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Destination Vaxholm

Destination Vaxholm


18532 Vaxholm

Company description

Vaxholm - Archipelago Experience The Year Around

Vaxholm's beautiful scenery and close distance to fun activities will be an exciting scene for your next conference, meeting or team activity.

Here you will find several facilitie- and activity companies that work together to make your experience a little extra, whether you are looking for a day activity, an evening party or a multi-day conference.

Have your meetings in a castle or fortress, on a secluded island or in the charming hotel right on the quayside. Cinnamon bun baking, cookalong, dance, paddle, sailing, sport-fishing, yoga, group develop by challenging the colleagues in the adventure park or the "Prisoners of the Fort", go on a ghost walk or guided tour, challenge the taste buds with cheese, beer, chocolate or licorice.

In Vaxholm you have all the possibilities to have your own feel on your activity or conference.

Different types of conferences, parties and dinners up to 4000 people
Activities at sea and on land: 2-2000 people

At the fair there are the following companies represented from Vaxholm:
Catch & Relax - www.catchrelax.se
Fredrikborg Hotel - www.fredriksborghotel.se
Magasinet i Waxholm - www.magasinetwaxholm.se
Out Seglingsevenemang - www.out.se
Skypark Vaxholm - www.skypark.se
Vaxholm Yogacenter - www.vaxholmyogacenter.se
Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast - www.vaxholmsbedandbreakfast.se
Vaxholms Kastell - www.kastellet.se
Waxholms Hotell - www.waxholmshotell.se




Product news

  • Vaxholm - As good as usual but with some updates

    Vaxholm has always stood for tradition and quality. Vaxholm's wide range of offerings is based on innovative people who work daily to welcome guests. Understanding that needs change and customers looking for new concepts have led to new offers.

    Skypark Vaxholm - 18 courses in different difficulty classes, for everyone between 5 to 99 years, can receive individual and groups at the same time

    Vaxholm Bed & Breakfast - the small home hostel that now also receives closed groups for meals in its welcoming Greenhouse

    Vaxholm Yoga Center - newly opened yoga scene that helps your group stop, a good start to the day, an energy kick in the middle of the conference or a relaxing end to the meeting.

    The Castle's Escape Room - an exciting and interactive activity against the clock. Take out by outwitting alarms, guards and locked doors through ingenuity and creativity.

    et al

    Welcome to Vaxholm - a destination near the city but only 33 minutes away but extremely far away in the senses.