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Great People Applications AB

Great People Applications AB



We're a talent-tech company that provides a referral recruitment platform that plugs into your recruitment process to ensure that you get few, but high-quality candidates into it in a digital, scalable and GDPR compliant way. At the same time as we help you build activation and engagement among your employees and network so you don't have to think about sending reminders. Less hassle and better candidates faster essentially!


Product news

  • GreatPeople launches in the US

    GreatPeople is very proud to launch with Husqvarna Construction US. We are helping the team recruit all kinds of people to their US operations!

  • New customers in 2019 already!

    GreatPeople proudly announces loudly with SPP, Storebrand, Husqvarna Construction US, Ramboll and KPMG during the beginning of 2019!