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Kiruna - Lapland

Kiruna - Lapland


981 31 Kiruna

Kiruna offers easy access to vast areas of great natural beauty, that invite to outdoor activities during both summer and winter. The snow-capped Scandinavian Mountains, the Scandes, are visible from the town centre and surrounds Kiruna together with boreal and birch forests, alpine tundra, wetlands, 7 unregulated rivers and more than 6,000 lakes. Abisko National Park and Vadvetjåkka National Park are both situated in Kiruna, as is the famous u-shaped valley near Abisko known as Lapporten – the Lapponian Gate. For hikers who pursue the entire 400 km long King’s Trail, Kiruna is either the start or end of the journey. When you visit Kiruna, you also visit Sápmi – the land of the indigenous Sámi people. Kiruna offer great opportunities to integrate with the Sámi culture and learn about their history. Together with Swedish and Tornedalian culture, Sámi culture contributes to making Kiruna a unique and interesting destination in the Arctic.