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Vaisala Oyj

Vaisala Oyj



Vaisala is een wereldwijde leider in milieu- en industriële meetsystemen. Gestoeld op 81 jaar aan ervaring biedt Vaisala observaties voor een betere wereld. Wij zijn een betrouwbare partner voor klanten over de hele wereld door het bieden van een uitgebreid scala aan innovatieve observatie- en meetproducten en services voor meteorologie, weersafhankelijke bedrijfsvoeringen en gestuurde omgevingen. Vaisala heeft zijn hoofdkantoor in Finland en heeft ongeveer 1600 professionals in dienst en is vermeld op de NASDAQ Helsinki. www.vaisala.com www.twitter.com/VaisalaGroup



  • Vaisala Launches a Groundbreaking Solution for the Biogas Industry to Get More Value from Waste

    It is optimized for biogas production processes, such as anaerobic digestion of waste from agriculture, industries and municipalities, and the utilization of landfill gas.

    The newly launched MGP261 is based on Vaisala’s patented CARBOCAP® technology, which boasts Vaisala’s successful 20-year track record in infrared gas measurement.

    From Waste to Value
    The Vaisala biogas measurement instrument, MGP261, offers real-time gas composition without sample extraction or treatment. Thanks to its accurate and stable methane measurement, this compact and reliable instrument helps biogas plant operators gain comprehensive control over their process and optimize their combined heat and power (CHP) engine performance. The instrument also enables operators to control humidity in order to reduce wear in the CHP engines and process components.

    The product will be available in the second quarter of 2019.
    For product options and specifications, please visit: www.vaisala.com/MGP261


  • Vaisala Widens MHT410 Transmitter’s Measuring Capabilities to Ester Insulation Fluids

    Vaisala’s Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter MHT410 for Transformer Oil is an ideal choice for power transformer operators wishing to reduce the probability of outages and prolonging the lifecycle of their transformer fleet. MHT410 is installed directly into the oil flow of the transformer, where it monitors moisture, hydrogen as well as temperature. Thus the instrument reduces the amount of manual work and enables operators to keep up do date of their transformers’ condition in real-time.

    One of the differences between mineral oil and ester fluids is that they have different gas and water solubility. For this reason, when customers now place an order for MHT410, they first need to identify, which oil type their transformers are filled with. Based on this information, the product is customized with appropriate parameters for each customer’s needs.

    For more information about the Vaisala MHT410 Transmitter, please visit: https://www.vaisala.com/mht410


  • Vaisala Broadens Its Product Offering for Ecological Bio-Decontamination Processes

    Both probe models continue to use Vaisala's proprietary PEROXCAP® sensor for measuring hydrogen peroxide bringing all the benefits of its world leading accuracy, repeatability, and stability into play.

    The new Vaisala PEROXCAP® Hydrogen Peroxide HPP271 measurement probe brings stable, repeatable and accurate H2O2 vapor measurements to those customers, who require only ppm (parts per million) measurements for example in vapor generators.

    Also the flagship 3-in-1 PEROXCAP® Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity, and Temperature Probe HPP272 has been boosted by specifying the ppm measurement accuracy in a wide temperature range, varying from +5°C to +50°C. The upgraded Vaisala HPP272 continues to measure vaporized H2O2, temperature and humidity, referring to both relative saturation and relative humidity. In the upgraded probe, also the measurement accuracy of relative saturation has been improved. Additionally it features dew point and vapor pressure measurements.