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Accretio is today’s collaborative HR management solution for tomorrow’s business. Accretio is a multi-device platform for a unified user experience and designed for a fulfilling work experience for all. Accretio offers a wide range of specs destined to HR managers but also business leaders and employees. The various modules of our solution enable users to define and manage operations as well as the HR strategy set by their corporation

HR Core: conceived for HR managers for personnel management, laden with analytics and projections. The module gives a comprehensive and personalized view of HR and business indicators and facilitates the administrative management of your corporation.

Easy Run: the module for managing leaves, absences, time, employee expenses and more. Easy Run offers maximum visibility on information with minimum wasted time and effort. Additionally, the module comes with intuitive reporting tools for better decision-making.

Connect: an internal communication tool and enterprise social network. Multiple functionalities will enable easy and fast communication as well as information sharing between employees, all in the goal to foster and develop collaborative work. Amongst other specs, Connect brings you a newsfeed, polls and surveys, individual profiles, a chatter and the possibility to create groups.

Talent: from hiring to internal mobility, Talent is for a skills-based talent management. Specs include a hiring tool, employee evaluations, training management and the alignment of the corporate mission with individual objectives.

Accretio is developed and integrated by the Advyteam Group, expert in HR consulting and HRIS integration.