from major companies. The jury selects the winners based on the creative quality and the marketing relevance of the works presented. 

Pentawards exhibit
Pentawards conference