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1 ISP - CableSafe


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Cablesafe - ISP: is een innovatief bedrijf met een selectie van veiligheids- en huishoudproducten met betrekking tot kabel- en slang management; CabelSafe veiligheidshaken, kabelbruggen en veiligheidsartikelen; industriële Safety Gates / Confined space barrieres.



  • Prevent Dropped Objects Platform

    CableSafe offers a platform with dropped object risk reduction and prevention tools.

    According to the Health & Safety Executive Offshore Division in February 2016 approximately 55% of all accidents on board a drilling rig, or well operating platform, are caused by dropped objects. The other 45% of accidents are caused by falling of heights, slips, trips and falls, handling, tools or machinery accidents (source: Dropped objects prevention scheme global resource center).

    Working at height, beneath scaffolds or areas where overhead work is being performed puts workers and the public below at risk from falling (dropped) objects. A dropped object is according to oil & gas multinational Chevron: “Any object, with the potential to cause death, injury or equipment / environmental damage that falls from its previous static position under its own weight.”

    The following items are considered dropped objects:
    • Hand tools being used at heights
    • Hand tools / equipment left behind after working at height
    • Operations conducted at height
    • Equipment mounted at a height that, following contact, vibration or environmental conditions, could fall, i.e., piping, lights, cameras, rigging gear, etc.
    • Temporary equipment at height
    • Where personnel are working on a level directly below the work site
    • Lifting operations

    In either case, the result can be injury and harm to people, property or the environment.
    With dropped objects accidents accounting for a large number of accidents in the industry, this new online platform www.preventdrops.com includes the initial necessary tools for safety engineers to prevent and mitigate against risks of dropped objects. The online platform offers advice and simple solutions to keep your employees and contractors safe while working with a height difference above or below employees.

    Many industries used this platform to reduce the risk of dropped object hazards, in which they promote a good safety regime by supporting tools on board. Correctly applied dropped objects prevention and mitigation tools (e.g. such as; dropped object guard net, safety netting, lanyards for tools, secondary attachments on lights and structure above working areas, etc.) and the adoption of these tools in the operating procedures will ultimately lead to safer working conditions for the crew as well as a reduction of environmental damage, resulting in higher operating revenues.

    Put your trust in CableSafe dropped object platform www.preventdrops.com, CableSafe leads the industry in strength, impact resistance, durability and worker confidence - We'll catch any falling dropped object, including you.

    For more information visit: www.preventdrops.com, or contact CableSafe tel.nr: +31.33.4614844