Indepth & Inspiration Sessies: donderdag 23 mei 2019

Inspiration sessies: donderdag 23 mei

Max Tchapeyou

10u30 - 11u15: Connected Product Innovation: How manufacturers are innovating in new ways to deliver better customer outcomes (ENG)

Products have already undergone a significant digital transformation, leading to an incredible wealth of customer data and operational data. This capability has dramatically increased an organization’s granular ability to address specific customer needs with new products/solutions and services. As technology refresh cycles shorten across industries, equipment/product manufacturers are pressured to introduce new products at a much more rapid pace than before. This session will focus on how Industry 4.0 is transforming traditional product innovation in order to create a truly connected product innovation process.

Speaker: Max Tchapeyou, Manufacturing Executive Director, Microsoft Western Europe

11h15 - 12h00: Engineering the best imaginable future

Melexis offers innovative micro-electronic solutions. We are still a quite young and small kid on the semiconductor block, but nevertheless number 3 in the world of automotive sensor components, having left quite some established companies behind us in a market that is known for being tough in many ways. Melexis’ products are performance-, safety- and availability-critical, not the most obvious to conceive, design or produce. We take nothing for granted, be it our people, partners & customers, planet or resources. We are where we are today, because we didn’t follow a traditional path. We followed our own, based on values, on thinking big and sometimes crazy and by putting people at the same level of importance as results. Along that path, though, everything else has been up for change, all the time. Our adaptability and growth mindset, more so even than our agility, has made us both ambitious and resilient. Melexis stands for engineering the best imaginable future. In what we do and how we do it. 

Speaker: Françoise Chombar - CEO, Melexis

12u00 - 12u45: Digital Interventions for Health and Wellbeing (ENG)

Medical treatment today primarily takes the form of drugs and therapy. But a third option is slowly emerging: on-body, digital devices that can treat both mental and physical conditions. Such “wearable” therapy offers unique advantages in that it is often more targeted, cheaper, personalised and has fewer negative side effects. As our devices are with us 24/7, they not only have the potential to know us better than even our closest friend or family member, but they are able to support us in the moment, intervening when a situation calls for it. Maes will present research in building wearable devices that help with health and wellbeing issues such as attention management, emotional regulation, memory and creativity. While we are already dependent on our mobile technologies for our everyday tasks and goals, we will soon also rely on digital technologies for optimal functioning of our bodies and minds. While we need to be careful to make sure these designs safeguard privacy, give complete control to the user and avoid dependency whenever possible, there are countless possibilities for digital, wearable technologies to supplement and even replace traditional drugs and therapy.

Speaker: Pattie Maes - Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

13u15 - 14u15: Industrie 4.0-proeftuinen: What's in it for you?

In heel Vlaanderen stellen onderzoekers en technici, met steun van de overheid, hun expertise ter beschikking in proeftuinen voor de maakindustrie. Op 23 mei geeft het Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen (VLAIO) op Advanced Engineering een statusupdate van de huidige proeftuinen. Als ondernemer of researchmanager sla je hier twee vliegen in één klap: je krijgt een overzicht van relevante testinfrastructuur en diensten voor jouw bedrijf, én praktische tips rond financiering en begeleiding!

14u30 - 16u00: Indepth sessions: donderdag 23 mei

14h30 - 16h00: AR/VR in manufacturing 

* AR/VR in manufacturing - enkele toepassingen en projecten van Flanders Make - Maarten Witters

* Proeftuin AR/VR & automatische generatie van digitale werkinstructies 

* UHasselt - EDM - Kris Luyten

* Ervaringen met AR/VR in manufacturing (TBC) - Tim Bosch

* AR/VR in de praktijk - Bedrijf uit de maakindustrie (TBC)

* Digitale werkinstructies (TBC)

* Softwaretools voor AR/VR en MR (mixed reality) (TBC)


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14h30 - 16h00: Smart Health


The introduction of digital technologies is reshaping the healthcare of tomorrow. Amongst others, personalized medicine, preventive healthcare, care at home are made possible thanks to the digital transformation. Healthcare is becoming more effective and efficient, but most important is that we can offer people a higher quality of life. In this session, you listen to companies that take part in that transformation.

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  • Bram Senave - Easics
  • Vincent Van Nieuwenhove - Agfa
  • Zuzana Kasanova - KU Leuven – Department of Neurosciences
  • Toon Weyens - The Mathworks
  • Hans Constandt - Ontoforce

14h30 - 16h00: Supporting smart products innovation

From idea to proof of concept

Moderator: Kris Van de Voorde, Innovation Program Manager, imec


  • Smart product development: "The shift left"
    Geert Willems, Manager imec's center for electronics design & manufacturing
  • imec's methodology for system-level innovation managementTanguy Coenen & Olivier Rits, innovation services, imec
  • Sharing knowledge for a wireless future
    In his talk, we present a snapshot of recent innovations in wireless technology that enable smart and intuitive Iot applications.
    Kris Hermus, innovation program manager at imec - supporting Flemish companies with technological innovations

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14h30 - 16h00: Tomorrow's products are …smaller, lighter and smarter !

Product Development Hub is a technological meeting point to support companies in the development of innovative products and guide them in the design of light, miniaturized and smart products, so that they quickly have proof-of-concept and prototypes ready for industrialization. Hub is an infrastructure of world class technologies which includes 6 collaborative Application Labs and breakthrough technologies like ultrasonic micro injection molding, next-gen process monitoring systems for injection moulding applications, interactive cobot for plastics & hybrids manufacturing, mixed reality for process assistance and assembly, micro 3D printing, micro assembly or smart monitoring for quality control of plastic multi-component systems. During the presentation a lot of practical cases studies will be presented.


  • Smart, Light Micro, samen ontwikkelen we uw product, de product development hub van Sirris (Denis Vandormael, Senior Project Manager Product Development Hub, Sirris)
  • Digitale servitisatie, hoe digitale diensten toevoegen aan uw product (Mathias Verbeke, Project engineer, data innovation scientist, Sirris)
  • Digitale Circulaire economie (Thomas Vandenhaute, Project leader sustainability, Sirris)
  • Tested and Approved! (Testen van 3D geprinte stukken) (Benjamin Denayer, Senior Business Developer Additive Manufacturing, Sirris)

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14h30 - 16h00: Deep learing: use cases en de mogelijke maatschappelijke gevaren. 

Bruno Vandegehuchte (AI4Growth/ / co-organisator Supernova) praat met AI experten, Daan Gheysens (Robovision) en professor Tijl De Bie (UGent) over de impact van diepgaande algoritmen en de raketvlucht van geavanceerde artificiële intelligentie (AI). De focus ligt op actuele, bestaande use cases in beeldverwerking, robotica-programmering, media, landbouw en beveiliging, en welke voorwaarden organisatorisch van belang zijn om succesvol AI-oplossingen te implementeren. Ook de doos van pandora wordt even geopend. Is AI onze grootste jobconcurrent of bevrijdt het ons net van alle om monotone slavenjobs? Maakt AI onderwijs op individuele leest mogelijk of kunnen we meteen een nieuwe generatie van superieure mensen biologisch programmeren? Of misschien gewoon voetjes op de grond voor de zoveelste tech bubbel?


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