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Contour Design Sverige AB

Contour Design Sverige AB


25442 Helsingborg

A more efficient way to work
RollerMouse helps you get the job done quickly and conveniently. With relaxed and variable positioning, you easily work precisely and more efficiently. This might be the simplest way to improve your workday.

Individual needs, individual solutions
In the same way that our bodies are different, we have different tasks, working positions, and needs. Produced in collaboration with ergonomics experts, RollerMouse enables you to find the working position that is best for you.

Save energy and increase precision
RollerMouse sits right in front of the keyboard. Your hands are kept in front of the body working with small, gentle movements which relieves strain on your neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Customize your RollerMouse
How would you like your click sounds, cursor speed and click resistance? You can easily change these things yourself. Naturally, you know how your work flows best. Our wrist and forearm support will help you to keep your hands and arms in a relaxed position all day.

Contour Design Inc, founded 1995 by Steve Wang, is a leader in ergonomic computer input devices such as RollerMouse and Contour Mouse.
Contour products are built to fit the demands of modern computer work, unlike most input devices that are based on outdated standards and conditions that no longer apply.
Our award-winning gripless and stressless RollerMouse series of products are better for you and your body, allowing safe, comfortable and productive work.


Product news

  • Balance Keyboard

    The perfect combination
    Our Balance keyboard is wireless and shaped to fit perfectly with your RollerMouse Red or Free. The angle of the keyboard and its minimal front edge is easily adjustable. Strategically placed keys with increased pressure sensitivity reduce the strain.


  • RollerMouse Free3

    Experience freedom!
    A light and flexible product for an activity-based working environment or if you are often on the move. Since RollerMouse Free 3 is so low, it is a good fit for slim and compact keyboards which also gives you all the benefits of precision and control.


  • RollerMouse Red Max

    RollerMouse Red max

    Oöverträffad precision med bekväm och enkel användning i kombination med optimalt stöd
    Rollermouse Red max kombinerar prestanda och prisbelönt design från RollerMouse Red med ergonomi och avlastning från ArmSupport Red. Kombinationen ger dig hastigheten, precisionen och det optimala nyttan av båda produkter. Dessutom ser Armsupport till att din överkropp förblir i rätt position när du sitter vid datorn. Du reducerar risken för att få besvär i nacke och axlar.