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Miljödata i Karlskrona

Miljödata i Karlskrona



Miljödata is a Karlskrona-based company and one of Sweden's leading developers of IT systems in the field of Human Resources and Occupational Health. The company provides web services that make it easier for organizations to systematize and organize their work in the work environment, HR and Occupational Health. The systems help users with their work to meet the legal requirements in the field and are focused on being user friendly and easy. Customers are primarily public operations and large private companies.


Product news

  • Novi - a system for employee documentation

    Novi is a user-friendly system that helps HR and all the managers with documentation of all types of notes around your employees such as delinquencies, warnings, corrective conversations, appraisals, etc. with Novi, you get a good support for documentation, a good overview and control, and a clear process. Not least, you get a safe and GDPR-secured way to collect these notes in one place.