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10 - 12/04/2018

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VanBerlo is your creative and strategic partner. Our unique atmosphere and capabilities attract a broad range of international players, from the ‘big-boys’ to driven start-up companies and beyond. We create the difference for our clients largely because we work well as a whole. A well-oiled team of experts that meet challenges head-on. VanBerlo provides a reliable link between human needs and desires, between technological opportunities and sustainable business.


Product news

  • Loyalty in the ever-changing FMCG marketplace

    Fast moving consumer goods, also known as FMCG, covers an array of readily available household and pharmaceutical items that are produced in high volume and sold at a relatively low cost. A market VanBerlo understands well and has proven experience in.

    High volumes and high conversion rates are just the tip of the iceberg. FMCG products are driven by their cost price and branding. Getting into this market requires extremely high investments, and these come with high stakes. But when branding is done right, a company is rewarded with brand loyalty and, possibly, a more sustainable and longer-term market share.

    Keeping consumers satisfied and loyal is no small task. Especially in the ever-changing FMCG marketplace. Because of the large shift to online shopping, systems and mechanisms have changed to accommodate subscription models, auto replenishment systems and new players. Amazon, for example. Innovative platforms are being devised to gain the attention of new consumers and hold their interest. Social media, peer to peer, apps and exclusive communities play an increasingly important role in the customer journey.

    It all starts with understanding the market and its consumers. New generations of consumers shop differently than their parents and grandparents. Younger generations are digital natives, having never known a world without internet or online shopping. They are wide open to alternative offerings and new market players. They are less materialistic and choose to share rather than own. Overall, they make purpose-driven choices that tend to lean towards living in a healthy environment, whether at work or at home.

    Market understanding also means keeping a keen eye on emerging markets; the growth of the middle class in places like China, India and parts of Africa creates a new and different demand for products and services. In these fast-growing markets, consumers skip directly to the new marketing and retail channels. They benefit immediately from new channels; i.e. cellular communication, mobile shopping and social media channels.

    So what does all this mean for continued success in FMCG? Because these rapid developments and shifts influence the conventional FMCG market, traditional mechanisms no longer work and many rules no longer apply. Today it’s all about thinking fast and adapting faster. Companies and brands must revise how they approach marketing and innovation. A potential challenge for both long-time players and newcomers to the market, but a challenge that can be overcome!

    Companies and brands can tackle unfamiliar obstacles by acquiring more knowledge about the new retail channels and adapting their game plan. A good place to start is by gaining consumer insights through new approaches, including social media and online methods. Adopt lean start up principles and put a more agile innovation process into play. Create designs for new channels and embrace a ‘digital first’ approach. Validate your product by gaining early consumer input, or dare to fail early at a lower risk.

    In whichever way you decide to move forward into the digital age and beyond, VanBerlo can help! We have years of proven experience and methodologies under our belt, both in understanding how the FMCG market works and in helping companies adapt to this new reality.


  • Most Innovative Company in NL? That’s VanBerlo

    VanBerlo has been named 2017’s Most Innovative Company in the Netherlands by the Dutch Innovation Awards. We were awarded this prize, in a lively ceremony presented by AVROTROS at the famed Kurhaus in Scheveningen on 31 October.

    A group effort
    This award is another sparkling jewel in our crown, but we couldn’t have come this far without the reliable collaboration of our clients, suppliers and, of course, our hard-working people. “We’re all thrilled to have received this award,” tells Thomas Paulen, VanBerlo CEO, “and proud of our clients and personnel who helped make this possible.”

    “In our work as an innovation partner, we merge business sense and strategic thinking with pragmatic, creative and effective approaches that build on over 35 years of experience in innovation.”
    Thomas Paulen, CEO, VanBerlo

    “Consultancy alone will get you nowhere – it’s the execution that matters. That’s why we are with you all the way to the finish line. From gathering insights to drawing up scenarios, and from prototyping solutions to actual implementation.”
    Boudewijn Soetens, Design & Development Director, VanBerlo

    But why VanBerlo?
    VanBerlo scored above average on several of the jury’s innovation indicators. They liked the “multitude of different innovative solutions” that our company realises. They also appreciated VanBerlo’s “…unique competence to bridge the world of hard technology and the ‘soft side’ of innovation in design and (other forms of) creativity.” In addition, the way we help and advance our people and managers did not go unnoticed by the jury.

    Multidisciplinary working
    Because we work each day in multidisciplinary teams, we have a fresh take on how to help create things that people will actually need and use.

    The key to our success
    It all comes down to our people. Clients come to VanBerlo with a problem – social, technical, automotive, mobility, creative – and we research the problem, do the legwork to uncover the underlying issue and come back with feasible solutions. We take innovation to the next level by tackling our work with empathy as well as logic. Gotta uncover the why in order to present the how.

    About the Dutch Innovation Awards
    In addition to the category Most Innovative Company, Dutch Innovation Awards also handed out prizes on 31 October for the Most Innovative Region and the Most Innovative Solution to a Social Problem. The nominees for all three categories were selected on the basis of the Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor. The monitor researches innovation and competitiveness based on a nationwide survey of approximately 10,000 Dutch companies.

    In it for the long haul
    We always aim to reinvent ourselves, work smarter and take our ideas one step further. That’s our nature. Being recognised by the Dutch Innovation Awards as the Most Innovative Company in the Netherlands helps to keep us on our toes. To keep stretching boundaries and exploring innovation.