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Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
10 - 12/04/2018

Innovation partners

Du Caju printing/BDMO

Du Caju printing/BDMO



Since January 2018, printing businesses BDMO and Du Caju Printing have merged under the umbrella holding Karel Van Mander. The merger focuses on developing innovative and sustainable packaging materials that give added value to the products of our customers.
Both companies have been BRC-certified and have more than 25 years of experience in developing, printing and finishing luxurious cardboard packaging. BDMO is specialised in luxurious packaging materials made from hard cardboard. Du Caju Printing has acquired an excellent reputation for its packaging products in folding carton, mainly for the food industry.
The expertise of our R&D teams and our high-tech machines result for each content in a solid, sustainable, stylish and tailor-made packaging.
We will gladly be of service to you with all our knowledge, experience, dynamism and practical solutions. www.ducaju.be – www.bdmo.com

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Product news

  • BDMO and Du Caju Printing announce their merger

    9 January 2018 — BDMO and Du Caju Printing are announcing today they are merging within the Karel Van Mander group. The merger of both companies’ shareholding will make closer cooperation between the companies possible, which will subsequently provide better support for further growth of both companies’ activities.

    BDMO (Meulebeke) are experts in luxury packaging made from hard cardboard.
    Du Caju Printing (Erpe-Mere) has an excellent reputation in terms of folding cardboard packaging, mainly for the food industry. Both companies have known each other for a long time, have been working together for a few years and share the same values in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship. From now on, however, both companies will be able to work together even more closely at a more strategic level and optimise their activities. Focus will be on development of innovating and sustainable packaging, which their customers will be able to use as added value to their products.

    Both companies will remain operational and will keep on using their excellent reputation in the market.
    Geert Casselman will keep on leading the BDMO-team and Tom Du Caju will do the same at Du Caju Printing.
    “Joining forces and sharing our knowledge shall make us both even stronger and more ambitious. We would love to keep on expanding the partnership with both customers and suppliers by maintaining our focus on competitiveness, quality, innovation and service in the packaging industry.”

    The Karel Van Mander Group contains not only BDMO and Du Caju Printing, but also, since the start of 2017, Hellyn Kartonnage (Wielsbeke).
    The Karel Van Mander Group has more than €26m. turnover annually, mainly in Belgium but also in the neighbouring countries. They employ approximately 140 very motivated and talented people.

    For more information
    BDMO Bruggeman & Desouter nv - Nijverheidsstraat 11, 8760 Meulebeke - Tel: +32 51 48 08 11 -
    E-mail: g.casselman@bdmo.com
    Du Caju Printing nv - Joseph Cardijnstraat 4, 9420 Erpe-Mere - Tel: +32 53 80 65 00 -
    E-mail: tom@ducaju.be

    About BDMO
    BDMO (www.bdmo.com) is located at Meulebeke and it designs, manufactures and sells luxurious packaging from hard cardboard, mainly for the food, cosmetics and gifts industries. The current integrated manufacturer was established when the original companies of Drukkerij Bruggeman and Kartonnage Desouter merged 25 years ago. BDMO focuses on medium-sized and large volumes and places creativity and quality at the forefront of its activities in order to use its packaging as a distinctive marketing tool for its customers’ strong brand names (“Upgrading Packaging”). At the end of 2016, BDMO acquired the Carir cardboard company’s assets and integrated them in its own activities.

    About Du Caju Printing
    Du Caju Printing (www.ducaju.be) is located at Erpe-Mere and is a family enterprise with a proud history of printing food-safe folding cardboard packaging.
    Du Caju Printing’s roots can be traced back to nearly three centuries ago. Originally it was a general printer but since 1991, it has changed tack and it is now focusing more on the niche market of packaging (folding cardboard), processing folding cardboard into all kinds of consumers’ packaging. Currently, Du Caju Printing is managed by Tom Du Caju, a child of the eighth generation. He took over from his dad around 2000 and ever since then, the company has been very specifically investing in the packaging industry and it keeps on doing so in the industry’s latest technologies. Folding cardboard is used in both food and non-food industries for primary and secondary packaging. Du Caju Printing has all that is needed for designing, printing and finishing of folding cardboard boxes, presentation boxes, sleeves, displays, little envelope-shaped pockets, advertising material….

    About Hellyn Kartonnage
    Hellyn Kartonnage (www.hellyn.be) is located at Wielsbeke and was established in 1962. For more than 50 years now, we have been producing personalised presentation tools such as folders, binders, displays, sample books and gift packaging made from cardboard. We are experts in high-quality bespoke work, even in smaller volumes. Our delivery deadlines are reliable and so are the services we provide to support our customers' marketing activities (“Creative Presentation Tools”).
    Our subsidiary Plastibook are experts in industrial plastification for the graphic sector.