Wanha Satama, Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
14 - 15/09/2017

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Claned Group

Claned Group



The cloud-based learning platform Claned uses artificial intelligence and realtime  learning  analytics  provide the educator and the learner with insights to study  performance, orientation and motivation. Claned was founded in 2013 and today employs 30 people. Company services clients already in 15 countries and besides its headquarter office in Helsinki has representation in New York, Singapore, Mumbai and Mexico.

Specialities: Personalised Learning, Learning Analytics, Interactive Learning Tools, Adaptive Learning, Social Learning, Adaptive Content, Machinelearning, Artificial Intelligence, Edtech, Lifelong Learning, and Finnish pedagogy


Product news

  • Claned gives Finnish learning a global audience

    Good News from Finland (Sept 11, 2017): “No one else offers the analytics we produce on people, organisations and content,” Vesa Perälä, founder of Claned explains. “Many services measure how many times an article was opened, but what we measure is if people actually learn something from that article.”

  • Here's How The Nordics Get 10% Of All The Startup Exits In The World

    Forbes (July 21, 2017): Finland is home to more than 5.4 million people spread over across +338,424 kilometers (Finland is the sparsest populated country in the EU), and yet it boasts over 10% of the world's startup exits. Finland's scarcity of resources and changes in the telecom infrastructure has led to a serious body of tech-heads and talent which is now leading the next generation of talent.

  • Soprano Group and Claned Group sign cooperation agreement

    Reuters (May 26, 2017): Soprano Group ja Claned Group Soprano Group and Claned Group sign cooperation agreement for marketing and distribution of Soprano's educational content to international audience through Claned platform.

  • Claned receives a significant commercial deal from India

    Kauppalehti (May 10, 2017): Finnish learning platform company Claned Group has signed a significant commercial deal in India. This will open the doors to fast growing education markets in the region. Claned platform will be taken into use in 15 universities and 2000 schools consisting approximately two million teachers and students.

    ”I believe that we can achieve on million turnover this year in India. The current deal alone can increase this estimate up to 7-8 fold within a couple of years”, says Claned's founder Vesa Perälä.

  • American clients are immediately interested when ‘Finland’ and ‘future education’ are mentioned

    Kauppalehti (May 10, 2017): Even large corporations open their doors to the Finnish education technology startup company Claned. It is commonplace to hear Finnish companies attempting to penetrate the US market complain how hard it is to secure a meeting with potential clients, but the education technology company Claned has no such difficulty.

    “I just need to mention ‘Finland’ and ‘future education’ in the same sentence, and I pique their interest immediately”, says Berit Virtanen-Thewlis, Claned’s New York-based Chief Marketing Officer.