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10540 Stockholm

Edenred provides solutions that enhance personal well-being and improve the performance of organizations. We are present in 42 countries and has 6,000 employees. Together we help 640 000 customers in the private and public sector, 1.4 million members and 40 million users. This makes us the world leader in prepaid services. In Sweden we offer the following benefit solutions:
- Ticket Rikskuponger on card
- Ticket Elevkortet for students
- Delicard gift cards for incentives, appreciation and Christmas gifts
Rikskuponger has existed for over 40 years. 2007 Rikskuponger changed name to Ticket Rikskuponger. In 2011 we launched the Ticket Rikskortet card. From 2015 we are called Ticket Rikskuponger.