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10 - 12/04/2018

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Seufert - Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH

Seufert - Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH


63110 Rodgau

Packed with inspiration

Seufert Transparente Verpackungen GmbH based near Frankfurt, Germany develops and produces innovative transparent folding boxes, transparent sleeves, lids, bases, cartons and thermoformed parts (PET, PP or PVC). True to the company slogan “Packed with inspiration” creative design and inventive ideas characterise the transparent packaging solutions from Seufert.

The complete production process including manufacture of the PET material, innovative design, screen and offset litho printing and subsequent processes are managed in house by Seufert, making sure that film scraps are returned into the PET production cycle.

Using low migration inks throughout production and working under BRC/IoP accredited conditions, the company supplies a large range of markets from cosmetics to the gift, food, drinks and confectionery industries.


Product news

  • Packaging manufacturer invests in the future to offer increased flexibility

    Rodgau, 19th January 2018: In the form of the largest investment in this young company’s history, Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH is entering a new technological age. The firm has acquired a flatbed die-cutting system at a cost of almost one million euros, enabling it to win customers over with yet more flexibility.

    Whether it’s confectionery, household goods, sports equipment or fine fragrances: packaging manufacturer Seufert has the perfect packaging solution for every product. Each packaging product is individually tailored to meet customer needs. The key: the transparent nature of the packaging places the product on offer firmly in the spotlight, while simultaneously providing superior protection.

    In order to offer customers greater flexibility, Seufert has expanded its machine pool to include a state-of-the-art, next-generation flatbed diecutter. The diecutter comes from market-leading Swiss manufacturers, and can rightfully be described as the jewel in the crown of stamping machines.

    Not only does the machine punch precise shapes tailored individually to customer requirements, it also automatically punches out holes and slots. In addition, the system is equipped with a top-quality blank cutting system which completely breaks down and counts these highly sensitive plastic products, automatically inserts intermediate layers, and then perfectly palletises each individual part. This means that the need for downstream manual operation is eliminated.

    “As a result we gain increased speed and greater flexibility in the production process, and are therefore able to meet ever-increasing customer requirements,” explain Operations Manager Heike Hellmann and Managing Directors Thiemo Burkardt and Thomas Pfaff with satisfaction. “We have also significantly improved quality and process reliability, because no manual intervention is necessary during the mechanical punching and blanking processes.”

    In order to ensure optimal implementation of the new technology, staff received timely and comprehensive training. Another challenge in the ongoing production process was creating the approx. 85m² of space required to install the new machine in the production hall. “We had to reassemble the other machines in the hall. It was a huge undertaking”, recalls Thiemo Burkardt. But now it's done, the system runs flawlessly.

    The Seufert company dates back to 1920. It originally entered the market as a manufacturer of fine and raw cardboard.

    The transparent box, which for many years has secured Seufert’s USP among packaging manufacturers, was added to the range in 1965. To this day, the company produces and develops innovative transparent packaging solutions. From producing PET films, through product development, to finishing (including screen and offset printing, punching and high-frequency punching, embossing and gluing), everything is completed in-house.

    The company serves a range of sectors, from the cosmetics and gift sectors to the food industry. It also produces sustainable packaging with a 30 percent plant content. 103 dedicated employees form the solid foundation upon which the entire enterprise is built.


  • Seufert celebrates its 20 years and appears in a new getup

    The plastics specialist from Rodgau celebrates its brief, successful history, while getting fit for the future.
    Rodgau, 13th September 2017: Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH, a company that counts amongst the European leaders when it comes to individual, exceptional and imaginative packaging solutions, celebrates its 20th company anniversary.
    With over 100 employees, Seufert covers the entire value chain, from pre-press stage and product development via screen- and offset printing to embossing, high frequency and gluing departments, everything at the Rodgau site. This is where new trends are set, and individual, transparent and sustainable solutions and concepts are realised at the highest quality, using the latest technology.
    The special history of the plastics industry began as early as the 60s for some Seufert employees. We started out in the packaging industry by making folded boxes desirable under the KLARFALTBOX name. We gained great recognition worldwide during the mid-70s with the development and patent registration of the soft bending edge, a high frequency technology that turned the assembly of a plastic folded box into child’s play and also made this transparent technology attractive for industrial filling. From then on, the Klarfaltbox became a valid, transparent alternative for all aspects of the folded box industry.
    In 1997, the company started out in its present shape through an asset deal by the employees. At that time, the company took on its present name. Since that time, profits are consistently invested in the latest technologies in all departments, and we continuously confront the changing requirements of the environment and market. “A lot has been achieved, and a lot has been realised over the last 20 years, which all of us in the company can take pride in!”, said Managing Director Thiemo Burkardt, head of Finance & Controlling. “We must continue to work on ourselves, and to keep fit for the future, because the challenges we face will not diminish!”, said the other Managing Director, Thomas Pfaff, head of Sales & Marketing.
    Seufert thus uses the opportunity of its 20th anniversary to present its new corporate design. This builds a bridge to the previous brand design and continues to count on the tried and tested colour red, reinterpreted. The emblem and figurehead of the company is also retained - albeit in updated form. The logo, and the stylised folded box remain central elements of the brand profile. The new font is distinctive and contemporary, while being equally timeless. The brand is prioritised through a new pictorial and formal language.
    The claim “inspiration beyond packaging“ takes up a proven concept from the past, yet emphasises that the updated strategy of the company includes “more than JUST packaging”. The increasingly international profile, as well as the variety of demanded and offered products are thus taken into account. Customers in search of creative ideas always find the right contact person and the right specialist at the Seufert company.
    The stationary already shines with new lustre, while we communicate through image brochure and samples folders in a timely manner. The new marketing campaign, www.seufert.com, is already online and communicates the central messages of the new strategy, as well as the modern zeitgeist, which the Seufert company takes particular pride in. “Our brand profile radiates modernity and self-confidence, and thus matches the self-conception of all employees perfectly. Now we can also show through our public appearance that we are different”, Thomas Pfaff proudly explains this step.
    The company looks back on 20 successful years; with the new corporate design, nothing stands in the way of further successful years.


  • Packaging manufacture with a sense of responsibility

    Inspiring costumers with BIO-PET packaging and sustainable policies

    Consumer awareness increases the importance of environmentally conscious products. This awareness has grown in recent years, however Seufert Transparente Verpackungen have been actively pursuing ways to improve the ecological balance within the company, and of course its products, for more than 20 years.

    Can you operate sustainably with plastic?
    Clear packaging manufacturer Seufert would answer YES! Since the middle of 2016 Seufert have offered the resource saving BIO-PET material, customer response has been consistently positive. Around 30% of this Bio-based PET is from vegetable origin, sugar cane to be precise. The material can be printed and converted in the same way as standard PET to provide folding cartons, sleeves etc. BIO-PET material is available at very nearly the same cost as standard PET. Responsible customers with an emphasis on sustainable resources have already discovered this material and placed orders.

    Alongside BIO-PET, since 2012 Seufert have offered climate neutral production alongside natureOffice. Climate neutrality means Co2 emissions associated with a process or product can be balanced with financial support for climate protection projects. This certification provides benefit to our customers, and also for our environment.

    A further opportunity to convince your customer of your environmental commitment can be achieved by using eco friendly Stone Film. This material contains rock powders which naturally occur through building industry waste and through quarrying. The material is writable, waterproof and tearproof with a soft velvet texture.

    Seufert takes responsibility – from the first step of packaging development.

    For many years the company puts a series of actions to improve eco-friendliness and sustainability into action:
    - Continuous optimization to reduce the use of valuable raw materials for packaging solutions.
    - Reduction of external energy consumption due to a company-owned photocoltaic system for the production building.
    - Exclusive use of solvent-free adhensive
    - Usage of environment-friendly, food-suitable LMQ-colours
    - Fed of production waste of PET material into the cycle of PET-production.

    Seufert seriously takes the responsibility as a packaging manufacturer to consistently improve the sustainability of their products.

  • Relief-Glamour-Effect for Clear Folding Boxes

    The German transparent packaging manufacturer Seufert offers a new decoration option for their packaging solutions. The relief-glamour-effect combines hot foil blocking with a raised varnish without the need of any embossing technique. In a first step varnish is applied onto the PET film through silk screen printing. Then the metallic foil is placed onto the printed varnish. The result is a very accurate positioning of the metallic foil as it only adheres to the slightly raised varnish. This means that instead of the traditional embossing plate re-usable silicon plates may be used. The relief-glamour-effect allows attractive decoration on a tactile and visual level, which guarantees an eye-catching promotional packaging.
    “Brand owners want to show their premium products in their best light at the point of sale”, says Managing Director Thomas Pfaff and adds, “most of the time packaging is not enough to stimulate the customer to look at a product or to examine or even buy it. At this point our transparent packaging with high quality decoration can make the difference.”
    Seufert will exhibit samples of their packaging with this new decoration effect at the Fachpack in Nuremberg, Germany, 27 – 29 September 2016, on stand 112, hall 5. Under the slogan “Design World”, the packaging specialist will exhibit the different decoration and design options on offer for their transparent packaging solutions. Samples with relief-glamour-effect, hot foil printing, embossing as well as textured, glossy and iriodin varnishes will be on display.

  • Transparent packaging made from Bio-PET

    The company Seufert Transparente Verpackungen can now offer a new material, Bio-PET, which allows producing resource-saving transparent packaging at nearly the same costs as traditional clear packaging. Bio-based PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is partly manufactured from renewable resources. Seufert is working with Bio-PET film, whose MEG (monoethylene glycol) content is produced from sugar cane. This means that 30% of the Bio-PET is from vegetable origin, thus conserving fossil resources. Bio-PET may be transformed into clear folding boxes, transparent sleeves and die cuts in the same way as standard PET.

    The benefits are clear. Thanks to using more renewable resources, less raw material derived from petroleum is needed. This is a subject consumers are attaching more and more importance to and which allows differentiation. Using Bio-PET, brand owners may emphasis their position and attract attention to their products. “Previous plant based materials, for example PLA (polylactic acid), had one big drawback - price, “ says managing director Thomas Pfaff and explains: “our packaging from Bio-PET is now available at nearly the same price as transparent packaging from traditional PET”. Until the end of the year, the German company has a special offer for those, who would like to try Bio-PET: CO2 emissions resulting from manufacturing of packaging from Bio-PET will be compensated through the carbon neutral scheme from natureOffice. For a couple of years, Seufert has been offering their customers carbon neutral printing in cooperation with natureOffice. This service will be free of charge for all users of Bio-PET until end of 2016.

    Bio-based PET is being transformed into transparent packaging solutions in the same way as the usual PET films: offset and screen printing, cutting, stamping and gluing are managed in house at Seufert’s. Another advantage – especially compared to other materials respecting the environment – is that Bio-PET can be recycled together with conventional PET.
    PET is manufactured from around 70% terephthalic acid (PTA) and from around 30% ethylene glycol (MEG). The MEG for Bio-PET is of vegetable origin. This is the current standard for Bio-PET, as it is also employed by consumer brands (for example for the PlantBottle™ from Coca-Cola). Worldwide research into finding a vegetable based alternative for the PTA content is still ongoing.


  • Folding boxes made from stone film

    Seufert Transarente Verpackungen (Seufert) is now also producing their folding boxes and other packaging solutions from eco-friendly stone film. This allows the German company to offer brands another opportunity to stand out and convince the end customer with environmental advantages. In addition stone film is tearproof, waterproof, writable and has a special soft velvet touch.

    Stone film is manufactured from 100 per cent waste and recycling material. It contains up to 60 – 80 % rock powder (calcium carbonate), which occurs as residual product in the building industry and in quarries. The remaining 20-40% are recycling polyethylene, which bonds the calcium carbonate. This means that stone film is mainly build up from a very common natural material. The production of stone film is ecologically sustainable as well. The manufacturing process does not require any water; CO2 emissions and energy consumption are low and nearly no waste occurs. Besides stone film may be recycled; it may be used to produce new stone film or other plastic products. Due to its environmentally friendly production and recycling possibility stone film has received the cradle-to-cradle certificate in silver.

    Having tested the material extensively, Seufert is convinced that stone film is ideally suited for making plastic folding boxes. The white material is as stable as the usual PET film and may be decorated with offset and silk screen printing. Stone film can be cut, glued and welded. Thus there is no further obstacle for eco-friendly plastic packaging in form of boxes, slipcases or covers. In order to provide this new ecological material to their customers, Seufert is cooperating with the German company aprintia GmbH.

    In short, stone film is offering a new sustainable alternative for white or fully printed plastic folding boxes. Furthermore, Seufert manufactures die cut parts made from stone film to be transformed into tags, add-ons, bags, posters or display solutions. The German company also produces packaging solutions from the bio-plastic PLA and R-PET with up to 80% recycled material.

  • Seufert Transparente Verpackungen develops PET promotional packaging with light effects

    By combining packaging made of a coloured, transparent PET film together with an LED module, Seufert has created a completely new type of presentation packaging for sparkling wine bottles. As soon as the promotional packaging is picked up and moved slightly, the approximately 80 light-points light up in a pre-set sequence of red, white and yellow. The print image on the packaging has been matched to the LEDs, thus lighting up the sparkling wine in the glass. But even the promotional packaging by itself is exceptional. It has the shape of a sparkling wine cooler enclosing the bottle of sparkling wine. The black coloured film is printed using offset and silkscreen techniques. Finishing varnishes are applied to create haptic effects.

    "The more a product or brand appeals to the customer's senses, the more efficiently he will remember it", explains Thomas Pfaff, Sales and Marketing Manager. "Thanks to the flashing LED lights, our 'sparkling wine cooler' stands out in a particularly visual way. The consumer holds the product in the hand; moves the packaging - which reacts by lighting up - and feels the haptic print effects", Pfaff explains. Thus, the packaging manufacturer provides its customers with a new tool that enables them to draw attention to their product and brand through the packaging.

    The integrated LED module, including the electronics and glass fibre optics, was developed in cooperation with the company ROX Asia Consultancy Ltd. The built-in vibration sensor triggers the customisable light programme which has been designed for a continuous operation of approximately 10 hours or around 500 activations. The LED module is then integrated into the PET packaging in such a way that the diodes shine through the transparent, coloured film.

    The "LED sparkling wine cooler" has been designed in Seufert's own in-house development department. The packaging manufacturer hopes that this will give prospective customers insight into the manifold possibilities of transparent packaging. Besides the famous Klarfaltbox, the film specialist also produces die cut parts, transparent sleeves, transparent lids and even extraordinary shapes. The packaging is always adapted to the individual product and if required, it can also be refined using offset or silkscreen printing techniques as well as top-foil or hot-foil stamping.

  • Innovative transparent packaging for bottles and flacons

    Global brands using bottles and flacons to present their products to consumers can differentiate their offering by using new, creatively designed and elegant packaging. This new transparent packaging from leading European packaging supplier Seufert Transparente Verpackungen GmbH (STV) can also incorporate low migration inks, carbon neutral printing and sustainable materials.

    The eye-catching design features three concave lenses on a triangular base around the bottle or flacon. This delivers the distinctive ‘ogive’ profile that can be transparent, opaque or coloured to best showcase the product to the customer. Die cut and easy to assemble without glue, due to an innovative tension-based closing, assembly is highly efficient. STV’s new bottle and flacon packaging can incorporate low migration inks and R-PET materials with up to 85% recycled material, delivering brand owners a genuinely sustainable and attractive packaging solution.

    According to STV Managing Director (Sales and Marketing) Thomas Pfaff, STV’s new packaging offers a combination of compelling benefits with a unique packaging solution: “Brand-owners face an ongoing challenge to differentiate their products on the perfume and cosmetics counter, or on the supermarket shelf. Our ‘ogive’ design is not only distinctive and elegant, but also highly flexible, enabling brands to display their products with full effect.” He highlights that the dynamic and long-form design is particularly effective at presenting the full length of each product, offering brands considerable competitive advantage. An advantage that enables them to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

    Protected by a European Union (EU) community design registration, the packaging can be produced to each brand owner’s individual specifications. Decoration options include leaving the packaging transparent or introducing opacity or colour, offset and screen printing, embossing and hot foil stamping. Brand owners can choose from a range of materials that include PET, PP, PLA and R-PET film. Carbon neutral printing is an option.

    Alongside the innovative tension-based side closing, the packaging features standard closures at the top and bottom, cutting any gluing from the process and making the product and packaging assembly process highly efficient. The bottle or flacon is secured by two PET film inserts at the top and bottom.
    Pfaff concludes: “Brand owners can truly display the best elements of bottle and flacon-based products using sustainable packaging tailored to their exact requirements, and which will complement their own unique brand identities.”

  • Carbon neutral printing of clear packaging

    Leading European packaging supplier Seufert Transparente Verpackungen GmbH (STV) has teamed up with sustainability consultants natureOffice to enable brands to expand and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

    Through third-party accredited natureOffice, Seufert calculates the CO2 emissions of every project – from production through to delivery – and offers clients the opportunity to offset these via a choice of high quality schemes. To demonstrate their environmental commitment, clients can then choose to print an ‘Our print is carbon neutral’ logo onto their transparent packaging, gifts and promotional items. This message is strengthened with a unique, project-specific tracking number.

    Demonstrating commitment to the environment

    STV Managing Director Thomas Pfaff explains that this new option has been provided in response to customer demand: “With companies putting themselves under greater pressure to meet tough environmental and sustainability targets – and consumers increasingly demanding that they do – brands must now not only have a commitment to carbon neutrality, but also demonstrate it.” He believes that carbon neutral printing offers brands considerable competitive advantage, by enabling them to attract new customers and retain existing ones. “It helps companies take responsibility, reduce greenhouse gases and show their customers and stakeholders a strong commitment to the environment,” he says.

    The carbon footprint of each project is calculated using an online platform from natureOffice, taking into account production of the plastic film, printing, processing and finishing, and even delivery. Then clients can choose how they wish to offset the CO2 produced via a selection of carbon offset projects and the purchase and binding suspension of approved certificates of climate protection. A unique reference number is created for each project, which can be printed onto the client’s products and tracked via natureOffice’s website.

    Sustainable R-PET was the first step

    STV’s products already have sound environmental credentials, as Quality Manager Andreas Klassert notes: “Seufert has for many years offered 85% recycled R-PET plastic. We work under BRC/IoP-accredited conditions, recycling PET film scraps so they are returned into the extruding process. So, for some time now we’ve combined the highest quality, high-speed printing with a reduced carbon footprint.” Klassert concludes: “Our new cooperation with natureOffice takes that to the next level.”

  • “Take Home Carton”

    This new packaging idea from Seufert Transparente Verpackungen GmbH is an elegant, handy transparent presentation and transportation solution which invites you to pick up and take home the two innovatively packed bottles immediately.

    Seufert have been developing and manufacturing customised clear Packaging for more than 30 years and surprises the industry time and time again with creative in house product developments. This time the intention was to develop a gift pack for the innovative drinks industry which would convince both aesthetically and functionally as well as on an economic and ecological level.

    Allowing clear visibility of the product, the transparent material makes immediate identification of the contents possible. This means the bottles are highlighted and supported by the design on the packaging following their form. The translucent packaging allows sufficient room for high quality decoration through printing, hot foil stamping or embossing.
    The assembly of the unglued construction could not be easier ensuring the pack proves simple and secure thanks to the stable handle and robust material.

    The pack is manufactured from sustainable PET-R with up to 80% reclaimed plastic foil from industrial and consumer waste. Additionally the attractive packaging is perfectly suitable for re-use by the customer.
    As there is no glue required when erecting the carton there is an ecological and economic advantage, as a complete production step is not required. Further time and cost saving are achieved thanks to the convenient assembly.

    Seufert Transparente Verpackungen GmbH based near Frankfurt, Germany, develops and produces innovative transparent folding boxes. The complete production process including manufacture of the PET material, innovative design, screen and offset Litho printing and subsequent processes are managed in house by Seufert. Regular launches of innovative packaging solutions ensure Seufert are market leaders within the Industry. Using low migration inks throughout production and working under BRC/IoP accredited conditions, the company supplies a large range of markets from cosmetics to the gift and food/confectionery industries.