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Sympa AB



Sympa is the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics, currently employing more than 70 people in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Finland. Sympa HR is a comprehensive, fully integrated HR system that enables global human resource management and automates HR routines, combining recruitment, human resource management, and personnel development processes. Sympa HR has over 200,000 daily users in more than 500 organisations around the world.

Read more at www.sympa.com


Product news

  • Sympa HR goes Mobile and has a New Look!

    Sympa HR’s new Mobile App is offering team leaders and managers new ways to manage their teams more easily and more effectively. The new Sympa HR mobile application lets users handle requests from mobile devices, wherever they are; at home, in meetings, out and about or travelling.

    Sympa HR is also starting on the next phase of its evolution. We’re redesigning the interface to make the solution’s feel and user experience even better. We’ve launched a new ‘employee view’ that’s easier to access and work with. And, in future, organisations using Sympa will be able to personalise their user interface even further to apply looks that reflect their own identities and ways of working.

    These latest innovations from Sympa give HR professionals and team leaders even better tools to be their effective best while saving time on repetitive tasks.


  • GDPR Checklist and Blog Series for HR

    The updated GDPR facts and tips to help HR prepare for the coming change and determine the next steps towards GDPR compliancy.

    Read more at sympa.com/gdpr to download the GDPR checklist for HR or read our blog series.


  • HR in the Nordic Countries 2018

    We compiled a comprehensive analysis of the current state of HR in the Nordics 2018, including key trends and pain points. Download and read more about our findings in our comprehensive report, HR in the Nordic Countries 2018, that provides insights of HR work in the Nordics and how HR processes could be developed.