Indepth & Inspiration Sessies: donderdag 23 mei 2019

Inspiration sessies: donderdag 23 mei

Over de trends van morgen en de nodige sleutels om in die mogelijke toekomstbeelden futureproof te zijn

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Spreker: Françoise Chombar - CEO, Melexis

Digital Interventions for Health and Wellbeing

Medical treatment today primarily takes the form of drugs and therapy. But a third option is slowly emerging: on-body, digital devices that can treat both mental and physical conditions. Such “wearable” therapy offers unique advantages in that it is often more targeted, cheaper, personalised and has fewer negative side effects. As our devices are with us 24/7, they not only have the potential to know us better than even our closest friend or family member, but they are able to support us in the moment, intervening when a situation calls for it. Maes will present research in building wearable devices that help with health and wellbeing issues such as attention management, emotional regulation, memory and creativity. While we are already dependent on our mobile technologies for our everyday tasks and goals, we will soon also rely on digital technologies for optimal functioning of our bodies and minds. While we need to be careful to make sure these designs safeguard privacy, give complete control to the user and avoid dependency whenever possible, there are countless possibilities for digital, wearable technologies to supplement and even replace traditional drugs and therapy.

Spreker: Pattie Maes - Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Vlaio industrie 4.0 proeftuinprojecten 2018/2019

Vlaio stelt voor het eerst de proeftuinprojecten van het afgelopen jaar voor aan het grote publiek!

Indepth sessions: donderdag 23 mei

AR/VR in manufacturing

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Smart Health

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Smart product innovation management

  • Application Development & Living labs
  • PLM for smart products


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Future-proved products are light, smart and micro, to be achieved with advanced engineering methods

  • Smart, Light Micro, samen ontwikkelen we uw product, de product development hub van Sirris (TBD)
  • Digitale servitisatie, hoe digitale diensten toevoegen aan uw product (Mathias Verbeke, Project engineer, data innovation scientist, Sirris)
  • Digitale Circulaire economie (Thomas Vandenhaute, Project leader sustainability, Sirris)
  • Tested and Approved! (Testen van 3D geprinte stukken) (TBD)


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