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1411 Copenhagen

At some companies you can feel the momentum building. People are engaged, they're approaching their work with energy, enthusiasm and resilience. Being part of the organisation becomes part of your own identity.

At others, it feels impossible to get everyone pulling in the same direction. People lose sight of the company's purpose, they start looking out for only themselves – or elsewhere for new opportunities.

We started Peakon to create a platform that could set organisations on a new course. Where employees know they're listened to, managers learn from their own decisions and become better leaders, and entire organisations see a step-change in what they can achieve.

Today, hundreds of organisations have made this vision a reality. We've done this following three simple principles that define everything we do. To get to know us better, and the mission we're on, you'll find them below.


Product news

  • Peakon Launches Sensitive Comments

    Many companies equate silence with safety. Unfortunately, just because you don’t hear about misconduct doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This was highlighted by the #metoo movement that swept through Hollywood in 2017, and the fact that 72% of employees who experience sexual harassment don’t report it.

    In order to tackle harassment and other cases of misconduct, it’s essential that employees have a way to report them and organisations have a transparent way to handle them. This is why we created Sensitive Comments. Our latest feature automatically detects and alerts the right people in your organisation about critical employee feedback.


Job ads

  • Account Executive

    You believe that organisations should be run differently than they are today. You want to be a part of a team that collaborates and works very hard to realise a vision of a new way of working. You want to relay that vision to every other organisation out there.

    You are not afraid of asking for the deal while at the same time understanding the importance of delivering real long-term client value. You’ll love solving customers problems as much as closing deals. Your level of ambition and determination will be off the scale, and you’ll relish the opportunity to be a crucial part of a team that will take Peakon and your career into hyperspace.


  • People Partner - Nordics & DACH

    We are looking for a hands on HR Business Partner to support our expanding teams in the Nordic and DACH region. You will be working across multiple business functions, leading and executing rolling out global initiatives locally in Copenhagen and Berlin. This is a great role for someone that wants exposure to a lot of areas of HR. You will be working closely with the Director of People to create and drive the people strategy. As you will be working between our Copenhagen and Berlin office it is essential you have an up to date German and Danish employment law knowledge and fluency in both languages.