Gasdetectie: Overzicht van diverse meettechnieken en opsporen van lekken

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Gasdetectie: Overzicht van diverse meettechnieken en opsporen van lekken

10u00 - 10u30: Gebruikte meettechnieken in de gasdetectie

Hoe werkt een gasdetector? Welke technieken gebruiken we om “gas” te detecteren. Wat zijn de pro’s en contra’s van deze technieken en welke technieken zijn voor mij geschikt? Samenvatting van de meest voorkomend en gebruikte technologieën, dit op een leuke interactieve wijze.

Spreker: Lars Van Ham | Sales Manager | 7Solutions

Taal: Nederlands

7 solutions

10u30 - 11u00: New technology in gas detection: ultrasonic gas leak detection as extra layer of protection


  • Fundamentals of Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection (UGLD)
  • Why use UGLD?
  • Misconceptions of UGLD & advantages vs known traditional technologies
  • Application guidelines (where to install / how many / coverage)

Spreker: Hendrik Heeze | Zone Manager Europe North | Honeywell

Taal: Engels


11u00 - 11u30: A World First: A Fixed Gas Detection Sensor that Maintains Calibration for up to 18 months without Sample Gas

Current fixed gas detection for industrial applications, like worker safety and protection of industrial sites, relies on routine calibration of gas detection equipment. This includes significant operational costs to send people to remote or difficult access areas in order to calibrate potentially hundreds of gas detectors on site. Longer calibration cycles and self-test capabilities would  minimize the need for routine calibration lowering operational costs and improving safety.

This presentation gives a technical overview on the newly offered MSA TruCal® technology available in MSA ULTIMA® X5000 and General Monitors S5000 gas detectors. This self-test and correction technology enables the gas detector to extend calibration cycles up to 18 months by adjusting its sensor output in response to environmental changes.

Spreker: Dr. Henning Rohm | Test Engineer | MSA Safety

Taal: Engels

11u30 - 12u00: Tuneable Diode Laser Spectroscopy TLDS in Safety related application

Open path flammable gas detection using differential infrared absorption has been available for many years.

The introduction of Tuneable Laser Diode (TLD) generated, single wavelength, infrared detection enables target gas specific detection with no cross interference from other hydrocarbons.

These laser-based devices provide greater sensitivity and improved uptime availability in poor weather conditions than the traditional differential IR devices.

They are also available for target gas specific detection of toxic gases and employ an automatic, daily, self-test facility that removes the need for routine manual testing.

This presentation will outline the pros and cons of this technology in comparison to other gas sensing technologies.

Spreker: Martin T. Olesen | International Business Development Manager | FGFD | MSA Safety

Taal: Engels