Lars Karlsson

Lars Karlsson

BREXIT – What does it really mean in practice for trade?

BREXIT is the largest change for Customs and Trade in our lifetime. Many people and companies are following the political BREXIT negotiations through media. BREXIT will impact us all, but international trade from and to UK will be one of the areas that will change the most.

In this seminar you will learn what BREXIT means from a Customs and border point of view. What might the future border look like? What areas do you as a trader need to address already today? What are other companies doing ? What are the multinationals doing and not doing? How can SME:s do contingency planning for different scenarios? What does BREXIT really mean in practice for trade?  Don’t miss the opportunity to speak to one of the leading experts in the world on Customs, borders and international trade. Do like the decision makers of EU and UK are doing, ask Lars Karlsson.

About Lars Karlsson

Lars Karlsson is CEO and Managing Director of KGH Global Consulting. KGH is an international border consultancy company with 750 experts in 40 offices in 12 countries. KGH has Government clients in more than 50 countries and more than 14.000 private sector clients, from multinationals to SMEs.

Lars Karlsson is also one of the most well-known customs leaders in the world and has an extensive background over three decades in Customs and international trade policy. Mr. Karlsson has outstanding experience from Government capacity building, private sector consulting, research, reform and modernization.