Billie Croucher

Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
10 - 12/04/2018

Billie Croucher


Billie Croucher - Creative Strategist, Taxi Studio

The Normalisation of Premium - a look at the growing trend in premium design across categories

With a wealth of combined experience in the brand design industry, Brett & Billie  

have many assertions. One of those assertions is that premium (or more 

specifically premium design) is being normalised at an unprecedented rate. 

The problem with this is that what is premium one day is mainstream the next. The

brands that work so hard to differentiate and create value through a premium

positioning end up suffering, whilst copycat brands reap the rewards. 

Looking at brands across a range of categories, the 30 minute talk will delve into why

we think this is happening and what we think brands can do about it.

About Billie Croucher

After graduating from Oxford University with a First Class degree in
Anthropology Billie joined Taxi Studio as an intern, whose first job was to devise a 
world class piece of Intellectual Property on Normalisation. Two years down the line 
and Billie is now Taxi Studio’s resident expert on Normalisation and applies this 
knowledge whilst working on the strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands 
including: Nestlé, Adidas and Carlsberg.