Smart badge: Visitors


Smart badge: your virtual event bag

When you visit our event, there is no need to lug lots of heavy brochures around!

Your badge will act as your ‘virtual event bag’, which when touched on an exhibitor’s badge reader will store a list of exhibitors.

After the event, you will receive an email with the details of the exhibitors you scanned.


Visitor Badge MetalMadrid

How does it work?

  1. Touch the reader with your badge 
    the green light glows and the reader beeps

  2. Get an email later today with the
    exhibitor’s info
EasyGo Smart Badge MetalMadrid


  • Your badge is your virtual event bag
    No more lugging heavy brochures around!

  • You keep track of which stands you visited
    You will receive a nice recap of your day, via email.

  • No spamming
    You receive only the digital info from exhibitors you’re interested in.

  • You exchange your digital business card
    It's easy to exchange your visit card with the exhibitors you visited.

Watch our video

It was very well organised, I found the badge reader really interesting, both for the visitor and the company on show.

Carolina García de Guzmán

Purchasing Department of Lost Simetry S.L

The Smart Badge system is really good. It helps a lot with making new contacts. The access and logistics were very easy. Good organisation.

Victor Casal López

Foreman in Navantia

It really was a professional fair for professional people. Everything was very well organised and the smart badge was really effective.

Pablo Vicente Legazpi

CAEsoft Consulting S.L

Exchanging information using the smart badge, which lets you find out all the information from the stands you've visited without having to pick up so many brochures.

Pilar Rey Rodriguez

I+D Technician in Centro Technologic AIMEN

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