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At Mad-Air we know the importance of compressed air in your business, this is why we have designed maintenance and technical assistance services appropriate to your needs. The speed in our response and the close relationship with the client is our hallmark. We are aware that in the companies where production processes are carried out, our quick reaction is vital to solve the failures that prevent you from continuing with your process or for the replacement of air compressors with our fast delivery times. At Mad-Air we have been dedicated to air compressors and pneumatic installations for more than 20 years helping you to optimize your business to the fullest. You do not have to worry about anything, we carry out the project and its execution, you just have to tell us your needs and we will be glad to help you! Do we start?

Product news

  • Benefits of the AIRBLOK BD SD series variable speed air compressor

    In variable speed compressors, the engine speed automatically adjusts to the need for compressed air you need. In contrast, in fixed speed compressors, there are only two positions, off position or maximum speed.
    There are industries in which we are not always going to need our compressor to work 100% and we recommend installing a variable speed air compressor, since by fluctuating the need for compressed air, it will save us a considerable amount of energy.
    The AIRBLOK SD series ensures the reduction of energy costs, since it is capable of adjusting the speed of rotation of the electric motor, therefore the speed of the screw unit, depending on the consumption of compressed air required by production.