Hack Belgium

Hack Transport - New opportunities for innovation and collaboration

Our industry is facing a lot of several massive challenges:

  • Going carbon-free
  • Pressure to reduce the overall number of road users
  • Changing nature of the workforce
  • Better collection, sharing and usage of data
  • Multimodal shift

We can’t successfully tackle those issues if we remain alone. We need to share our best knowledge and experience, learn from each other and find new ways to collaborate.

At the next Transport & Logistic Fair, we will give you the opportunity to do exactly that.

Together with our Hack Belgium friends, we will host four ideation workshops, during which you will tap into collective intelligence of your fellow professionals. You will explore potential synergies with participants from all over the transport and logistics sector. And, you will identify 5-10 top opportunities for immediate opportunities for innovation and new business (by using design thinking and lots and lots of Post-Its).

There are four workshop time slots to choose from:

15 Oct - 14:30 to 16:30

16 Oct - 14:30 to 16:30

Participation fee: € 50.