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HLP Klearfold

HLP Klearfold


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HLP Klearfold produces transparent packaging from APET, RPET and PP. With almost 50 years of experience as the world's largest producer in this area, HLP Klearfold is able to solve all your packaging questions and provide you the right certified packaging to the needs of your products.


Product news

  • Klearfold Keeper Packaging for Enigma USB wins 2016 Silver DuPont Packaging Award for HLP Klearfold

    HLP Klearfold, the leading global supplier of visual packaging, earned a Silver Award in the 28th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for the Klearfold Keeper Package- Enigma USB Hardware Encryption & Decryption Device, which encrypts (and decrypts) files and folder on computers, external drives or in the cloud.
    The winners were announced on Monday, May 16. The DuPont Packaging Awards recognize innovations in the supply chain that truly excel in Technological Advancement, Responsible Packaging, and Enhanced User Experience. As mentioned on DuPont’s web site, Bill Cunningham, DuPont Packaging Awards program leader, said, “We honor packaging innovations that use science, inspiration, and creativity to shift the paradigms and change the way we live”
    The award honoured HLP Klearfold for Enhanced User Experience. “Our Klearfold Keeper helped our client BlackSquare Technologies to package the Enigma in such a way that it demonstrated the product’s overall ease of use, while also providing tamper evidence”
    The Klearfold Keeper is a unique visual packaging system that combines a printed plastic sleeve and a locking vacuum- formed tray that creates a secure and distinctive shelf presence. The package keeps the Enigma device secure yet allows consumers to remove it easily, without the need for scissors or other sharp implements. In-folded tabs on the sleeve engage a specially designed flange on the vac-form, lock the two components securely together, without the need for wafer seals, or the use of sonic, RF, or heat- sealing equipment. A thumb-notch perforation in a corner of the clear plastic sleeve provides a unique, easy- opening feature and provides tamper evidence.
    HLP Klearfold is the world’s largest and most accomplished producer of visual packaging, a manufacturing and printing specialty for almost 50 years. A member of the Hip Lik Group of Hong Kong, the company has a world class production facility in Shenzhen, China and continues to invest in the latest technologies, such as state of the art 13- color combination printing equipment and the proprietary Soft Crease (RF) scoring process.

  • Clearly Market- Smart Packaging

    Van der Hagen Enterprises, owned by Universal Beauty Products, Inc., Glendale Heights, IL, is a premier global manufacturer of men’s toiletries such as speciality soaps, safety razors, and razor blades. In 2015, when Universal Beauty Products acquired Van der Hagen, the company’s safety razors and blades were being packaged and marketed in opaque paperboard folding cartons. A potential- idea was born from UBP to package these products in a more shelf- impactful way.
    Transparent packaging was the key to making the top quality of the razor apparent to consumers. And was the decision made to convert from opaque paperboard folding cartons to clear plastic folding cartons from HLP Klearfold. The HLP Klearfold cartons are manufactured using APET (amorphous polyester) and are offset printed in a 4-color process.
    These cartons are scored using HLP Klearfold proprietary Soft Crease (RF) scoring technology to ensure uniform creases, clean lines, and top- notch appearance. The cartons set up easily with little folding resistance, setting them up and loading them manually for the time being. Currently, the Van der Hagen products are being marketed by many major retailers, including Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Rite, Aid, and Amazon.
    Korhan Beba, VP of Marketing for Universal Beauty Products, notes, “We’ve received positive feedback from our retailers regarding the new package design, and we believe customers will appreciate and be enticed by a sneak peek at the razor before purchasing.
    This new clear plastic cartons allow consumers a true view of what they are buying. The Brilliant Key to the success. Ensure your customer is happy with what they are about to get without need to open the package.

  • Design

    HLP Klearfold is happy to announce our designs service. We can help you through your own marketing, creating together with you the best package design that fits with your product. Leave your needs in our hands -tell us what you expect and we will do the rest.
    Packaging is the first thing that customer sees. Clear packaging is the way to the future.
    Get in touch. BK07!!!