Paul Roeters

Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Utrecht, Nederland
10 - 12/04/2018

Paul Roeters

Paul Roeters - Creative Director + Co-founder Studio Kluif



*Deze conferentie is in het Engels

Create to Conquer

At Studio Kluif we don’t believe in normal. Most of the stuff around us is already normal. That’s why it is called ‘normal’ (The Norm for All). When I, out of the blue, suggest to my girlfriend to do something crazy she often responds with: ‘Paul, you’re not normal’. This always makes me smile. ‘Luckily not, I don’t like normal’, I always answer. With being normal you can’t make the difference. Normal is… normal. Boring. By acting normal one follows the norm. Normal doesn’t stand out, normal doesn’t challenge you. At Studio Kluif we don’t follow the norm. Only dead fish go with the flow.

About Paul Roeters

Studio Kluif: not a default name, no standard design. Tough, no nonsense, determined, with a hint of humor. Typical Kluif. Since the start in 1999, much has changed but the fundament never changed over the years. For example, the founders Paul Roeters and Jeroen Hoedjes are still in charge, complemented by a team of 11 designers and supporting staff.


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