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Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
10 - 12/04/2018

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1381AV Weesp

We design and deliver intelligent, high quality packaging solutions that maximise your brand experience and meanwhile reduce the impact on our environment to ZERO.


Product news

  • Zero Packaging / Jerom van Beuzekom

    Zero Impact Packaging will be introduced by ZeroPackaging during the Packaging Innovations 2018.

    An in depth study will be shared based on the FairPhone packaging. Detailed information on the LCA, the carbon footprint, how this has been reduced to the minimum and how the remainder is compensated by planting trees.

    Like to know more? Come and visit us in Utrecht!


Job ads

  • Junior packaging designer to create Zero Impact Packaging

    Structural packaging design that creates outstanding packaging while reducing the carbon footprint to its minimum. During the design process carbon footprint is validated by advanced software, so the right material choice can be made and supply chain can be optimised.
    You will be designing with Solidworks and ArtiosCad using any material and any production method, because we are material neutral and are not allied to any production location, so we can focus 100% on our customer demands. At the same time we have a network of manufacturers we closely cooperate with, you will learn what is possible at each manufacturers and what not so designs made can be implemented fluently. For the final packaging an elaborated carbon footprint study will be made, so this data can be used to compensate carbon emission by planting trees.