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Academic Work Instajobs AB

Academic Work Instajobs AB



What if your receptionist calls in sick or you get a sudden major order? A staffing need often comes suddenly, and when it happens, you wish you could have someone at hand instantly. What if you could just press a button to send for someone?

At the other end, what if all of you students who wish you could work flexible hours around exams, home works and seminars could just decide when and where? With instajobs we match you two.

Instajobs is an online service built to match organizations in need of instant staffing, with students eager to work extra hours. We want to liberate our part of the job market by be being a simple, secure and liberating matching service for students and work places. Our dream is to become the instant local matchmaker between the eager student and the immediate job, anywhere in the world The name Instajobs simply comes from the idea of our service – instant extra jobs. Our mission comes from our heritage as we are part of Academic work – home of the young professionals and a creator of jobs.