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Gemü Valves sprl/bvba


1780 Wemmel

Gemü met hoofdkwartier in Ingelfingen, Duitsland, is dé referentie in de farmaceutische, agro en voedingsindustrie voor haar aseptische kleppen in metaal en kunststof. Maar Gemü is niet beperkt tot deze referenties alleen. Onder het moto ‘more customer benefits’ produceert en levert ze voor de ganse procesindustrie - dus ook de (petro)chemie, halfgeleider industrie en utilities in alle industrietakken, alsook voor de waterbehandeling - membraanafsluiters, zitventielen, vlinderkleppen, kogelkranen, magneetventielen, regelventielen, terugslagkleppen, alle types metaal en kunststof, al dan niet handbediend, met pneumatische of elektrische sturingen, standterugmelders, electro-pneumatische positoners, veldbustechnologie...


  • Green Engineering.

    Green Engineering.

    For a sustainable future

    A tradition of environmental awareness

    Whether it be the 50% reduction in material used by the first GEMÜ valve compared to conventional valves or the introduction of a recycling system in 1979: right from the beginning GEMÜ has planned and manufactured products more compactly and using less materials than all other manufacturers and the company was already placing importance on environmental issues before they came into the focus of the media. Accordingly, GEMÜ has always made the best possible use of valuable raw materials and limited resources.

    In 2011, Gert Müller, Managing Director of Engineering and Sales, combined all sustainable activities under the label GREEN ENGINEERING with its three pillars of CLEAN PRODUCTION, CLEAN PRODUCTS and CLEAN PROJECTS.


  • Food safety-compliant globe valves

    Food safety-compliant globe valves

    GEMÜ offers several globe valves suitable for use in the food and beverage industries, including the GEMÜ 505/555 pure steam valve. All of the wetted components are traceable and comply with SML (Specific Migration Limit) and QM values (maximum permissible residual quantity in material), which ensures the valve's compliance with EU Framework Regulation 1935/2004 and makes it suitable for use in food-related applications.

    Originally developed for a well-known company from the pharmaceutical industry, the valve design was modified/upgraded for pure steam applications in the food industry in the second half of 2012.

    The hand-operated (GEMÜ 505) and pneumatic (GEMÜ 555) angle seat globe valves are based on the GMP directives (German guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practice) and meet the highest quality standards: all wetted parts are made of high-quality stainless steel and the seal materials satisfy the requirements of the FDA and the EU Framework Regulation.

    All valves are manufactured in specific batches and combined in one production run in order to ensure complete traceability of all wetted components such as valve bodies, retaining nuts, seats, bellows and other parts. Alongside the certificate of compliance with the order 2.1, test report 2.2 and inspection certificates 3.1 and 3.2 as per DIN EN 10204, a declaration of conformity with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 can thus also be issued for the GEMÜ 505/555.

    Other globe valves which can also be manufactured in accordance with EU Framework Regulation 1935/2004 include the GEMÜ 507, 514, 537, 550 and 554 angle seat globe valves.


  • Extendable plastic blocks

    Extendable plastic blocks

    Compact, quickly assembled, cost-effective: with GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks made of durable plastics, valve interfaces in piping systems can be implemented in an extremely compact and customized manner. For plant designers this solution offers numerous advantages such as the space savings achieved through the combination of valve functions in a single plastic block, the shorter installation time due to the significant reduction in the number of individual components, the increased plant reliability due to the reduction in bonded or welded points and reduced operating costs.

    In a customized valve block design, GEMÜ can integrate a very wide variety of functions such as blending, diverting, channelling, draining or supplying a very wide variety of liquids (including chemicals). Dosing functions can also be implemented with multi-port valve blocks.

    Numerous manufacturers offer process plant in different versions and want to "future-proof" the plant for further extensions.

    The "extendable multi-port valve blocks" were developed based on these applications and in partnership with customers. The concept provides OEMs with a customized modular system which can be adapted to individual requirements.

    The new concept can cover a majority of possible variants with just a few basic versions. Within seconds and without additional piping, adhesive bonding or welding, these basic blocks can be connected to produce an extended multi-port valve block. Subsequent modifications to the process plant which are requested by the plant operator can also be implemented quickly and easily. This offers genuine added value to suppliers and operators alike.

    The product can be used cost effectively in plants of the chemical industry and environmental chemistry sector, in surface finishing, coating and electroplating plants, municipal and industrial water treatment plants and other areas of use.


  • Critical Fluid Management

    Critical Fluid Management

    The advantages of multi-port valve blocks are being utilised mainly in process equipment for cleaning, layering, etching, filling etc. as well as in the accompanying chemicals supply systems and in plant for the treatment and distribution of ultra pure water.

    Combining functions in the smallest of spaces offers several advantages: the hold-up volumes of media in the system are measurably minimized, the flow optimized, the draining improved. This enhances the performance of the entire system and reduces media consumption. Another advantage of blocks is that they provide junction points within plant. This allows easier cleaning and servicing. GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks are tried and tested leak-proof units.

    A prerequisite for customised block design is a high level of transparency of the requirements and exact planning. Errors in the planning of production plant could result in high costs. Therefore, GEMÜ co-operates closely with customers in the development of multi-port valve solutions for industrial plant. GEMÜ's engineers develop ideas and initial design drafts as early as during the project stage. These are then implemented constructively and manufactured in a highly efficient GEMÜ production process.


  • GEMÜ 554 control valve

    GEMÜ 554 control valve

    Whether it's flow, pressure, temperature or other operating parameters, the GEMÜ 554 angle seat globe valve is ideal for regulating processes with fast cycle duties. Thanks to its customized seat contour characteristics and regulating cone, the valve is capable of achieving the required accuracy values when regulating the media. The GEMÜ 554 is suitable for operating pressures up to 25 bar and is also functional, reliable and durable when used with slightly contaminated media. This also applies to viscous media up to a viscosity of 600 mm²/s (cSt) and represents a clear benefit when compared with the servo-controlled and indirectly-controlled solenoid valves whose small control apertures can easily become blocked.

    The claim made by GEMÜ however goes even further: prevention of cavitation and a very low noise level. In order to achieve a custom-fit design for the GEMÜ 554, data is therefore retrieved such as density and viscosity of the media along with the media temperature, inlet and outlet pressure as well as flow rate. The data is then used by GEMÜ to determine the optimum seat and actuator size and to design the regulating cone. This adapted solution effectively prevents the formation of steam bubbles (i.e. cavitation) and its long stroke from open to closed can be ideally used for a control range which requires the smallest possible control points.

    Its four actuator sizes and piston diameters of 30, 50 70 and 120 mm mean the GEMÜ 554 series can be used universally. All actuators can be combined with electrical position indicators, positioners and process controllers or with field bus nodes in such a way that they can be quickly and easily integrated into modern automated systems. Moreover, the angle seat globe valve is available in an ATEX version compliant with 94/9/EC for zones 1 and 2.


  • iComLine

    Product launch of iComLine - 2/2-way valves and multi-port valve block systems for aggressive, corrosive or ultra pure media



    We are optimistic about the future: the 2012 financial year showed a trend of very satisfying results for GEMÜ. For example, the number of employees in the GEMÜ Group has increased world-wide by 250 since 2009. That is an increase of around 23 % - a remarkable achievement for a medium-sized family-owned company. The course has been set for the future development of the Group: The years 2012 and 2013 will be characterized by great strategic investments in the future.
    • A central Production and Logistics Centre for customized assembly and direct supply to Europe will be opening close to the company's headquarters in Germany in spring 2013. With this new 13,000 square metre complex, GEMÜ will create a completely new infrastructure for assembly, logistics and distribution over the coming years.
    •On 21 September 2012, our GEMÜ subsidiary in Switzerland opened in Emmen a new GEMÜ cleanroom production facility equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology over an area of more than 5,000 square metres providing a significant increase in production capacity.
    •At our location in China, production and delivery capacities will be extended with the construction of a new building. Together with Sales, Research & Development and Administration, a modern facility will be created which will further strengthen our position in Asia.