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Ligula Hospitality Group AB



The Ligula Hospitality Group AB is the parent company of a group that owns, manages and develops concepts and brands in the hotel and restaurant industry. The group consists of the ProfilHotels, Good Morning Hotels, Motel L, Ronnums Herrgård and Apartments by Ligula. The group has a turnover of over 750 million and employs around 600 people.


Product news


    Ligula aquires seven hotels in Germany, the acquisition in Germany comprises a total of 842 rooms and increases Ligula’s total room capacity to almost 5500, together with other agreements signed in 2018.
    The hotel, which currently operates under different brand names, will mainly operate under Good Morning Hotels through the newly formed subsidiary Ligula Germany GmbH. The portfolio also includes a resort hotel that will operate under Collection by Ligula.


  • Ligula expans with two hotels in Copenhagen

    Ligula has entered a lease agreement with Balder (publ) regarding the hotel properties that Balder announced today that they are acquiring; Copenhagen Plaza, Richmond Hotel, Mercur Hotel and Star Hotel, all four hotels are located in Copenhagen.

    Ligula is per today operating Copenhagen Plaza and Richmond Hotel, and from 4th of July 2017 Ligula will be operating all four hotels. New and extensive lease agreements have been signed between Balder and Ligula, and both parties have agreed on an investment plan in order to be able to meet todays’ demands on modern hotels. The agreement means that Ligula now operates 475 rooms in Copenhagen, distributed between these four hotels.

    “We are pleased to have acquired these four properties. We are also glad that Ligula takes over the operation of Mercur and Star, operating these two hotels together with the two hotels they already have a lease agreement for.” Says Marcus Hansson, CFO at Balder.

    ” This is a fantastic deal for us, these hotel gems give us a strong presence in the expansive and interesting city that Copenhagen truly is.” Says Uwe Löffler, CEO at Ligula Hospitality Group. “With Balder we get a professional property owner with a good insight in operating hotels, which facilitates future discussions greatly. We have also agreed on an investment plan that enables us to enhance the hotels, something that will benefit our hotel guests” continues Uwe Löffler.

    ”We will be able to meet the demand we see in Copenhagen to a greater extent, and now we can also offer guests wanting to stay in central Copenhagen more hotel options.” Says Christer Lundberg, Country Manager Denmark at Ligula. “This will also have a very positive effect on our possibility to offer the right hotel product to the right price. Beyond this, we are very pleased to be able to keep these four hotels, that share a common history, together.” Continues Christer Lundberg.

    Ligula’s acquisition of these two businesses is aligned with the Group’s expansion plans. Ligula has continued acquisition plans for the Copenhagen area, together with the rest of the Nordic and Scandinavian capitals. Moreover, Ligula analyzes and evaluates bigger cities in Europe and other interesting hubs in the world for future hotel Projects.


  • A new Motel L in Älvsjö- Stockholm

    In the summer of 2017 we open a second Motel L in Stockholm – in the same area as the Stockholm International Fair (Stockholmsmässan) and Älvsjö Train Station.

    On site today you can see the foundation for what will soon be a 16-storey high building, where Motel L will take up 9 floors with 174 new, fresh hotel rooms. The hotel will have the same design expression as our first Motel L in Hammarby Sjöstad that opened in May 2014.

    Motel L is built according to the Swedish environmental certification system “Miljöbyggnad” (which translates to Green Building). According to this certification system a building can achieve different grades – bronze, silver or gold. Since we grabbed the noblest denomination GOLD for our first Motel L in Hammarby Sjöstad, this is of course also the goal of our second Motel L in Älvsjö. This means that we build energy efficient in order to protect the environment. it also means that we focus on creating a good indoor environment for our guests in the hotel.

    White Arkitekter is behind the design of this new building, and Botrygg is behind the construction. Botrygg builds and manages residential and public buildings in several Swedish cities.

    Motel L is a part of Ligula Hospitality Group which owns, manages and develops concepts and brands in the hospitality industry. The idea behind Motel L was to create a designed budget concept and manage it under our own brand. These hotels have a standard and a design that far exceeds the normal for other hotels in this category. Swedish quality beds Carpe Diem, rain showers in the bathrooms and AC are standard in all rooms.


  • Good Morning Halmstad, our latest hotel!

    On 1st January 2016 Ligula Hospitality Group took over Quality Hotel Halmstad. The hotell is currently going through a refurb which should be finished by September 2016. The hotel has 111 bedrooms and 9 meeting rooms.


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    Ligula has signed an agreement to build two more hotels in the south of Sweden – in the cities Lund and Halmstad.

    During the second quarter of 2020 two more hotels will be built under the parent company Ligula Hospitality Group. One of the hotels will be located in Lund, under the brand Motel L. It will have approximately 260 rooms and will be located in a new district called Brunnshög in the northeastern part of Lund, close to the research facility ESS and the world’s highest resolution electron microscope MAX IV. The E22 motorway and Lund’s upcoming tramway will be close by and the area surrounding the hotel will consist of homes, offices and service outlets.

    The other new hotel will be located in Halmstad, under the Ligula brand ProfilHotels, with approximately 240 rooms. The hotel will be adjacent to the new travel center in the city center of Halmstad, close to one of the city squares. New housing projects are planned for in the same area and are under construction.

    Both our new hotels will be developed by Magnolia Bostad together with Ligula Hospitality Group, and built on a turnkey contract with Serneke. The owner of the properties will be the pension company Alecta.

    “We are very happy to expand our hotel portfolio with these two new hotels, says Uwe Löffler, CEO of Ligula Hospitality Group. It will be our third Motel L, and the first in the southern part of Sweden. Our new hotel in Halmstad will be our twelfth ProfilHotel. We are already established in both cities, and with this further expansion we confirm our strategy to expand more in cities where we already are established.”

    Ligula’s signing of these two new contracts is in line with the Group’s expansion plans. Ligula has continued plans to grow in Sweden as well as in other major cities in the Nordic countries and Scandinavia. Ligula is also exploring possibilities to expand in other major cities in the rest of Europe and other interesting parts of the world.