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Prevent-Arbetsmiljö i Samv Sv Näringsliv,Lo&Ptk

Prevent-Arbetsmiljö i Samv Sv Näringsliv,Lo&Ptk



Prevent is Scandinavia’s leading provider of knowledge and training in the field of health and safety.

Prevent works to promote healthy, sound and safe workplaces by arranging for the provision of knowledge and methods suited to each place of work.


Publishes textbooks, training and work materials, CD-ROMs and video films

Arranges training courses and conferences

Carries out training, information and survey projects in co-operation with employers, trade unions, the AFA Labour Market Insurance Company and others

Co-operation between the parties – your strength
Prevent is a non-profit organisation. Our principals are the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and the Council for Negotiation and Co-operation (PTK), and the solutions we develop have the approval and support of the trade unions, employers and sectoral organisations.

In co-operation with the AFA Labour Market Insurance Company, which is owned jointly by the trade union and employers’ organisations, Prevent keeps a close watch on the injury and illness figures to ensure that we respond promptly to trends and tendencies in the field of the work environment.