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Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
10 - 12/04/2018

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This all-in-one packaging design software produces fast, accurate 3D digital prototypes and press-ready proofs in minutes. Whether for carton, glass, cans, flexibles or shrink-wraps, iC3D enables real-time visualization and validation throughout the design process from concept to production. No specialist programs, hardware, or outside assistance are required, just a single application using a simple Illustrator file or PDF for photorealistic results on-the-fly.

iC3D is represented in the Netherlands by its distributor SS&C.


Product news

  • Creative Edge Software shows exclusive packaging design capabilities at PCD Paris 2018

    iC3D v5.0 breaks new ground in shape modelling and realism (Stand K51)

    January 19, 2018 – Creative Edge Software, developer of the award-winning iC3D packaging design software, is demonstrating latest capabilities in cosmetics 3D shape modelling and photo realism at PCD (Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics and Design) at the Porte de Versailles, Paris (January 31 – February 01). On stand K51, demonstrations of iC3D will focus on new features enabling design and 3D visualization of cosmetics and perfume packaging of the highest level to completion using a single iC3D application and standard computer hardware.

    “The latest iC3D developments allow design professionals to achieve an unprecedented level of control over the shape and form of their packaging designs,” explains Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software. “As well as comprising a number of new, powerful automated processes, iC3D now allows creatives to interpret and manipulate their designs – to improve naturalism, for example, or to enhance a specific aspect of the piece.”

    The key features of the recent iC3D update for cosmetics and perfume packaging design include:
    • Point Editor – advanced shape editing tool providing enhanced photorealism through the ability to add curves, creases, crumples and dents to models selectively
    • UVW Editor – enables selective manipulation of artwork placed on 3D models to correct artwork distortion, improve naturalism and allow artistic interpretation
    • Physics Simulator – automatically calculates appropriate curves, creases and distortions to create photorealistic 3D flexible packages, such as bags and pouches, at a mouse-click
    • Advanced Shape Modeller – additional tools for the creation of highly complex 3D shapes and combinations of shapes used in perfume bottles and cosmetics decoration.

    Using features such as Point Editor and UVW Editor, iC3D now provides the ability to select points on a 3D model, edit shapes, distortions and surface effects, visually adjusting artwork to improve the real-life appearance of a package design. This could involve adding aspects of randomization or imperfection, such as creases, crinkles and indentations. It complements existing capabilities including Bump Displacement for selective embossing/debossing on glass, plastics, cartons and labels. As well as features for selective editing, the new iC3D includes automatic processes Physics Simulator, for example, automatically recreates the behavior of a flexible package or metallic foils in different situations, such as sag, bulge and drape dynamics. As with all previous versions of iC3D, the results can be shared via iC3D Opsis and output as final print ready files.

    Creative Edge Software and SS&C, its representative in France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, will also participate in the conference program. Their presentation “How digital 3D models can facilitate the ideation, transcreation, production and marketing of luxury packaging” takes place in the Innovation and Technology Theatre on Thursday, Feb 1st at 14:00h.

    “Our exhibit and product demos are a must-see for serious visitors to the PCD Conference as they highlight almost all of the trends and topics under discussion over these two days,” says Gilmore. “From digital’s potential to make businesses more sustainable, to enhancing Point-of-Sale, from collaboration between brands and suppliers, to packaging innovation through design, iC3D can offer a real step-change towards a more profitable, streamlined and supportable business model going forward.”

    Creative Edge Software and SS&C are available during PCD for one-to-one demonstrations of iC3D personalized to individual requirements and production methods. To schedule a demonstration ahead of the event, please contact: Erik de Volder (SS&C) – email: erik@ss-c.eu , Tel: +32 478 66 69 26

    To find out more, tutorials on the new features of iC3D v5.0 are available on the Creative Edge Software website. Go to: http://www.creativeedgesoftware.com/category/tutorial/


  • Creative Edge Software Brings Prize-Winning Innovation to Amsterdam

    iC3D v4.0 debuts at Packaging Innovations 2016 (stand B109)

    November 21st, 2016 – Brandishing its latest award direct from Paris, Creative Edge Software, developer of the all-in-one packaging design application iC3D, will show visitors to Packaging Innovations 2016 in Amsterdam why iC3D was judged a leading innovator at the ALL4PACK show last week. On stand B109 in the Taets Art & Event Park, 23-24 November, Creative Edge Software and local distributor SS&C will demonstrate the numerous features of iC3D version 4.0 that led to accolades from the Comité Pack Experts Innovation Awards 2016.

    Recognized for ‘integrating and democratizing all packaging design development functions through one platform’, iC3D was the only winning software application chosen by the prestigious panel of packaging industry experts representing companies including L’Oréal, Nestlé, Coca Cola and Pfizer.

    During Packaging Innovations (PI) 2016, Creative Edge Software will be demonstrating the new improved visualization technologies and photorealism of iC3D v4.0, which was introduced at drupa this year. These include advanced capabilities such as ray tracing, light map editing and dynamic backgrounds, all of which enable regular packaging designers to recreate effects that previously required physical mockups in photographic studios and real environments.

    According to Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software, iC3D v4.0 is a perfect match to the aspirations of PI 2016: “This Show labels itself as ‘the future of branded and inspirational packaging’, which is right on the button for the brand owners, designers and packaging engineers who stand to benefit from iC3D,” he comments. “There is no other all-in-one application that delivers so much power, speed and control into the hands of packaging creators, whatever their end product may be. With superfast rendering even for the highest-quality photorealistic mockups that are now achievable with version 4, the design-to-market process not only becomes more streamlined and more cost-effective, but also more creative.”

    With its program of events focused on emerging technologies and future developments, Packaging Innovations Amsterdam distinguishes itself through the caliber of its attendees, selected by invitation only. A high standard of information-sharing is also cited as a significant draw – 80 percent of past visitors said they would recommend the Show to colleagues and contacts.

    Creative Edge Software and SS&C are available on stand B109 throughout PI 2016 to provide face-to-face demonstrations of iC3D v4.0, personalized to individual requirements and production methods. If you would like to attend as a guest of Creative Edge Software and SS&C, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact:

    Erik De Volder (SS&C) – email: erik@ss-c.eu , Tel: +32 478 66 69 26
    Nick Gilmore – email: nick@creativeedgesoftware.com , Tel: +44 7795298787