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Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
10 - 12/04/2018

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2628XG Delft

FLEX/design is a design consultancy from the Netherlands founded in 1988. We love to work alongside our clients in turning their goals into products and services that create economic, social, and environmental value – not just for brands or consumers, but all of us.

The Internet has transformed the way we create and interact with objects. Today’s customers demand products and services where physical and digital are seamlessly integrated – and for today’s design solutions this means exploring the links between trends and ideas, man and machine, potential and possibility.

We’re here to help our clients take advantage of this moment in time to create products with real meaning. By combining insights from in-depth consumer research, technical innovation and our clients’ commercial expertise, we create tools and experiences that connect the dots between people, technology and business.

We love working for ambitious companies that share our vision, whether they’re large multinationals, family run businesses or start-ups. With amongst others InBev, AkzoNobel ,Unilever, Ultimaker, Tefal, Philips, Hortilux, Otolift, Lely, HERO, PostNL, LEGO, TomTom, Bugaboo, Porceleyne Fles and Albert Heijn we intensively collaborate and create great new concepts for the future .
FLEX/design - Connecting the dots between people, technology and business.


Product news

  • 'Tongue-in-cheek' packaging design for A-dam Underwear

    The right pair of undies can make your day!
    That’s why the five young entrepreneurs of Amsterdam based A-dam Underwear strive to make the best men’s underwear ever made: handmade, premium quality, perfect fit and made of organic cotton only. Their former pack wasn’t good enough to support this ambition and realize significant growth. We created the new ‘tongue-in-cheek’ packaging design, which reflects and reinforces A-dam’s brand identity: stylish, modest and responsible outside, but with a brave, naughty and humorous spirit inside.

    Pulling the red tab seems purely functional, but appears to be mischievous once you remove the boxer from the tray: an unexpected piece of art is unveiled. A-dam invites graphic artists to create surprising artwork, using the boxer’s tray as a canvas. Of course, there should always be a link to the signature red tab.

    Next, to this key creative conceptual spark, we managed to solve some practical issues on the structural side of the pack. The large window in the white box offers consumers clear focus on the pattern design. The red tab allows more demanding shoppers to slide out a little drawer to check fabric, waistband, and size: a must have in this category. They can close it again easily without damage, which is crucial to keep it nice and tidy in stores at all times. Moreover, while sliding, a small round window at the back reveals the boxers unique selling points one by one. A clever rotating metal hook outperforms many known hanging solutions in premium look & feel, without compromising logistic efficiency. On top of all these quality improvements, we realized a considerable cost reduction compared to this packaging’s predecessor.

    Our designers Abke and Marcel met the A-dam guys at the Packaging Innovations in November 2016. Quickly afterward we brainstormed about new packaging concepts that should solve the issues they encountered with the existing one. In close collaboration with their team, we tackled its challenges in transport, stock, and logistics. In just six months we created this new structural packaging.

    A-dam Underwear is an upcoming men’s underwear brand from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A’dam is a commonly used abbreviation of Amsterdam, and of course, Adam was the world’s first inhabitant in need of underwear, hence the brand name and the fig leaf logo. The little X on top of the fig leaf refers to the 3 Saint Andrew’s crosses that are part of the coat of arms of Amsterdam. Communication design for the new packaging was created by A-dam’s in-house creative team.


  • Silver Pentaward 2017 for Seepje

    We’re proud that the international Pentaward jury awarded the packaging for Seepje with a Silver Pentaward 2017 in the category Other Markets – Household maintenance. The 11th official Pentawards ceremony took place on Saturday 23rd at the prestigious W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. We developed the new packaging for the wonderful young laundry enthusiasts of fairtrade brand Seepje.

    We designed sustainable packaging for Seepje’s new range of liquid laundry detergents. The key ingredient of these detergents is an extract of the peels of the Sapindus Mukurossi fruits from Nepal. These peelings contain a natural kind of soap, which is released when exposed to water. Generous Minds helped Seepje with its strategy and asked us to develop an iconic bottle that would help Seepje to scale up for retailers like Albert Heijn. We came up with the iconic shape of a soap block, of course, a wink to clean. It ensures a secure grip for users and reduces the use of material compared to regular detergent handles. The soap block shape, pastel colors and soft touch refer to softness. At the bottom of the bottle, you can read that they are made out of recycled plastic milk bottles. The labels consist of waste products of sugar cane production and are easily detachable, to help consumers separate waste. Seepje is collaborating with farmers in Nepal, who take care of harvesting and processing these peelings in a socially responsible way. Seepje aims to ‘wash the world cleaner and more beautiful.’ Earlier this year the Seepje packaging won a NL Packaging Award 2017.

    The Pentawards is recognized as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. For this 11th edition, they received more than 2000 entries from five continents and 54 countries. The jury selected the winners based on the creative quality and the marketing relevance of the works presented.


  • Colorstress? Flexa has a solution!

    Many consumers have their home walls painted in neutral shades. They ignore their personal preferences, interior style, mood boards and traditional color cards and go for safer ‘whites’. Research proves that most people are simply afraid of making the wrong choice.
    For AkzoNobel, we developed an innovative color tester that is the ultimate solution for consumers’ color anxiety. It allows them to try out different paint colors on their home walls and help them find a color scheme and style that best suits their taste and interior. Available in many different shades, each pack contains 30 ml of paint. Unique is the integrated paint roller that ensures easy application and a representative result.
    Despite considerable differences in markets, retail environments, and logistic requirements, we met AkzoNobel’s primary objective. We found one solution that suits all the retail channels, in the different countries, both online and offline.
    We’re proud that our design solution has been awarded with major packaging design awards. Jury’s of Gouden Noot and NL Packaging Awards granted our design with the highest possible distinction.


  • Helping consumers navigate the Philips LED portfolio

    For Philips Lighting we created new packaging for their LED lamp portfolio. We focused on bringing down the cost-price while at the same time reducing the time consumers need to navigate the shelf.

    Over the years the market for LED lighting transformed from a premium into a highly competitive market, where margins are constantly under pressure. Philips Lighting asked us to develop a new packaging range for their LED lamps that would help them realize a considerable cost-price reduction. Our thinking led to a solution that uses fewer components than their current packs and decreases the amount of material used.

    For consumers, navigating the lamp category in stores can be a true nightmare. Finding the right replacement bulb takes time and can be quite annoying. Research shows that people look first for the right lamp shape, next, they look for the right fitting and wattage. Our new packaging design shows all three at a glance. We integrated the new Philips corporate identity on the front panel, which optimizes the navigation and ensures a recognizable and consistent brand identity for Philips’ LED lamps series in store. Consumer tests showed that they need only half the time to pick the right product compared to the previous packaging solution.

  • FLEX wins Editor's Choice at the Dieline Awards 2016

    We are proud that Andrew Gibbs, founder and Editor in Chief of The Dieline, awarded our packaging design for 3D-printing producer Ultimaker with his Editor’s Choice Award 2016. Out of 1200 submissions worldwide, he handpicked our design concept for this prestigious packaging award. Again a great recognition of the power of Dutch Design.

    The Ultimaker 2 Go is small in size, but big in 3D printing abilities and reliability. It is currently one of the most powerful little printers around. With a compact design, it’s great for makers on the go. We created a packaging concept that let the machine fully live up to its name.

    The core of the solution is an elegant grey EPP box. The high-quality foam shells and the brown cardboard box protect the printer during transport from factory to user. After unboxing the shells double as a lightweight, shock resistant carrying case, held together by durable nylon straps for lifting and carrying. Once at its destination the printer is ready to use in no time: the strap should be unlaced, the upper part of the packaging lifted and you are immediately face-to-face with this mighty mini printer. The case can hold the printer without the need to remove the filament spool separately. So take it out, plug and play. It even has a separate, built-in compartment for other 3D print necessities like tape, glue and basic replacement

    But there’s more: little holes in the packaging allow users to clip on their own 3D-printed parts. They can simply be clicked in the little holes at the corners of the case. These add-ons can be functional, such as wheels, handles, and cup holders or just for mere fun, making the case personal. This strikes beautifully with client’s open source business model. On Ultimaker’s on-line community YouMagine, 3D enthusiasts already share and create new ideas to improve the packaging design – proving that through collaboration and sharing all of us can make all things better.