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Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
10 - 12/04/2018

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The Box b.v.

The Box b.v.


7324BX Apeldoorn

The Box is the specialist that provides all sorts of promotional tins

Promotional tins allow you to promote your brand or business in a unique way, which naturally adds great value to any product. Since 1998, we have the largest range of standard tins in the Benelux.

Looking for a personalised, custom-made tin? We're the partner you're looking for! We are happy to come up with all sorts of ideas for the packaging of your product.

Various collections of tins

Our collection can be divided into three categories; custom-made, unprinted tins and printed tins. Packaging that makes your product speak to anyone's imagination.

Food, non-food and sales promotion; tins serve almost any purpose. Having difficulty choosing? We will gladly help you select the right tin for your product! With a collection of over one million standard tins we are happy to assist you. Feel free to take a look at our collection and request a quotation as early as today!


Product news

  • Mentos tins from The Box!

    The Box delivered these beautiful, embossed Mentos tins to Perfetti van Melle.

    You will find these in Duty Free shops all over the world!


  • Round spice tin with inner lid

    Round spice tin with inner lid

    Dimensions: Ø 61 x 88 mm
    Packaging: 12 pieces

    Product code: PL 397


  • Kiwi: custom made tin

    Kiwi, a well-known producer of shoe polish materials, was searching for a storage tin for a maintenance kit. The custom made tin needed to be a larger version of the small shoe polish tin and large enough to contain an entire set of care products.

    Custom made tin: the result
    The end result was a round tin with a vintage print of the well-known Kiwi design elements. On the one hand, the striking lid gives the tin a retro look, on the other hand, the black and white printed sides give it a sleek look. The tin was even large enough for storage of additional shoe polishes, so that customers could store other products and brands in a spacious tin. This makes it easier for the customer, all shoe polish products in one place: in a Kiwi tin.


  • PET jars

    PET packaging

    PET packaging is ideal for packaging liquid products, such as cosmetics and decorative sweets. The shell is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is closed by an aluminium screw cap. Cosmetics, confectionary, as well as pharmaceutics can all be packaged in our transparent PET packaging.

    We deliver 3 sizes from stock: 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml. Curious about the possibilities of PET packaging? Our team of specialists is happy to provide you with advice!

    See more at: http://thebox-tinboxes.com/unprinted-tins/pet-packaging


  • The Box presents... easy Easy Open Box

    Tin with Easy Open Lid

    Dimensions: Ø 80 x 110 mm
    Packaging: 12 pieces

    Code: PL 396

    See more at: http://thebox-tinboxes.com/unprinted-tins/silver-toned-tins/round